Migrate Me started, as most good organisations do, with a dream. We wanted to form a company that would let us use our strengths to help people through a very difficult process, and do it quickly, ethically, and completely. We recruited a team of advisers and other staff selected for their education and experience in the field, and began offering our services to hopeful immigrants the world over. Soon we began to add ancillary services, but our core and true aim remains getting you the visa you need and deserve.

Our Mission

Our mission at Migrate Me has always been to provide high quality, accurate advice and assistance to prospective immigrants and travellers. To achieve that, we realised we needed to put the customer first and last in every transaction. We feel it is vital to our mission to protect at all times your data, your rights, and your ability to pursue life in the country of your choice. No matter what kind of assistance or advice we provide for you, you can rest assured that you are our one and only concern.

Our Values

From the very beginning, we selected our staff with a common set of goals and values in mind. Everyone at Migrate Me values good customer care in all our actions. We value all people’s human right to work, to travel, and to pursue their dreams. We value integrity, both in terms of providing accurate and customer-focused advice and assistance, and in terms of protecting the privacy of our customers and protecting the data they entrust us with.

Our Culture

Migrate me was carefully formed to incorporate a culture of accuracy, integrity, and customer service from the very beginning. Every organisation faces challenges to their good intentions. Shortcuts that could be taken to improve profitability, compromises that could weaken customer protections or result in uncertain advice. We believe that our ability to surpass these challenges with our heads held high and our reputation undiminished is a direct result of the culture of integrity tried so hard to institute. We are proud to keep that culture alive today.

The Migrate Me promise

We at Migrate Me promise to put the customer first in everything we do. This means that we will always offer completely accurate, fully researched and timely advice and assistance no matter how large or small the matter you come to us with. We promise to actively protect your rights and privileges to the best of our ability. We promise to safeguard your personal and professional privacy, and to keep your sensitive data out of the wrong hands. Above all, we promise to do the best job we can for you, our customer.