What is this visa about?

This visa is for people who wish to immigrate to the UK as students for completing studies or pursuing higher education.

This category has two sub-categories:

Tier 4 General Student – people coming to the United Kingdom for education;

Tier 4 Child Student – for applicant between 4 and 17 years old coming to the UK for their education to study at an independent institution.

Students between the age of 16 or 17 years old can agree with chosen educational establishment either to apply for Tier 4 General Student or Tier 4 Child Student visa. It depends on the level of course.

If the course is considered as NQF Level 3 or above, the educational provider should advise a student on the available sub-category.

Claiming points in the Point System (Total required 40 points)

30 points are awarded for having a valid Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS). This is issued by the education provider.

10 points are awarded for having enough money to cover your course fees and monthly living costs. You must show that you have held the money for at least a consecutive 28 day period. The end of that 28 day period must not be more than one month before the date of application.

What then?

The approved education provider will provide a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) which is an official and unconditional offer of a place on a course of study in the UK.

After the CAS is issued you must apply before it expires. Having a CAS does not guarantee the application will be successful and the applicant must meet all the requirements of the immigration rules relevant to Tier 4 category.

What are Maintenance Funds?

You need to show that you can maintain yourself in the UK for first 9 months in the country, along with covering you course fee for first year of study. The amount needed varies according to the nature of course taken and the place of study.

You must show that you have held the required amount of money every day for at least 28 days, which must not be more than 31 days before the date of your application.

There is a declaration on the visa application form requiring students to declare they hold and will continue to hold the required maintenance funds to cover their course fees and living costs in the UK.

If you are using overseas currency, you must clearly mention the exchange rate on the date you apply and money in GBP.

You must show the amount of money to meet basic living costs (which does not include fees):

£1020 per month if you are studying in inner London ;

You can use money held in an account owned by you or by your parents. If you are using funds held by your parent(s), you will need to show evidence that you are related to your parent(s) and a letter confirming that you have their permission to use this money.


Where the course is below degree/foundation degree level or below NQF/QCF level 6 a student will need to show a knowledge of English language equivalent to level B1, or above, of the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework for Language Learning (unless coming to study English). Those coming to study at degree level, foundation degree level or NQF/QCF level 6 or above will need to show a knowledge of English language equivalent to level B2, or above, of the Council of Europe’s Common European Framework for Language Learning.

Students studying at Higher Education Institute (HEI), the Institute can decide how it assesses the student’s English language ability and vouch that the student has attained the necessary English level – a Secure English Language Test (SELT) certificate need not be supplied.


Only those students studying at NQF level 7 or above at HEIs on courses lasting 12 months or more, new Government sponsored students following a course that is longer than 6 months and Doctorate Extension Scheme students will be permitted to bring dependants with them.

Can the dependents work?

If the main applicant’s grant of leave is for less than 12 months, the dependents will not be allowed to work in Great Britain, unless the main applicant is sponsored by Government funding.

If the main applicant’s grant of leave is for a course of study below degree level, the dependents will not be allowed to work in Great Britain, unless the main applicant is sponsored by Government funding.

Below 18 years of Age

All students under 18 years old will need to get their parent(s) or legal guardian’s written consent to the care arrangements for their travel to, reception and care while in the United Kingdom, before permission to enter or stay will be given to them.

Extra studies

As a child or adult student, you are allowed to do extra courses, for example, evening courses or other course relevant or irrelevant to your main course of studies in the UK.

Can I work?

Only those students at studying at higher education institutions (HEIs) and publicly funded further education colleges will be allowed to work while in the UK.

Extension of staying

You can apply to extend your permission to stay while you are in the United Kingdom, or you can apply to extend your permission from outside the United Kingdom if you want.

Student Update – New route for talented MBA graduates!

If you are a talented MBA graduate from a UK Higher Education Institution (HEI) then you may be able to apply for a Tier 1 (Graduate entrepreneur) visa as the Home office has created 1,000 places for talented MBA graduates starting from 6 April 2013. It has also created 900 places for graduates in any subject from UK HEIs and 100 places for those applying under the UK Trade and Investment’s elite global graduate entrepreneur scheme in the UK.

What if my entry clearance is refused? (Entry clearance applications only)

The applicant can make a request in order to get the decision of refusal of entry clearance reviewed, which should be exercised within 28 days of the date of service of decision. The applicant will only be able to rely on the information / documents already submitted with the application and will not be allowed to submit any additional documentary evidences to the ones already submitted when requesting review for decision made.

It is strongly advised to take professional help while making grounds for making review request to the ECO.

How do I get started with the processing of my application?

Start off by filling our Free Visa Assessment form which will give you an idea about how well you are prepared and what assistance you require to apply as a Student in the UK. We provide every service right form documentation assistance up to relocation assistance and guidance in the UK.

Fill in the FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form now and let’s get started!


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