What is this visa about?

The Tier 1 – Graduate Entrepreneur Visa (or GE visa) is for those graduates who have been identified as having developed world-class ideas or skills in the entrepreneurial domain. This is to help extend their stay in the UK after graduation in order to set up a business in the UK.

The business in consideration can be as a self-employed – sole trader, a partnership or a company registered in the UK. There can be more than one businesses involved in.

Is there a limit to the visa?

Yes. There is a limit of 2,000 visas per year beginning from 6 April 2014.

What is the application process?

The applicant for this visa has to be a graduate of an institute in the UK for claiming eligibility for this visa. He or she should be living in the country as:

A tier 4 Migrant

A Nurse

A Student

A post-graduate doctor / dentist

A student re-sitting an examination

A Tier 1 Graduate Entrepreneur Migrant

An applicant who had a leave as Tier 1 GE Migrant cannot extend the leave under this category again.

Endorsement by UK Trade and Investment

The UK Trade and Investment’s (UKTI) elite global graduate entrepreneur scheme targets the brightest and best entrepreneurs from all overseas Higher Education Institutions (HEIs). The UKTI will be working with the best HEIs globally in order to get the best elite graduate entrepreneurs in the United Kingdom.

For the year from 6 April 2014 there will be 100 places for those applying under the elite global graduate entrepreneur scheme category.

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Are dependants allowed?

Yes. The applicant can bring dependants to the UK and dependants already in the UK can apply for further leave as dependants under this category. The only major requirement is the dependant maintenance to be met.

Dependants will now be allowed to apply from within the UK, as long as they are not in the UK illegally, as visitors, or on temporary admission or temporary release. Details of dependants must be given in the endorsement letter from the Higher Education Institution.

How do I get started with the processing of my application?

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