Migrate Me Reviews

“Australia Visas”

Written on: 20/07/2016 by Lucycairns (1 review written)

Absolutely professional advice and support given by migrate me for our residency application to Australia. We are thrilled about moving to Australia...read more


Written on: 09/07/2016 by Callum888 (1 review written)

Migrate Me got our visa work done, all we had to do is provide the documents needed and present ourselves for the English test and medicals...read more

“IEC Canada Visa”

Written on: 12/06/2016 by Daisyt111 (1 review written)

I'm glad I got my working holiday visa to Canada through them. This visa will allow me to explore Canada whilst look for casual work...read more

“Achieving dreams”

Written on: 04/05/2016 by Saundersyn111 (1 review written)

A big thanks to the team for making my dream a reality. They helped me achieve a permanent (5 years) skilled visa for Australia...read more

We are going to Australia!!!!

Written on: 13/04/2016 by Perkinsjf314 (1 review written)

Without out the help I do not think we would be able to make are dream a reality. Very knowledgeable of the whole process and pretty much help are hand through the application...read more

“So happy I had the Help!”

Written on: 29/03/2016 by laurenkatemcdonald (1 review written)

Honestly, without the team, I definately would not have been able to get this Visa on my own. They've managed to secure me...read more

“Thanks A Millon”

Written on: 23/01/2016 by Carpenter189 (1 review written)

Couldn't be more happier that my visa is approved and the service I received. No doubt all your hard work has produced this result...read more

“Made it seem easy!”

Written on: 15/01/2016 by Ash61885 (1 review written)

Had a good experience with these guys. No dramas whatsoever, made the whole process seem really easy, replied to all my annoying...read more

“UK Citizenship application ”

Written on: 15/01/2016 by AubriePope187 (1 review written)

The overall experience was good. Our application was also successful...read more

“Australia PR Visa Approved In Less Than A Year!”

Written on: 12/01/2016 by alexnewbould (1 review written)

I were a bit weary to go through a migration company, as we had previously had a bad experience going through one and had lost money and hope. Nobody can imagine how stressful this process...read more

“a good service”

Written on: 06/01/2016 by Bennettxe359 (1 review written)

The company was pretty good most of the times. I too struggled with the IELTS but we have now gone down an alternative route as suggested via migrate me. We are now going to be emigrating...read more

“My visa journey”

Written on: 04/01/2016 by offtoozdan (1 review written)

I decided to start the ball rolling about 18 months ago to move to australia and after a little research decided to use an agent. i came across migrate me on facebook and looked up their reviews...read more

“Canada Parent Visa Approved”

Written on: 04/12/2015 by Janecorn (1 review written)

Exceptional in customer service. I'm happy I used migrate me as I had no clue how to go about with my application. Would I use them again YES!!! Thank you for your help and keep up the good job...read more

“Absolutely amazing!”

Written on: 01/12/2015 by DanielEuripidou (1 review written)

Migrate me was very helpful! After phoning around many migration companies and getting no information I was beginning to give up on immigration get to Canada...read more

“Complicated Case Approved.”

Written on: 27/11/2015 by LauraW12 (1 review written)

I started my case with migrate me for an Australian permanent visa , received successful skills assessment but I had struggled with the English Test as no matter how many times I re-took the test I could not achieve the scores I needed for my visa application...read more

“189 visa recently granted ”

Written on: 26/11/2015 by rigbycarl (1 review written)

Having made such a big descion to apply for a perminant residency visa in Australia, I thought it would be wise to seek professional assistance. I did some research and was impressed with 'migrate me' straight away...read more

“489 Visa Approved.”

Written on: 23/11/2015 by Tyronei260 (1 review written)

I had my 489 visa to Australia approved recently. It's been a year long journey and a lot of hard work gathering the documents etc. Couldn't have done without Migrate Me's support...read more

“Primary Teacher 190 PR visa”

Written on: 07/11/2015 by Kelvin82 (1 review written)

It was clear from the outset that obtaining a PR (190) visa was going to be an arduous journey requiring a lot of faith, money and most importantly patience...read more

“Was worried at first but amazing servide”

Written on: 06/11/2015 by JoshuaMoore95 (1 review written)

I'm worked with Migrate me to obtain a working holiday visa for Canada and after a year I've got it. I'm not going to pretend it was all smooth sailing because it wasn't, I had some worries at the beginning but they comforted me and ensured me that things was going to be okay...read more

“Excellent Company, Friendly”

Written on: 14/10/2015 by Henry414 (1 review written)

Migrate me talked me through all the visa options and advised on the best for me. My visa was sorted and granted within a few months...read more

“Spouse Visa Approved”

Written on: 09/10/2015 by Ali-999 (1 review written)

Just had my spouse visa approved. Thank you for your support. Big thank you to my case worker Anji for spending more than an hour with me answering all my questions and going through my documentation etc...read more

“Patient, friendly and personal”

Written on: 21/09/2015 by E001oz (1 review written)

I have just received my visa and could not have done it without migrate me. I thought the process would be easy and straight forward as I was applying for a partner visa but the reality of what's needed, when it's needed and how to present it is not straight forward at all...read more

“Excellent service, great company”

Written on: 10/09/2015 by MTong (1 review written)

Migrate me helped me through my visa application for Australia. The agents that I spoke to told me the best option to emigrate and were extremely helpful in which ever aspect I needed it...read more

“Fantastic service”

Written on: 20/08/2015

The service provided was amazing. I received nothing but help from start to finish. I would recommend migrate me to anyone. I can't thank them enough...read more

“UK visa approved”

Written on: 18/08/2015 by JaylenChandler37 (1 review written)

I had been planning to come to UK for about 7 months before actually applying for the visa in my own country. But it got rejected twice even after extensive searching I did not get the proper reason as people in my country work on bribes...read more

“Got my partner visa.”

Written on: 17/08/2015 by Naiash (1 review written)

Thanks to migrate me I got my visa approved last week. Mehreen my case worker was really helpful and in making sure we were kept informed at every stage of the application...read more


Written on: 01/08/2015 by SierraMyrick (1 review written)

Had our Australian Residency visa approved this week. So happy and so glad we went with Migrate Me. These guys were nothing but brilliant...read more


Written on: 27/07/2015 by Isabellab121 (1 review written)

After fifteen months of painfully waiting for it, i finally got my visa. Wish it could have come earlier than this. All the application was done just fine. Cant complaint about migrate me as it is the government time frames...read more

“Good Agency”

Written on: 26/07/2015 by NickolasKnight440 (1 review written)

Would recommend to invest in your IT systems whereby clients can have online access to their application etc this would cut down having to call you to get updates. I have already recommended two of my friends to you and continue to do so. Thank you for helping us through out the process... read more

“Fairly happy with the service”

Written on: 24/07/2015 by jacob104 (1 review written)

I am fairly happy with the service. I did get what i was committed to. It did take an extra month but it was justified since my Australian visa came within time as i got approved for my job. Nice work team...read more

“Fantastic staff and service”

Written on: 24/06/2015 by Harley472 (1 review written)

I was recommended by my friends so that in itself speaks volumes. I have not been dissappointed. I have had a LOT of questions and no matter how many times I call Im always made to feel valued and that my questions are fine to ask no matter how many I have, I have had a few vrey long converstaions with staff and not once have i felt rushed by them - they have really made me feel reassured...read more

“Visa granted!”

Written on: 10/05/2015 by Ally_mcn (1 review written)

My visa the skilled migration one is a very long and complicated process...migrate me simplified everything for me to understand the process and documentation...read more

“Good Work”

Written on: 09/04/2015 by KonnorWoods404 (1 review written)

It's the first time I've used this service and I have had a fairly good experience. I have been kept well informed about my application and provided with a lot of advice...read more

“189 Visa Approved”

Written on: 25/03/2015 by ZariaSelf237 (1 review written)

Top job start to finish by Migrate Me. I started off my application with them in May 2014 and had my visa approved Feb 15. I highly recommend them if you are looking to get your application right first time...read more

“Excellent Service”

Written on: 27/02/2015 by Mitchell155 (1 review written)

Migrate Me have dealt with the whole process in a professional manner. Informative and easy to deal with...read more

“Visa granted”

Written on: 22/02/2015 by Sam1567 (1 review written)

After 11 months of hard work and much appreciated help and support from Migrate Me I have finally got my permanent visa to Australia...read more

“Top class service”

Written on: 20/02/2015 by Dallasw402 (1 review written)

Brilliant start to finish. Started with them in Oct 13 had my 189 visa by end of October 14. Can't complain. To be honest they covered awful lot of work for the fee charged...read more

“Very nice services”

Written on: 03/02/2015 by Rolandol170 (1 review written)

i was provided my visa within the promised 18 months duration thanks to this company. earlier i was having problems getting my Canadian visa due to my application getting rejected...read more

“Really Good”

Written on: 29/01/2015

Just want to say a big thank you to the Migrate Me team. After hitting so many dead ends I literally gave up on getting to Australia as my circumstances are not straight...read more

“Very disappointed ”

Written on: 27/01/2015 by Laurapre2015 (1 review written)

I got in touch with migrate me in June 2014. Please take into consideration my experience before committing and using them...read more

“achieved the impossible”

Written on: 05/12/2014 by jfresh (1 review written)

Migrateme has done a wonderful job. Considering my age (46) migrate me found a route for me where most other agencies that I contacted stated that I have no routes avaliable to go to Australia with my family...read more

“Not impressed so far......”

Written on: 03/12/2014 by CameronHealy123 (1 review written)

Initial consultation with Migrate Me was very good. I was contacted rather quickly to sort out what I wanted to do...read more

“Awsome service”

Written on: 16/11/2014 by Giancarlod155 (1 review written)

Great prices, and a great fast service, they told me my visa would be done in 1 or 2 days and it was...(took 1 day)...read more

“So far so good!”

Written on: 15/09/2014 by Northfb185 (1 review written)

We are half way through our Australia permanent resident visa application and so far so good. We cannot fault the service we have received from Migrate Me up to this point, although we had a lot of work to do up front...read more