Refer a friend

Have we been able to help you find or apply for a much needed visa or other travel document? Have we impressed you with our commitment to quality service and total customer care? Pay the favour forward, and refer any friends or relatives who may be seeking immigration or travel documents of their own. We would be proud to give them all of the help and support we gave you, and we hope they will be as impressed with the quality of our services as you were.

We at Migrate Me have always felt that word of mouth is the best possible advertising. We would much rather have potential clients be referred to us by trusted friends than have them stumble upon us in an advertisement or an internet search.

If you have friends or relatives anywhere in the world who you feel may benefit from Migrate Me’s total immigration and travel service, please do not hesitate to have them contact us via email info(at) or ring us on 0203 372 4350. Our highly trained international team of advisers and facilitators stand ready to discuss your needs, and are eager to make their experience work to your advantage.