Migrate Me is proud to boast a network of providers all around the world who offer hospitality and services to vacationers, tourists, immigrants, and travellers of all kinds. Shipping firms, international movers, real estate agents, employers and employment agencies, language tutors and even driving instructors register with us to make them available to our customers. Only the very best are accepted, and if you see a company listed as Migrate Me partner, you can trust that they have been fully vetted and offer excellent service for a reasonable price.

Migrate Me offers a total immigration service, and our partners are vital to our efforts in that regard. We seek to provide them with access to relocation experts and every possible service a visitor or hopeful immigrant may need, both in their own country and in their destination country.

If you provide a service that you believe would be helpful to our clients, please contact us at info(at) or ring us at 0203 372 4350 to discuss the possibility of forming a partnership. Alternatively, if you know of a service provider that was helpful to you, and you would like to nominate them as a partner, please let us know.