Partner with us

We take great pains to provide our clients with access to only the best providers of goods and services within each region and market. Please tell us what sets your service apart from the rest, and how you feel you can contribute to our clients’ relocation or immigration experience.

Migrate Me is building a worldwide network of service providers who may be of assistance or interest to our customers. If you offer services useful to prospective immigrants, tourists, or other world travellers, you should consider applying to partner with Migrate Me.

Dozens of employment agents, international movers, shippers and tutors have already joined our network to help us look after the needs of our customers. If you have a reputation for quality and dependability, you could join the network.

Our first responsibility is always to our customers, and we need to know that you will treat them with the same respect and stellar customer service that we do. Any rating ore testimonial documentation you can provide will aid us in selecting the best partners, and making the best providers available to our clients.