Jobs in Denmark

Denmark’s unemployment rate is approximately 6%, so the demand for foreign workers is generally low. However, some industries are experiencing labour shortages within specific, narrow bands. Some skilled workers are able to immigrate to Denmark under their preferred list and greencard schemes. Migrate Me has a wide network of contacts and advisers in recruitment agencies across Denmark. We can help you narrow your search to industries actively seeking personnel, and help you get the training you need to qualify for residence in Denmark. Come to us for help with your interview skills and résumé writing as well. We offer an all-around job seeking service.

Life in Denmark

The Kingdom of Denmark is the most southern of the Nordic countries. It is located just North of Germany and South of Norway. Denmark is home to some 5.6 million people across five political regions. Its economy is a modern ‘mixed market’, and ranks 10th worldwide in nominal GDP per capita. It is said to have the freest labour market in Europe. Denmark is a parliamentary democracy headed by Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, organised under Queen Regnant Margareth II. It entered the EU in 1973. Denmark has generally mild winters and cool summers. It receives about 28 inches of rain and snow each year.

Why Denmark

Denmark is a popular choice for immigrants due to its high average salaries, strong economy, and environmental protections. According to the World Bank, Denmark has the lowest level of income inequality in the world. Its manufacturing and energy industries continue to grow, spurring the need for more skilled workers than it can produce domestically. As a result, many skilled workers move to Denmark from countries around the world every year. More than ten percent of Denmark’s population are immigrants, or the children of recent immigrants living in Denmark. Approximately 1/3 of the immigrant population is western, and the remaining 2/3 have a non-western background, making it one of the most cosmopolitan Nordic countries.



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