Quebec Skilled Workers Visa

The province of Quebec has different immigration laws than the rest of Canada. Like the skilled worker visa for Canada, there is a points-based qualification system, but the values are calculated differently. Immigrants bringing a spouse and/or family will have to score more points than one immigrating alone. Points are awarded for factors believed to indicate that the immigrant can support themselves (and their family, if applicable), and their ability to adapt to life in Quebec.

As with any point-system, it can be difficult to prove that you qualify. Our experts can help you get the visa you deserve, quickly.

Federal Skilled Worker Visa

The Canadian skilled worker visa uses a point system. The number of points required to qualify can vary.

Points are awarded for:

Post high school education,

Proficiency in English and/or French,

Work experience,

Age (preferably between 17 and 49),

Pre-arranged employment,

And several ‘family adaptability factors’.

The skilled worker visa program allows the immigration of the worker’s spouse or unmarried partner, as well as any unmarried children under 22 years old. Contact us and we can assess your situation, and determine whether you qualify for a skilled worker visa, and get your paperwork started.

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