Canada is the land of opportunities and with the recent economic upgrades, a lot of immigrants ar emigrating to Canada every year. It isnt surprising that every 6 person in Canada is an migrant.


For those who are considering getting employed in Canada should have a Work Permit to be eligible to work there. This permit is also known as Working Holiday Visa.


A section of Forein Affairs and International trade Canada (DFAIT) called the international Experience Canada (IEC) manages the Canadian Working Holiday Visa. The Working Holiday visa permits you to stay, work and travel in Canada for a period of 12 months.



  • You should be of the age of 18-30 years
  • You should have no criminal records and a police recod to attest it
  • You should have a valid passport
  • You should have financial support of C$2,500 to support your stay in Canada

The validity period for UK citizens is valid for 24 months from the date of entry clearance. The IEC processes all the applications as per the criterias mentioned in their terms and conditions.



Step 1: Submit your application to IEC

Step 2: Submit your application to MyCIC


For IEC, you have to create an account and enter your complete details. The IEC evaluates your submission on basis of:

  • All the information provided by you is valid
  • All the information provided is up to date
  • All the documents have been submitted

For MyCIC, You have to ceate an account to apply for work permit. Your application will be evaluated as per CIC laws nd regulations.

Once your application has met all the basic requirements, you are now eligible to go to Canada.



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