Work life in Denmark

Work life in Denmark

Considered to be the country of happiest people in the world, Denmark is a place that is known for its work-life balance. The country offers equal job opportunities, the only mandate being that you are qualified and have the required skills set.


A common term when referring to the Danish labour market is flexicurity, which provides for dynamic labour mobility and high job mobility. In fact, the country’s model has been recognised as one of the most effective models in achieving robust labour market performance.


The monthly earning depends on the qualifications of the employee and whether employment is in the private or public sector. Last year, Denmark was ranked #1 for having the shortest average working week at 33 hours with an average annual wage of £30,000. Though working hours vary from company to company, a normal working week is 37 hours with atleast five weeks’ holiday each year. The hours are often flexible and are determined by individual contracts.


Most workplaces in Denmark are characterised by a horizontal structure and encourage open dialogues between management and employees. The lack of a hierarchical culture is one of the greatest advantages as it facilitates a relaxed atmosphere making it possible to focus on tasks and ability to have an influence at work, regardless of their position.


Foreign nationals who have moved base to Denmark point out that there is a positive balance between working life and family life resulting in higher job satisfaction. In fact home is central to the life of a Danish national. After work, people spend time with family and close friends at home rather than at cafes or bars. Though Danish nationals speak a fairly high level of English, learning some basic Danish can be advantageous to expand opportunities in career and in your social life.

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