Work in Canada

Work in Canada

Canada is one of the top choices when it comes for UK residents to emigrate to a foreign soil for good professional opportunities. This preference and popularity of Canada makes it both ideal to migrate to, but tricky to get visa approved for due to high competition.


Skilled workers

Canada has become a very attractive option for skilled workers recently. 250,000 visas become available every year, more than half of them work permits. While skilled employment can be a path to long-term Canadian residence, temporary and short-term employment is available in Canada.


IEC (International Experience Canada)

The Canadian government has a work and travel abroad initiative called International Experience Canada. It allows non-Canadians to travel and work in Canada for up to a year. Now imagine that – living in your dream destination Canada for an entire year and gaining work experience along with earning money to supplement your stay in the country. How cool is that!


Standard of Living

Canada offers a high standard of living and medical care, as well as a government and people noted for their friendliness and consideration of other cultures.

Canada also offers almost any living situation, whether you want a modern metropolis, an unsullied wilderness, or something in between.

Anyone living or working in Canada has access to national Health Insurance. You will, however, need to apply for a health insurance card. This will take at least three months to arrive, so apply as soon as possible.


What is the best route I can take?

This is the big question you should be asking us.


Many people want to work in Canada but don’t apply as they don’t have adequate knowledge about the requirements, or have right know-how of the wrong visa type. Both cases call for intervention by experts who know what you need and pin-point the winning areas of your work profile to successfully help you migrate to Canada.


Being a leading visa and relocation provider, Migrate Me can help you choose the best path to your work visa for Canada depending on your objective. We work along with you to make sure your journey into Canada and relocation is fast and relaxed.


We are registered and regulated with Canada’s ICCRC to offer the most up-to-date Immigration advice. If it exists, we will make it available at your finger-tips.


To start your evaluation, fill in our FREE Immigration and Visa Eligibility test which is a quick way of letting us know your requirements and telling us about what we can expect in your application. Even some pre-application screening is done by knowing your nationality and languages, and preparing to serve you better utilize our services to increase your chances for getting an approval for a Canadian Work Permit Visa or International Experience Canada Visa.

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