Denmark – the Kingdom known for its scenic beauty, beaches and heritage, is located in Western Europe. Many travellers from all over the world go to Denmark every year for sight seeing or rent cottages along the beaches. And since Denmark provides you with so many things to see, leanr and take back with you, it is assumed to be an expensive place for travellers and expats.

But here we are, proving that is assumption is nothing but a myth. Here are a few insider tips to travel to Denmark without blowing off your budget!

On an average, your stay in hotels, food and sight seeing will cost you around 600-700 kroner per day. But we provide you with tips on how to bring down this to 100-2—kroner per day.

This is what you should do.


Eat within your Budget

The easiest and the pocket friendly way to eat within your budget is to buy your food from super markets. You can find pretty good deals in the stores mentioned below.

  • Netto
  • Aldi
  • Fakta
  • REMA 1000

During barbeque session, you can go up to the park or the beaches along with your partner and mates and have lunch together. And most Danes do it this way.

Another suggestion would be the local stores and mobile shops like hot dog stands, local pizzerias or Steak Houses.


A Roof within your Budget

Accommodation in hotels in Denmark can be upto 800 kroner per night – little expensive if you are planning to stay for a couple of days. For solo travellers and for those who are comfortable sharing rooms with other travellers, hostels can provide you good deals. And for those travelling with family, they do provide special facilities like private rooms for families and partners.

Another cheap yet adventuous alternative is to rent a caravan or a summer. But make sure you book one in advance!

Third option, for all those nature lovers, is to pitch up a tent along the beaches or in the forests, It wont cost you anything as long as you are carrying your own stuff and, is also a great way to enjoy the simplistic life on the countryside.


Travelling Cheap

It is a very common sight in Denmark to see people riding bikes. Yes – Danes loves bikes! Its cheap, easy and a convinient way to travel around the place at your own will. In cities, you can loan a bike for 20 kroner as a deposit which is refunded when you return the bike to the stands. That makes the bike practically free for your use!

If you are travelling across cities, buses are your best options. If you are opting for a train journey, look out for those orange discount tickets. While bus fares cost around 150 kroner, train tickets can go upto 382 kroner.

You can also opt for hitchhiking – Denmark is safe that way!


Free Events and Attractions

Denamrk has a lot to offer and most of them is for free! There are massive castles, churches, mansions, gardens and amusement parks along the country side which offer free entry and are interesting places to goto with your young ones.

Some of the free events that you will come across in Denamrk are:

AALBORG CARNIVAL – Largest Carnival in Northern Europe where people dress up in fancy yet crazy costumes as per the theme decided.

BEER FESTIVALS – Held twice a year (May and September) is another festival you should add to your list.

AARHUS UNIVERSITY BEER RELAY – An event held in May where around 15000 students gather around the lake and cheer the participants. These participants cross the lake in a hand-built ship, drink beer, run around the ship and sail back to the shore.

GAY PRIDE PARADE – This is a fun celebration where people celebrate the rights of gays and contribution of the gays to the society.

CHRISTMAS MARKET – Christmas market can be found anywhere around the big cities between November and December.


Here are a few basic tips on how to travel in Denmark on as low as $25 per day!


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