With the rising number of migration every year, Canada is trending as one of the best countries to migrate to. This maple leaf country is indeed the dream for students from abroad and the land of opportunities for businessmen and skilled professionals.




Apart from being the land of beautiful sceneries, it is also the land of opportunities. In fact, here are some facts that you must know about Canada.


  • Canada ranks second among the G-20 countries as per GDP (Gross Domestic Profit) for its high standard of living
  • Canada is known for having the most liberal and stable banking system for corporates
  • As per Bloomberg Analysis, Canada also stands at the second place for being the best place to do business in
  • In the past few decades, the inflation rate has remained low in Canada, thus making the living easy for everyone


Canada with its many provinces has been given the freedom to welcome skilled immigrants by its federal system of governance. Canada has always valued the skilled professionals and workers who migrate to Canada and contribute in to the economy. To keep up with the modern times, Canada is now offering various immigration programs to cater the requirements of skilled professionals and businessmen.



The question isn’t about why should you choose Canada. It is all about what makes Canada the best choice.


Canada is known to be a welfare country that provides top class facilities to its citizens while keeping its doors open for people from all over the globe. Once you seek permanent residency in Canada, you are also entitles to the social security schemes that have been introduced by the government of Canada.


Once you receive a PR visa for Canada, you are entitled to the various benefits. Here are some of the benefits of being a PR visa holder:

  • Your family can go along with you to Canada
  • Your partner/spouse can also apply for work opportunity in Canada
  • Your children are entitled to free education in public schools
  • You and your family is also entitled to health care and social security programs


It is seen that Canada has one of the best migration programs that any country can present to its immigrants. The Canadian Immigration is open about its updates and amendments that benefit the migration. Last year itself, the Canadian Immigration department introduced the Canada Express Entry Scheme, which turned out to be a huge success among skilled migrants looking for opportunities in Canada.


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