Australia is indeed a land of opportunities. Migrants from all over the globe move to Australia for better opportunities in education as well as career. With the recent developments in the financial markets, Australia has been open to migrants from abroad to contribute to its economy.




The Student Dependent Visa Program in Australia permits the family to migrate and live with them in Australia as dependents. If you are looking study and live in Australia with your family, it is important that you submit during the visa applications. It is important that you include complete details of your family and guardians even if they are on their initial visit to Australia.


This visa has been introduced, as there was a requirement for a family visa program to Australia. With this program, family members can now visit or live with you during your stay in Australia as a foreign student.


For those family members who wish to live in Australia under this visa category, the basic requirement is to provide enough proof of the following:

  • Financial stability to sponsor their stay in Australia
  • Employment opportunities
  • Childcare and schooling facilities


Once the dependents are ready to move to Australia through this visa program, they must produce the following documents for verifications

  • Reference letter from ESOS and Visa support
  • Nomination as Student’s dependent (Form 919)
  • Application for Student Visa (Form 157A)

Once these are submitted, the filled documents must be sent your family members willing to migrate to Australia, to the Immigration Department of Australia.


Unlike other visas like tourist and visitor visa, this visa category provides various opportunities to you as well as your family. These opportunities help you and your family prospers during your stay in Australia.


However, it is important to understand that obtaining a student dependent visa means your family will have to follow the rules and regulations as per the Australian Law while respecting its socio economic culture.


Are you a student looking for an opportunity to study abroad? Then Australia is the country for you. It will be equally beneficial for your family as it will be for you. To know more about the various visa programs for Australia, just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and we shall get in touch with you.

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