Australia has been the home for numerous cultures and migrants from all over the globe. In the past few decades, Australia has become the home for more than seven million people from over 200 countries. It goes without saying that Australia has become one of the most sort after country to work and live in.




For first time migrants, immigration laws and regulations can sometime be complex to comprehend depending on their own cases. Keeping this in mind, Australia has introduced various laws to facilitate migration for people from all over the world. Currently, there are about 97 visa categories along with a few bridging visa categories for aspiring migrants. On an average, Australia attracts more than 12000 visa applications on a daily basis.


Immigration to Australia attracts various categories of people, from skilled workers to students to even refugees. Educational opportunities in Australia is popular among students from different countries who later wish to have a flourishing career here. With the recent boom in Australia’s economy, there is a sudden rise in the labor market. To fulfill this need, various visa programs have been introduced to attract skilled migrants from all over the globe.


To get more investors to migrate to Australia, various visa programs have been introduced recently. With the ever expanding industries in Australia, there is a high demand for migrants who can contribute to the economy in various forms. One of the most sort after visa is Subclass 189 which ensures Permanent Residency in Australia.


Organizations and Industries in Australia have been making use of the the Skilled Visa Programs to recruit skilled workers from countries across the world to meet the requirements of the hour. This move has highly impacted the demand of experienced professionals and workers as are also eligible for Citizenship post their permanent residency period in Australia.


Australian government welcomes migrants across all countries who are willing to live and work in Australia while contributing in the well being of the country’s economy. Annually, Australia attracts over 180,000 skilled professionals and workers from all over the world. If you are looking for a sorted future, then Australia is the best option for you.


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The scenic beauty that this country is, Canada is much more than being a place of the most beautiful tourist attractions. It is also a fascinating land offering high standard of living to those who settle here. In this maple leaf country, the federal system bestows equal rights to all its citizens.




Along with these, the federal government has also given similar rights to Canadian provinces that provide great value to its societies and its people. As a country that is concerned about the social welfare of its people, Canada has given equal rights to skilled migrants who settle in Canada.


New Brunswick, the northeastern province of Canada is known for its continental climate perfectly combined with natural resources in abundance. The people of this region can speak in both English as well as French, English being their primary language. It doesn’t come as a surprise that this region of Canada also participates in the Canada Express Entry System and welcomes skilled migrants to live and work in New Brunswick.


As part of the Canada Express Entry, the Provincial Nominee Program of New Brunswick accepts the applications of skilled workers with skills and knowledge that prove useful to the state. Though this process, this northeastern region of Canada is participating with other territories in welcoming skilled professional from all over the globe to live and contribute to the economy of the country.


On an average, New Brunswick receives all its application from the categories mentioned below:

• Skilled Workers with Family Support
• Express Entry labor Market Scheme
• Skilled Workers with Employer Support
• Business Immigration


The labor requirement is increasing with leaps and bounds in every province. Hence, Canada is coming with attractive visa programs to get more and more skilled professionals from abroad to migrate to Canada. This will not only cater the ever-increasing needs of the labor market in Canada, but also enhance the socio economic conditions of the country.


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Australia has been among the top choices for skilled professionals looking to migrate to a country with better future. As a country, Australia is more than just the scenic beauty that meets the eyes. It is a country growing in abundance with financial and infrastructural development. This has been one of the main attractions for skilled professionals from all over the globe.




As an applicant for the Permanent Residence Visa, you have the freedom to study, work and travel throughout the country within the period of your visa program. This visa is for responsible migrants who are able to live up to the standards set the Australian institutions and corporations. Having a good character, skills and work experience that can contribute to the Australian economy makes you eligible for this visa category.


In the past few years, Australia has welcomed millions of migrants from all over the globe. Australia is a great combination of various opportunities and high standard of living. This visa enables you with many opportunities for you as well as your family, who may migrate with you as dependents.


Here are the basic requirements set to be eligible for the Permanent Residence Visa in Australia.

  • Age: 18-50 years
  • Education qualifications as per the Skilled Occupation List
  • Skills sets that make you eligible for your designated job
  • Language Eligibility: 7 bands or more in IELTS, TOEFL, etc.
  • Must score a minimum of 60 points
  • Job Sponsorship from an Australian employer
  • Character clearance
  • Valid travel documents like passport, etc.


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For many years now, skilled migrants have been under the impression that gaining entry into Canada was tough. It was true in the beginning when the visa process would get delayed due to complications caused due to language barrier. But the new citizenship laws have made it easier for skilled migrants to move to Canada.




With the introduction of the new citizenship laws, Canada is on its path to create a free environment for Canadian citizens and migrants. In comparison to the previous laws, there have been many amendments for the betterment of Canadians.



Compared to the previous provision of language proficiency in English and French both, the new laws have been amended to proficiency in any single language –either English or French


  • AGE

The provision of both the language tests must be for applicants between the age group of 14 to 64 was changed to any single language test between the age group of 18 to 54



Unlike before when it was mandatory to sign the declaration of residing in Canada was removed and was made optional



The time spent by an immigrant in Canada, whether under the permanent residency or not, will be now considered while granting them with citizenship.



The minimum time migrants should live in Canada has been changed from 183 days in each year to an accumulative count of 1095 days in five years


With the new amendments, Canada citizenship now has liberal laws that have made seeking Canadian Citizenship easy. By lifting the mandatory language clause, it has been a great relief for immigrants applying for citizenship in Canada.


One being a Canadian Citizen, you are bestowed with the following rights:

  • Right to Vote
  • Right to Contest
  • Right to Health Care
  • Free Education in public schools for your children
  • Right to Social Security, etc.


Changing the rules of the Citizenship, Canada is now open to higher number of migration of skilled professionals and businessmen from all over the globe. To support this rising number, the introduction of the Canada Express Entry System has made it easier for migrants to go through the application process.


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This island country Australia has been a major attraction for skilled migrants from all over the globe. Being a land with various opportunities and high standard of living, more and more skilled migrants are choosing Australia as their future home.




As this country has been the welcoming skilled professional from all over the globe, Australia relies on these skilled workers for its stability and prosperity. Skilled Migrants who move to Australia are the ones to fill in the requirements that the existing Australian citizens fail to meet. This makes them an important aspect in the Australian Economy.


With these facts in hand, the Australian Government has introduced various immigration programs to attract more and more skilled migrants to live and work in Australia. The skilled visa program grants over 190,000 migrants to live and work in Australia. This rise in immigration is enriching the economic and social conditions of Australia.


The Immigration and Citizenship Department of Australia has introduced various visa programs to meet the demands of skilled professionals in Australia. The top visa categories are mentioned below.



This visa is of Permanent Resident nature. This visa is for skilled professionals who do not have job offers or haven’t received sponsorship to live in Australia.



Skilled professionals who get nominated in particular state or territory in Australia fall under this visa category.



This visa programs is a provincial scheme sponsored program for relatives of those who are already residing in particular state or territory in Australia. This also includes relatives of those who got their visa sponsored from the territorial government in Australia.



This is a skilled regionals visa, which requires you (as an applicant) to live and work in Australia for at least two years prior to your application.



International students in Australia pursuing their education here can apply for this visa. This visa is granted to those who qualify in at least one of the two sub categories, one being of eighteen months while he later being of four years. The course chosen by the applicant plays an important role to be eligible for this visa category.



This visa category is for the engineering graduates to travel, work and study in Australia. This visa is valid for a period of eighteen months.


The Australian Immigration and Visa programs have been designed to attract large number of skilled workers and professionals to meet the ever-increasing demand of the labor market here.


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With the rising number of migration every year, Canada is trending as one of the best countries to migrate to. This maple leaf country is indeed the dream for students from abroad and the land of opportunities for businessmen and skilled professionals.




Apart from being the land of beautiful sceneries, it is also the land of opportunities. In fact, here are some facts that you must know about Canada.


  • Canada ranks second among the G-20 countries as per GDP (Gross Domestic Profit) for its high standard of living
  • Canada is known for having the most liberal and stable banking system for corporates
  • As per Bloomberg Analysis, Canada also stands at the second place for being the best place to do business in
  • In the past few decades, the inflation rate has remained low in Canada, thus making the living easy for everyone


Canada with its many provinces has been given the freedom to welcome skilled immigrants by its federal system of governance. Canada has always valued the skilled professionals and workers who migrate to Canada and contribute in to the economy. To keep up with the modern times, Canada is now offering various immigration programs to cater the requirements of skilled professionals and businessmen.



The question isn’t about why should you choose Canada. It is all about what makes Canada the best choice.


Canada is known to be a welfare country that provides top class facilities to its citizens while keeping its doors open for people from all over the globe. Once you seek permanent residency in Canada, you are also entitles to the social security schemes that have been introduced by the government of Canada.


Once you receive a PR visa for Canada, you are entitled to the various benefits. Here are some of the benefits of being a PR visa holder:

  • Your family can go along with you to Canada
  • Your partner/spouse can also apply for work opportunity in Canada
  • Your children are entitled to free education in public schools
  • You and your family is also entitled to health care and social security programs


It is seen that Canada has one of the best migration programs that any country can present to its immigrants. The Canadian Immigration is open about its updates and amendments that benefit the migration. Last year itself, the Canadian Immigration department introduced the Canada Express Entry Scheme, which turned out to be a huge success among skilled migrants looking for opportunities in Canada.


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Australia, the land of kangaroos is rising up the list of the country with the highest migration. On an average, Australia welcomes around 190,000 skilled migrants every year, thus making it one of the most economically and socially enriching country in the world. Having said this, the number of skilled professionals migrating to Australia under PR visa programs has been rising ever since.




Many international students in Australia dream of getting a PR visa after they complete their graduation here. If you are an international student aspiring to get an Australian PR visa, you can use the Australia Skill Select. This program will help you convert your graduation visa program to a PR visa.



By definition, the Skill Select is an online service that enables you as an applicant to lodge an EOI (Expression of Interest). The EOI mainly comprises of your skills, education qualifications and your desires. On submission, the information you provide in the EOI is then assessed properly and converted into points for future processes. Once the EOI is lodged, you will be allowed to apply for a skilled visa program.



The Australian Permanent Residency Visa has various categories to suit the requirements of applicants. As an applicant, you must make sure you apply for the right category. For instance, if you are a skilled professional, you can apply for the Skilled PR visa categories. Most of these visa categories do not require sponsorship or state/territory nomination.


In case you score 75 points or more in your Skill Select test, you can directly apply for the Australia Independent Skilled Visa. This gets you a step closer to fulfilling your dream of moving to Australia.



To be eligible for the Australian Permanent Residency Visa, it is mandatory that you meet the basic requirements set by the Australian immigration department. Read on to get a quick walk through the basic requirements:


  • Your Age: Between 18 years to 50 years
  • Apply for an EOI through Skill Select
  • Select one of the nominated occupations mentioned in the SOL (Skilled Occupation List)
  • Have Skills to match your nominated occupation
  • Score a minimum of 7 bands in your Language Eligibility Tests
  • Provide documents supporting your educational qualifications
  • Meet the minimum health requirements
  • Get a good character clearance from the police and immigration department
  • Have valid travel documents like a passport



Apart from all of these points, it is important that you score at least 60 points in your Skill Select tests. The Skilled Independent Visa 189 is provided to those applicants with a good Skill Select score (60 points or above)


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In the last few years, Canada has earned the tag of being the best living place for migrants. On the global level, this maple leaf country was ranked sixth in the Migration Integration Policy. Along with all these factors, the flourishing economy and high standard of living definitely make Canada a desirable destination for skilled professionals who wish to go abroad. Having said all that, it goes without a doubt that Canada still receives the highest number of skilled migrants every year.




Speaking of the migrating to Canada, the systematic immigration system has been very effective for those seeking opportunities here. To cater the needs of the requirements of these migrants, the immigration department has introduced various programs, permanent as well as temporary work programs. Along with these, international students, businessmen and skilled professionals can apply for their visa with ease.


The Canada Express Entry System was introduced in January 2015 to deal with the increasing demand of permanent residency visa of skilled migrants. For applicants, introduction of this system has improved their chances of getting through the system as it is completely based on the skills and experience of the applicants.


In any case, it is always advisable to go through a professional visa consultancy to make the application process smooth and easy. When a visa consultant takes up your case, a detailed file is created for you with the required documents and letters that support your eligibility for the immigration process. Once that is done, the consultant does the remaining documentation and filings that are required to complete the process.


Migrating to a new country can be quite a big deal. In such a scenario, any help from a visa consultant can prove beneficial. We at Migrate Me dedicate an experienced caseworker on your case who will create a customized package that fulfill all your requirements.


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In the past few decades, Australia’s economy has been growing in abundance. With the rising economy and multinational companies opening their branches in Australia, there has also been a sudden rise in job opportunities. But with the limited human resources available in Australia, they are now looking for skilled professionals migrating to Australia.




To cope up with the growing demand for skilled labour, Australia Government has now introduced various visa programs for international students doing their graduation in Australia. Temporary graduate Visa (485) has been introduced to attract and retain foreign students in Australia after completion of their two-year program. These students will then be able to use their knowledge and skills in their appropriate industry.


As an applicant under the Temporary Graduate Visa, this visa allows you to live and work in Australia. In this case, it your responsibility to find a job that can use your skills and knowledge and help you financially sustain your stay in Australia. It is to be noted that the Australian Government is not responsible to appoint you in any industry/corporation.


It is mandatory for international students to pursue a course that has been registered by the CRICOS, Australia. Once you have enrolled yourself in your desired course, you must make the necessary arrangements for the Skilled Graduate Visa six months prior of completion of your course. This will give you enough time to look for a job and be eligible to live and work in Australia under this visa program.


The Temporary Graduate Visa acts as a stepping-stone for those applying for permanent residency in Australia. Since this is not a skilled migrant visa, there is no requirement to undergo any skill assessment test during application. This visa is granted to students who fall under the main categories. These two categories are defined below.



This visa category is for students with bachelor’s degree and meet the criteria set for Skilled Occupation List. The total duration of this visa category is eighteen months.



This visa category is for those students who have completed their post graduate studies in Australia. This visa category exempts the Skilled Occupation List and is valid for four years.


It is to be noted that having an Australia education doesn’t automatically grant you a visa. This visa checks and assesses your credentials and it is only after all the assessment, that you will be granted the Temporary Graduate Visa. This visa program is applicable to those students who must have applied for student visa after the 5th of November 2011.


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Australia is indeed a land of opportunities. Migrants from all over the globe move to Australia for better opportunities in education as well as career. With the recent developments in the financial markets, Australia has been open to migrants from abroad to contribute to its economy.




The Student Dependent Visa Program in Australia permits the family to migrate and live with them in Australia as dependents. If you are looking study and live in Australia with your family, it is important that you submit during the visa applications. It is important that you include complete details of your family and guardians even if they are on their initial visit to Australia.


This visa has been introduced, as there was a requirement for a family visa program to Australia. With this program, family members can now visit or live with you during your stay in Australia as a foreign student.


For those family members who wish to live in Australia under this visa category, the basic requirement is to provide enough proof of the following:

  • Financial stability to sponsor their stay in Australia
  • Employment opportunities
  • Childcare and schooling facilities


Once the dependents are ready to move to Australia through this visa program, they must produce the following documents for verifications

  • Reference letter from ESOS and Visa support
  • Nomination as Student’s dependent (Form 919)
  • Application for Student Visa (Form 157A)

Once these are submitted, the filled documents must be sent your family members willing to migrate to Australia, to the Immigration Department of Australia.


Unlike other visas like tourist and visitor visa, this visa category provides various opportunities to you as well as your family. These opportunities help you and your family prospers during your stay in Australia.


However, it is important to understand that obtaining a student dependent visa means your family will have to follow the rules and regulations as per the Australian Law while respecting its socio economic culture.


Are you a student looking for an opportunity to study abroad? Then Australia is the country for you. It will be equally beneficial for your family as it will be for you. To know more about the various visa programs for Australia, just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and we shall get in touch with you.

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