Mistakes to avoid while emigrating to Canada

Mistakes to avoid while emigrating to Canada


The CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) has 60 immigration programs with special criterias. Even though the criterias set by CIC are pretty clear, there are cases where the applicants get rejected due to their mistakes. But, there is always a way out. In case of rejection due to mistake on part of applicant, they can resubmit their documents.


Here are 5 mistakes to avoid while emigrating to Canada.



When you imigrate to Canada, you need evidence of your language proficiency in either English or French. This level is set and defined by the Canadian Level Benchmark (CLB) System.

Different tests for checking language proficiency are taken under consideration depending upon the immigration you apply for. However, it is mandatory that you should meet the minimum score set by the CLB.

The Language Proficiency tests include the following

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening

Here is an example of the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) test to explain the whole process.

  • The IELTS is accepted as evidence of English proficiency for Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • You must score at least Level 7 in all four language abilities – i.e. 6.0 in each language ability listed above
  • To avoid any mistakes, double check the language criterias of your program



Candidates aspiring to acquire permanent residency in Canada need to list down their history – travel, personal and educational history. Here are afew things to keep in mind while listing down your information.

  • Avoid blind spots in your personal history
  • Note down every details – even vacations and periods of your unemployment
  • Double check your dates to match the information and letters that you submit with the authorities



In case you want to emigrate to Canada along with your family, you have to be sure your dependents are not listed in the ineligible dependents list.

Here are a list of dependents who are eligible to emigrate along with you Canada.

  • Spouses
  • Common-law partners
  • Biological or legally adopted children
  • Parents
  • Siblings

To avoid any issues with your dependents, make sure you list only the eigible dependents.



In order to simplify the documentation process, many candidates hire representatives to assist them with the procedure. Usually, these hired representatives maybe paid or unpaid, but if paid, they should be authorized by the government to assist in Canadian Immigration.

If you are looking for representatives, ask for documents and credentials.

Migrate Me is registered and regulated with Australia’s MARA and Canada ICCRC to offer the most up-to-date Immigration advice.



For those who are looking for employment in Canada, for most immigration programs, you have to provide an employment letter as evidence of employment.

The following details should be included in the reference letters:

  • Word Designation
  • Working Hours
  • Salary and working conditions
  • Employer’s signature
  • Company details – i.e. address, contact information, etc

To make sure that the proceedings move smoothly, make sure the above requirements are met.


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