For every individual who dreams of a place with better job opportunities and a good standard of living, Canada is one such dream destination. Each year, many professionals from all over the world choose to migrate to Canada. The recent launch of the electronic system – Express Entry has accelerated the process and made it flexible for both potential employees and employers. This system has changed the course of how immigration worked in Canada from supply-driven to demand-driven. However we also came across various misconceptions regarding Express Entry among new comers.

Here are a few misconceptions cleared.


Misconception No 1: Everybody is eligible to enter the Express Entry Pool
The Truth: Only eligible candidates under the Federal Economic Immigration Program can enter the pool

Few migrants looking forward to immigrate to Canada have a misconception that anybody can enter the Canada Express Entry Pool.


To enter the Pool of Candidates, one must be eligible under the Federal Economic Immigration Programs like

  • Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program
  • Canadian experience class


To be eligible under these programs, a candidate must score certain points based on factors like the core human factors, skills transferability and employment offers. This score is calculated on the CRS (Comprehensive Ranking System) Calculator.


Misconception No 2: The Eligible Occupation List is part of the Express Entry System
The Truth: The Eligible Occupation List is not part of Express Entry System

The CIC confirmed that the eligibility criteria of FSWP does not include the list of eligible occupations. The eligibility of candidates will be calculated under the CRS. Their core human skills and employment history helps improve their ranks among other candidates.


Now, Canadian jobs are now classified under NOC (National Occupation Classification) codes and the skill requirements are defined accordingly.


Misconception No 3: You cannot immigrate to Canada without a job offer
The Truth: It is not compulsory to have a job offer before hand, but does act an added benefit
This is another misconception that migrants have is regarding the compulsion of job offers. Once a candidate gets an entry into the pool, they are eligible to get employment offers from Canadian employers according to their respective Federal Economic Immigration Program.


Though having an employment offer from a Canadian Employer has its benefits. It helps boost your ranking if you already are presented with a job offer.


Misconception No 4: One does not pass the Language Proficiency test to enter the Express Entry System
The Truth: Candidates have to pass the Language Proficiency Test to be eligible to enter the pool
Candidates have to apply for Canadian Government approved Standardized language tests like IELTS, CELPIP, TEF, etc. These test results are later used to add up the score while calculating through the CRS calculator.


Misconception No 5: One can migrate to Canada only through Express Entry
The Truth: Express Entry facilitates the immigration of eligible candidates under the Federal Economic Immigration Program, though provinces outside Express Entry can select them too. The Express Entry system is introduced to cater the labour market needs of Canada while improving the immigration process.


While most candidates will be entering Canada through the Express Entry, some provinces get to select candidates who do not enter through the Express Entry pool.


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