Living in Australia vs Canada

 Living in Australia vs Canada


Australia and Canada are two countries which rank highest in immigration. Both of these countries enjoy a reputation of a high quality of life enjoyed by its people.

So, for all those in the UK looking to migrate, where is it going to be in the battle of Australia vs Canada? The land of mooses or kangaroos? Let us help you decide.



Unless you love cramps and airline food, your trip from the UK to Australia will be 24 hours + stops. That is approximately 17,000km from home while London to Canada, probably Toronto is 7 hours (5720 km).

In short, you can watch an entire session of Game of Thrones twice before you reach Australia!



Once you land in a new country, you will start searching for a roof over your head. For those looking for cheap rent, it might be difficult to find so in the city. Opting for a place on the outskirts will be a wiser option to choose.

On the whole, life in Canada is cheaper compared to that in Australia.



While Canada transportation consists of subways, trains, buses and streetcars i.e. trams while you will find only the train and bus system in Australia. Both the countries and well connected through all these routes, and the fares depend on the length of your journey you choose to make.



Waiting for a deal breaker? This is probably the one that will help you make up your mind.

Canada and Australia have totally opposite weathers, literally! So when it is Christmas in Canada, you’ll be all covered up in long johns while you could be wearing a bathing suit in Australia.

Canada has 4 distinct seasons from warm summers to cold winters while the temperate climate in Australia leads to warm summers and mild winters in Australia. Also, Australian summers are less humid as compared to those in Canada, esecially Toronto.



Once you have settled down with your partner or family, you should start looking for a job if you don’t have one already.

Theunemployment rate in Canada and Australia is very low compared to other countries. There is a high demand for skiller workers in both countries. So if you are an electrician or maybe from the hospitatity industry, you wont have to wait too ling before you get selected.

Tip: Being from a British or Irish background, you ca start searching jobs in the same community itself.



Yes. It is better to be aware of the taxaion system before hand. There is no escaping the fact that you have to pay your taxes.

In Canada, the provincial and federal VAT add up to 13%. And when in Canada, you won’t find these taxes included in the price tag, but will be payable at the cashier. Also, you should apply for a SIN (Social Insurance Number) before you begin to work. In Canada, the amount of tax also depends on how much you make in a year.

In Australia, the VAT is 10% on all purchases and is included in the sale price of the items. Once in Australia, you should apply for TFN (Tax File Number) for tax purposes.

The taxable year in Canada is from 1st january till 31st December, while its from 1st July to 30th June in Australia.



Toronto is usually 5 hours ahead of the Uk while Sydney is around 9 hours behind. And by usually, we mean that Autumn and Spring in Australis, Canada and Britain are completely different. You might have to adjust your watchees accordingly and maybe wait for a couple of days till you get used to the time system completely.



Canada as well as Australia have a diverse population. While you wil come across more of Chinese, Indian, Sri Lankan, jamaican in Canada, the Indonesian, Thai and Lebanese population is dominant in Australia.



The visa applicaton process for Canada is easier compared to that of any other country, inspite of emphasising on having fluency in English and/or French. Canada has fewer visa sub classes and less complicated visa application assessments.

Getting a PR in Canada or Australia is based on your eigibility and other factors that are in sync with the economic development of the country.

Applying for a work visa is the easiest way to get to Australia. Skilled persons like doctors, nurses or engineers have beter scope for PR in Australia.

Migrate-Me helps you increase your chances at getting the right job and ermanent residency in Canada as well as Australia.


After an indepth study the difference of lifestyle in these two countries, it will get easier for you to decide where you will migrating next! Just fill in the FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and let’s get started!


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