Australia is among one of the member countries of the OCED (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development), which promotes countries to improve the economic and social well being of the people. This organisation also has a Better Life Index which is used to compare the quality of life that people lead in these member countries. This index looks at various aspects which determine the well being of the people of the country and ranks them accordingly.




And it doesn’t come as a surprise that Australia is among the countries with the highest rank in Better Life Index comparison chart. And these rankings are based on various criterion mentioned below.



The OCED has set a standard income which forms as an average income per capita of population. It also forms the base for comparison of income of other countries. And by far, Australia has an average income which is higher than the average set by the OCED.



More than 70% of the Australian population has a job that pays well. Most of the employed population are between the age of 15 to 64 which is in itself a very big range to compare.



An average man in Australia works for 1728 hours a year, which is slightly lower than the OCED average of 1765 hours. This is clearly evident by the equal balance that Australians maintain between their work and social life.



Every employee in Australia has the right to certain rights and benefits that comes along with their employment. Some of these include right to a proper remuneration, proper work environment, holidays and leaves, etc. Also, they believe in equality and communication at work place, which makes it a even better environment for migrants to work and settle in.



Apart from the work life, Australians are known to be very happy go lucky. And we think we know why. The average life expectancy in Australia is that of 82 years, which is again, higher than the average set by the OCED. Now that is definitely a reason to be happy and celebrate.



Almost 93% of Australians agree that they are happy with their natural environment and work towards preserving it. It is also seen that level of air and water pollution is lower than the average OCED level



Australians are known for their friendly behaviour and open mind set. Hence, most of them agree that they can rely on each other when they are in need.



Aren’t these reasons enough to make you happy? If not, here is another reason why you should migrate to Australia immediately. Australians are extremely happy and satisfied with their life which is due to all the factors mentioned above. Almost 83% of the Australian population are satisfied with their lifestyle which is 7% higher than the OCED average.


With such high standard of living and the huge career opportunities that Australia has to offer, this country continent has seen a huge increase in the number of migrants coming in. If you still haven’t applied, just fill our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and let us help you with your migration process.

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