How to immigrate to Australia

How to immigrate to Australia


Natural beaches, ancient rock formations and fabulous climate are just a few of the reasons why Australia attracts people from across the globe. There’s also the country’s famously multicultural society, growing economy and relaxed work culture.


The first step towards immigrating is knowing what the right type of visa is for you.



The Australian Department of Immigration’s online system – SkillSelect – allows skilled workers to record their details to be considered for a skilled visa through expression of interest (EOI).


Applicants are required to provide information such as:

• Basic personal information

• Nominated occupation

• Work experience

• Study and education

• Level of English skills

• Details of skills assessment, related to your nominated occupation

• Business and investment experience


Applicants should ensure documents supporting claims in the EOI are ready, as all supporting documents needs to be lodged within 60 days of receiving an invitation to make visa application. EOIs must be submitted online using SkillSelect and the system generates points score and results based on the applicant’s claims.



These along with the date and time of EOI submission becomes the ranking for some visas. Once an EOI is submitted it stays in the system for two years and the applicant can updated it frequently. For more details on submitting an EOI, visit


Selection process

Depending on the type of visa applied for, either the department sends an invitation to lodge a visa application or an employer contacts the applicant to discuss a job opportunity. Skilled migrants with highest ranking EOIs will be issued invitations for independent and family sponsored visas.


Apart from this, state or territory governments can nominate skilled workers for state and territory nominated visas or skilled business people for business innovation and investment visas.


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