Nova Scotia, located along the East Coast of Canada, is widely known for its natural and scenic beauty. With the launch of its 2nd new immigration stream called Nova Scotia Experience Express Entry, it has opened new avenues for employers situated in Nova Scotia.




The Canadian Skilled Immigration Program assists the certified employers in Canada to recruit and hire skilled professional and students from foreign countries. The government mainly focuses on hiring skill sets that are scare in Nova Scotia and that can be fulfilled through skilled immigrations sourced here.


As the rule goes, the Canadian employers can recruit skilled immigrants for only those positions in their organizations for which they are unable to find skilled Canadian residents or citizens.


Having said that, the new immigration stream is a positive step that ensures that qualified and talented candidates who are already employed in Nova Scotia. This stream also goes hand in hand with the Canada Express Entry System introduced in January 2015 to facilitate skilled immigration in Canada.


To be eligible under the Nova Scotia Experience Express Entry program, the applicant must have received a job offer letter from a certified employer in Nova Scotia. There is a possibility of change in the provincial priorities in case Canadian permanent residents or citizens meet the skills requirements before the applicant files his or her application.


Priority would be given to applicants whose employers have

  • Made an effort to hire Canadian residents or citizens but failed to find the right candidate for the job
  • Demonstrated how they would provide additional help and support to help the new recruits settle in Nova Scotia

It is anticipated that the Nova Scotia will be launching new immigration streams under the business categories to attract entrepreneurs to migrate to Canada and contribute to the economy of this country.


The main aim of the Business Steam will be to attract foreign individuals to start up their own business or buy an existing business and manage it in Nova Scotia. This stream would also benefit the already existing international graduates in Nova Scotia to start their own business here.


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