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Denmark is completely different country to live and work in. Apart from it’s scenic beauty and diverse culture, Denmark has been attracting many skilled workers in the past few decades.




The Danish Green Card is issued for residency as well a work permit to work in Denmark. The eligibility of the candidates is evaluated on the point system introduced by the Danish immigration department.


Once an individual is granted residency permit under the Denmark Green Card scheme, they are eligible to live in Denmark. It is to be noted that a residency permit under this scheme is not to be confused with a work permit. To be eligible to work, the applicant must also obtain a work permit separately. This work permit will enable a person to work in any organization or be self-employed.


The points rewards to individuals under the Denmark Green Card scheme is based on certain criterion set by the immigration department. This point system is used to assess if the applicant is eligible to apply for highly qualified jobs in Denmark.


Secondly, a permanent residency permit does not include getting a job. It is the responsibility of the applicant to search for a job before or while applying for a green card visa in Denmark. Getting a job proves as an assurance that the applicant is able to take care of themself during their stay in Denmark.


In short, to live and work in Denmark, you must obtain a permanent residency permit as well as a work permit that will allow you to live and work here. The probability of you getting both the permits totally depends on your professional qualifications and skills.


It is always advisable that you talk to people who have migrated to places you wish to migrate to. In this case, it is always better if you talk to people who have migrated and are living in Denmark. This will be an added benefit, as it will help you understand about the complete process as well as about this new land.


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When it comes to Denmark, the Green Card of Denmark is the most sought among migrants from all over the world. This Green Card enables the applicant to live and work in Denmark.



The selection of eligible migrants is done through various tests based on age, education, language skills, work experience, etc. Once the applicant score the minimum scored required to pass the tests, they are eligible to receive the residence permit with a validity of nearing 18 months.


But really, why Denmark? This question must have come to your mind while going through various other options. Let us help you with that. Here are the main reasons why you should definitely migrate to Denmark.

  • Denmark is one the happiest Nation in the World
  • The financial conditions have been improving in the past and the GDP of Denmark has been very promising since then
  • The Economic boom has led to industrial development and various other sectors, thus increasing the requirement for skilled workers
  • Hub for famous colleges and Universities
  • People in Denmark believe in maintaining a perfect balance of work and social life
  • Various facilities that are sponsored by the government – Education, Health Care Facilities, etc.
  • These have in turn led to a very high quality of life in Denmark
  • People of Denmark are very open about migrations and welcome migrants with open arms. This gives Denmark a very healthy environment for you and your family to live in
  • Last but not the least, the environment in Australia is pollution free


Now that Denmark has caught your interest, let us explore the various visas that you and your family can apply for.



If you have a family consisting of your spouse and unmarried under 18 years of age children, the Denmark Green Card Dependent Visa is the right visa. This visa will enable your spouse and your kids to accompany you in Denmark.



If your partner is already living in Denmark, you can then apply for Denmark Spouse Visa on the grounds of Family Reunification.



Under the Danish law, there are a few rules that need to be followed before applying for any visa to Denmark.

  • Individual’s marriage should be legal and valid. However, this rule does not apply to cohabiting partners
  • In case the applicant and their partner are not married legally, they must have proof to show long sustainability of their relationship and must have stayed with each other for at least a period of 18 months.
  • Marriage of the individual and their partner should have been done voluntarily


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Migration is a tough choice and only the brave ones make such choices. It is a tedious process and in certain cases, can be time consuming as well. But once you have migrated, the next phase of migration begins. In such cases, it is important that you remain positive when things get a bit rough.


Moving to a new country can consist of many steps. Firstly, language can pose as a problem, especially when you move to country whose first language isn’t the same as yours,  Others could include the environment you are moving into. From a gloomy winter of the UK to the bright beaches in Australia can be a little difficult for you to adjust in the first few weeks. Lastly, moving away from your loved ones to settle in a new country can take a toll on you at times.


If you are one such person dealing with anxiety due to migration, hold on. Here are tips how you can stay positive and turn things better.



  • Try and meet people around your place. This will help you connect with people around and settle in better
  • Plan a weekly schedule for work and your chores. Make sure you leave sometime for yourself as well
  • Take up classes. Indulge into things you fancy. Music, art, literature, skateboarding, adventure sports, anything that gets your adrenaline pumping. This could be another way to meet people with whom you share similar interests.
  • Learn new languages. It will not only enhance your vocabulary but also widen your perspective towards other cultures. Plus, when you are in a country like Canada or Denmark, it is always handy to know other languages other than English.
  • If you are moving in with your kids, pay special attention to them and their needs. Children can be sensitive in such situations. Migration can be equally hectic for them as well. In case they are behaving in a weird manner, talk to their teachers if required.
  • If you are in countries like Australia and Canada, go on trips with your family and friends. Take up classes where you participate in events with your family. It will help with your bond with peers.
  • Remember to enrol yourself for tax number, bank accounts, driving license, medical and health services and things that will help you during your stay.
  • Live in the present moment and live to the fullest.


It’s completely fine to feel lost at such times. But it is important to know that this is temporary and that shouldn’t affect your decision of moving to another country.


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Emigrating to Copenhagen – The Happiest City in the World


Emigrating to Copenhagen – The Happiest City in the World


Copenhagen – one of the oldest cities in Europe and the capital of Denmark is very well known for its cleanliness. A place with long, narrow street, beautiful canals, old colourful houses and amazing beaches – what more could you ask for?

Surprisingly, Copenhagen gets its name from the Germans. According to its history, the original Danish name meant “The Mechants’ Harbour” which was later changed to Copenhagen. Having evolved froma small village to a cosmopolitan city that you see now, copenhagen alone attracts more than a million tourists a year.



According to the World Happiness Report 2013, Copenhagen ranks topin the happiest city and the best place to live in the world. Be it their attitude or their way of living, Danes do a pretty good job at being happy!



Passionate about biking? Copenhagen is the destination for you. Almost half of the population in Copenhagen rides to work every day. In fact, the roads are partially dominated by cyclists. But beware! The rules and regulations are strict which you will surely ge used to once you start cycling in Copenhagen!



Copenhagen is also known for its thoroughly clean, clean enough for people to even swim in it. You would be surprised that most people prefer tap water against bottles drinking water. Reason? It is clean and way cheaper than bottled water!



The Stroget street is the longest car free shopping zone in Scandinavia. This mile long street is famous for its luxury good, dining, street artists and other shopping comodities – all tax free! All those shopoholics out there, indulge in some stress free street shopping or simply let the incredible sreet artists entertain you!

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Danes love to relax and they love the sun! From parks to the beautiful beaches, you will find Danes suntanning everywhere! In fact, Nudism is also acceptable in Denamrk and for all flashers, you will come across many CO (Clothes Optional) beaches in Copenhagen itself!



Christiania, a free town with a controversial self-government town located outside the city centre. Once here, you will find tax free cars while the town runs as per the community law. It is open for visitors to come and appreciate the state of the art culture in Christiania. And yes, it is SAFE too!



The Danish flagis the oldest state flag in the world used by an independent nation. As per the legends, the Danish flag was adopted and independently used from 1219 and has been the pride of Denmark since then!



Did you know that the iconic Sydney Opera House was designed by Dane Jorn Utzorn, a Danish architect? For those who have a keen eye for heritage, the majestic palaces, buildings and gardens will surely be of your interest.

In one line, Conhagen is a city simply known for its majesticity, elegance and exquisitely gorgeous architectures.



You will hear stories of the Danish Queen making informal entrances to events and places. It is very common for tourists and locals to see the Royal Danish family in nearby churches, shops and even churches!



Yes, apart from being the happiest city in the world, the largest city in Europe, the best place for cyclists, Copenhagen is also the a very clean city. This city is so clean and beautiful – very close to be the cleanest city in the world!



The safest, the cleanest, the happiest city – Copenhagen is surely the pride of all the Danes around the globe!



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Denmark – the Kingdom known for its scenic beauty, beaches and heritage, is located in Western Europe. Many travellers from all over the world go to Denmark every year for sight seeing or rent cottages along the beaches. And since Denmark provides you with so many things to see, leanr and take back with you, it is assumed to be an expensive place for travellers and expats.

But here we are, proving that is assumption is nothing but a myth. Here are a few insider tips to travel to Denmark without blowing off your budget!

On an average, your stay in hotels, food and sight seeing will cost you around 600-700 kroner per day. But we provide you with tips on how to bring down this to 100-2—kroner per day.

This is what you should do.


Eat within your Budget

The easiest and the pocket friendly way to eat within your budget is to buy your food from super markets. You can find pretty good deals in the stores mentioned below.

  • Netto
  • Aldi
  • Fakta
  • REMA 1000

During barbeque session, you can go up to the park or the beaches along with your partner and mates and have lunch together. And most Danes do it this way.

Another suggestion would be the local stores and mobile shops like hot dog stands, local pizzerias or Steak Houses.


A Roof within your Budget

Accommodation in hotels in Denmark can be upto 800 kroner per night – little expensive if you are planning to stay for a couple of days. For solo travellers and for those who are comfortable sharing rooms with other travellers, hostels can provide you good deals. And for those travelling with family, they do provide special facilities like private rooms for families and partners.

Another cheap yet adventuous alternative is to rent a caravan or a summer. But make sure you book one in advance!

Third option, for all those nature lovers, is to pitch up a tent along the beaches or in the forests, It wont cost you anything as long as you are carrying your own stuff and, is also a great way to enjoy the simplistic life on the countryside.


Travelling Cheap

It is a very common sight in Denmark to see people riding bikes. Yes – Danes loves bikes! Its cheap, easy and a convinient way to travel around the place at your own will. In cities, you can loan a bike for 20 kroner as a deposit which is refunded when you return the bike to the stands. That makes the bike practically free for your use!

If you are travelling across cities, buses are your best options. If you are opting for a train journey, look out for those orange discount tickets. While bus fares cost around 150 kroner, train tickets can go upto 382 kroner.

You can also opt for hitchhiking – Denmark is safe that way!


Free Events and Attractions

Denamrk has a lot to offer and most of them is for free! There are massive castles, churches, mansions, gardens and amusement parks along the country side which offer free entry and are interesting places to goto with your young ones.

Some of the free events that you will come across in Denamrk are:

AALBORG CARNIVAL – Largest Carnival in Northern Europe where people dress up in fancy yet crazy costumes as per the theme decided.

BEER FESTIVALS – Held twice a year (May and September) is another festival you should add to your list.

AARHUS UNIVERSITY BEER RELAY – An event held in May where around 15000 students gather around the lake and cheer the participants. These participants cross the lake in a hand-built ship, drink beer, run around the ship and sail back to the shore.

GAY PRIDE PARADE – This is a fun celebration where people celebrate the rights of gays and contribution of the gays to the society.

CHRISTMAS MARKET – Christmas market can be found anywhere around the big cities between November and December.


Here are a few basic tips on how to travel in Denmark on as low as $25 per day!


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Work in Denmark Green Card

Work in Denmark Green Card


The Danish government established the green card to tackle the problem of finding eligible candidates to be taken at required positions. This was done in 2008 when the Danish economy was just beginning to bloom. Today people have settled in Denmark successfully, and you can too, using this Green Card route. This route is for non-EU nationals who fulfil the requirements educationally and experience wise.


Denmark is a prominent country in the list of the top twenty richest countries in the world and is known for its high standard of living. The Danish Green Card is granted to skilled & experienced professionals who want to work in Denmark.


What’s better? You can convert it into permanent residency pretty easily!




The Danish population consists of well educated, well informed and a relaxed, humorous population. In this country, the distances to about everywhere are pretty short. Hence, it is easy to enjoy a relaxed life even amid the buzz of the city. Other than the fact that Non-EU nationals can come and work in Denmark on the Green card visa, clean beaches and green forests are rarely more than a half hour’s drive away, which is another great reason to crave a job in the Danish countryside.


Apart from free education and healthcare, all citizen of Denmark who work have access to a number of other common goods. Everyone benefits from a well-maintained cycling and driving infrastructure and an extensive public transport system. Also, multiple cultural activities and supreme recreation avenues like parks and public spaces enhance the general quality of life.




Danish people have a simple way of balancing work and life. The demand for flexible working hours in Denmark is due to the fact that the majority of both men and women work. It is actually the only country amongst the members of the OECD, where maternity does not hinder the employment of women at all. This is one more reason to work in Denmark on a Green Card visa.



Jobs in almost every field are available in Denmark. To work in Denmark on a Green card visa is one of the best opportunities that the non-EU population has access to.

Currently the jobs in demand in Denmark are:

· Educational, social and religious work
· Teaching, supervision
· Building and construction
· Engineers
· Doctor and dentist
· IT and telecommunication
· Health, healthcare and personal care

And many more…



If you aspire to relocate in a Danish province, contact our expert consultants and we can take the process further. Fill in a FREE VISA ASSESSMENT which helps our experts to assess your chances of getting a Green Card visa and reverting back to you with an official response about your eligibility.

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Work life in Denmark

Work life in Denmark

Considered to be the country of happiest people in the world, Denmark is a place that is known for its work-life balance. The country offers equal job opportunities, the only mandate being that you are qualified and have the required skills set.


A common term when referring to the Danish labour market is flexicurity, which provides for dynamic labour mobility and high job mobility. In fact, the country’s model has been recognised as one of the most effective models in achieving robust labour market performance.


The monthly earning depends on the qualifications of the employee and whether employment is in the private or public sector. Last year, Denmark was ranked #1 for having the shortest average working week at 33 hours with an average annual wage of £30,000. Though working hours vary from company to company, a normal working week is 37 hours with atleast five weeks’ holiday each year. The hours are often flexible and are determined by individual contracts.


Most workplaces in Denmark are characterised by a horizontal structure and encourage open dialogues between management and employees. The lack of a hierarchical culture is one of the greatest advantages as it facilitates a relaxed atmosphere making it possible to focus on tasks and ability to have an influence at work, regardless of their position.


Foreign nationals who have moved base to Denmark point out that there is a positive balance between working life and family life resulting in higher job satisfaction. In fact home is central to the life of a Danish national. After work, people spend time with family and close friends at home rather than at cafes or bars. Though Danish nationals speak a fairly high level of English, learning some basic Danish can be advantageous to expand opportunities in career and in your social life.

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Denmark Green Card Points Calculator





Denmark Green Card points calculator.


Considered to be among the top destinations for attracting skilled talent, Denmark offers foreign workers better career prospects and a well-balanced life. The country follows an immigration points’ calculator – Denmark Greencard scheme – to evaluate the eligibility of an applicant. To be eligible, an applicant must score a minimum of 100 points. They are reviewed for:



Your educational level must be at least the equivalent of a bachelor’s degree in Denmark. The higher the level of education the higher you score, with a PhD candidate earning 80 points. Meanwhile bonus points will be awarded to graduates from internationally recognised universities or if you have qualifications for jobs that are in demand in Denmark. You can read up on jobs positive list here: http://


Language skills

To be given points for language skills, you must document your scores in Danish, Swedish, Norwegian,English or German. A foreigner’s language skills are assessed on a four-level system and can earn a maximum of 30 points. Also a statement from previous employer attesting usage of these languages foratleast one year on the job can be submitted as proof of fluency.


Work experience

Work experience within the last five years of a researcher or those from the fields listed in Denmark’s positive list is awarded points with a maximum of 15 points for 3-5 years experience.



You could gain points for your experience in the EU/EEA or Switzerland, as it increases your chances of adapting to the Danish labour market.



Those between 35 and 40 years score 10 points, while those below 34 are awarded 15 points.


To read more about Greencard scheme on:


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