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The scenic beauty that this country is, Canada is much more than being a place of the most beautiful tourist attractions. It is also a fascinating land offering high standard of living to those who settle here. In this maple leaf country, the federal system bestows equal rights to all its citizens.




Along with these, the federal government has also given similar rights to Canadian provinces that provide great value to its societies and its people. As a country that is concerned about the social welfare of its people, Canada has given equal rights to skilled migrants who settle in Canada.


New Brunswick, the northeastern province of Canada is known for its continental climate perfectly combined with natural resources in abundance. The people of this region can speak in both English as well as French, English being their primary language. It doesn’t come as a surprise that this region of Canada also participates in the Canada Express Entry System and welcomes skilled migrants to live and work in New Brunswick.


As part of the Canada Express Entry, the Provincial Nominee Program of New Brunswick accepts the applications of skilled workers with skills and knowledge that prove useful to the state. Though this process, this northeastern region of Canada is participating with other territories in welcoming skilled professional from all over the globe to live and contribute to the economy of the country.


On an average, New Brunswick receives all its application from the categories mentioned below:

• Skilled Workers with Family Support
• Express Entry labor Market Scheme
• Skilled Workers with Employer Support
• Business Immigration


The labor requirement is increasing with leaps and bounds in every province. Hence, Canada is coming with attractive visa programs to get more and more skilled professionals from abroad to migrate to Canada. This will not only cater the ever-increasing needs of the labor market in Canada, but also enhance the socio economic conditions of the country.


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For many years now, skilled migrants have been under the impression that gaining entry into Canada was tough. It was true in the beginning when the visa process would get delayed due to complications caused due to language barrier. But the new citizenship laws have made it easier for skilled migrants to move to Canada.




With the introduction of the new citizenship laws, Canada is on its path to create a free environment for Canadian citizens and migrants. In comparison to the previous laws, there have been many amendments for the betterment of Canadians.



Compared to the previous provision of language proficiency in English and French both, the new laws have been amended to proficiency in any single language –either English or French


  • AGE

The provision of both the language tests must be for applicants between the age group of 14 to 64 was changed to any single language test between the age group of 18 to 54



Unlike before when it was mandatory to sign the declaration of residing in Canada was removed and was made optional



The time spent by an immigrant in Canada, whether under the permanent residency or not, will be now considered while granting them with citizenship.



The minimum time migrants should live in Canada has been changed from 183 days in each year to an accumulative count of 1095 days in five years


With the new amendments, Canada citizenship now has liberal laws that have made seeking Canadian Citizenship easy. By lifting the mandatory language clause, it has been a great relief for immigrants applying for citizenship in Canada.


One being a Canadian Citizen, you are bestowed with the following rights:

  • Right to Vote
  • Right to Contest
  • Right to Health Care
  • Free Education in public schools for your children
  • Right to Social Security, etc.


Changing the rules of the Citizenship, Canada is now open to higher number of migration of skilled professionals and businessmen from all over the globe. To support this rising number, the introduction of the Canada Express Entry System has made it easier for migrants to go through the application process.


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With the rising number of migration every year, Canada is trending as one of the best countries to migrate to. This maple leaf country is indeed the dream for students from abroad and the land of opportunities for businessmen and skilled professionals.




Apart from being the land of beautiful sceneries, it is also the land of opportunities. In fact, here are some facts that you must know about Canada.


  • Canada ranks second among the G-20 countries as per GDP (Gross Domestic Profit) for its high standard of living
  • Canada is known for having the most liberal and stable banking system for corporates
  • As per Bloomberg Analysis, Canada also stands at the second place for being the best place to do business in
  • In the past few decades, the inflation rate has remained low in Canada, thus making the living easy for everyone


Canada with its many provinces has been given the freedom to welcome skilled immigrants by its federal system of governance. Canada has always valued the skilled professionals and workers who migrate to Canada and contribute in to the economy. To keep up with the modern times, Canada is now offering various immigration programs to cater the requirements of skilled professionals and businessmen.



The question isn’t about why should you choose Canada. It is all about what makes Canada the best choice.


Canada is known to be a welfare country that provides top class facilities to its citizens while keeping its doors open for people from all over the globe. Once you seek permanent residency in Canada, you are also entitles to the social security schemes that have been introduced by the government of Canada.


Once you receive a PR visa for Canada, you are entitled to the various benefits. Here are some of the benefits of being a PR visa holder:

  • Your family can go along with you to Canada
  • Your partner/spouse can also apply for work opportunity in Canada
  • Your children are entitled to free education in public schools
  • You and your family is also entitled to health care and social security programs


It is seen that Canada has one of the best migration programs that any country can present to its immigrants. The Canadian Immigration is open about its updates and amendments that benefit the migration. Last year itself, the Canadian Immigration department introduced the Canada Express Entry Scheme, which turned out to be a huge success among skilled migrants looking for opportunities in Canada.


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In the last few years, Canada has earned the tag of being the best living place for migrants. On the global level, this maple leaf country was ranked sixth in the Migration Integration Policy. Along with all these factors, the flourishing economy and high standard of living definitely make Canada a desirable destination for skilled professionals who wish to go abroad. Having said all that, it goes without a doubt that Canada still receives the highest number of skilled migrants every year.




Speaking of the migrating to Canada, the systematic immigration system has been very effective for those seeking opportunities here. To cater the needs of the requirements of these migrants, the immigration department has introduced various programs, permanent as well as temporary work programs. Along with these, international students, businessmen and skilled professionals can apply for their visa with ease.


The Canada Express Entry System was introduced in January 2015 to deal with the increasing demand of permanent residency visa of skilled migrants. For applicants, introduction of this system has improved their chances of getting through the system as it is completely based on the skills and experience of the applicants.


In any case, it is always advisable to go through a professional visa consultancy to make the application process smooth and easy. When a visa consultant takes up your case, a detailed file is created for you with the required documents and letters that support your eligibility for the immigration process. Once that is done, the consultant does the remaining documentation and filings that are required to complete the process.


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Nova Scotia, located along the East Coast of Canada, is widely known for its natural and scenic beauty. With the launch of its 2nd new immigration stream called Nova Scotia Experience Express Entry, it has opened new avenues for employers situated in Nova Scotia.




The Canadian Skilled Immigration Program assists the certified employers in Canada to recruit and hire skilled professional and students from foreign countries. The government mainly focuses on hiring skill sets that are scare in Nova Scotia and that can be fulfilled through skilled immigrations sourced here.


As the rule goes, the Canadian employers can recruit skilled immigrants for only those positions in their organizations for which they are unable to find skilled Canadian residents or citizens.


Having said that, the new immigration stream is a positive step that ensures that qualified and talented candidates who are already employed in Nova Scotia. This stream also goes hand in hand with the Canada Express Entry System introduced in January 2015 to facilitate skilled immigration in Canada.


To be eligible under the Nova Scotia Experience Express Entry program, the applicant must have received a job offer letter from a certified employer in Nova Scotia. There is a possibility of change in the provincial priorities in case Canadian permanent residents or citizens meet the skills requirements before the applicant files his or her application.


Priority would be given to applicants whose employers have

  • Made an effort to hire Canadian residents or citizens but failed to find the right candidate for the job
  • Demonstrated how they would provide additional help and support to help the new recruits settle in Nova Scotia

It is anticipated that the Nova Scotia will be launching new immigration streams under the business categories to attract entrepreneurs to migrate to Canada and contribute to the economy of this country.


The main aim of the Business Steam will be to attract foreign individuals to start up their own business or buy an existing business and manage it in Nova Scotia. This stream would also benefit the already existing international graduates in Nova Scotia to start their own business here.


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The maple leaf country, Canada has been known to attract skilled migrants from all over the globe. This has been possible only in the last few decades, which has clearly reflected in the economy of Canada as well. Considering the rise cultural and economic advancements in the past, Canada has now opened its doors for skilled migrants from abroad to work and live in Canada under the Open Work Permit.




This visa has been recently introduced to attract more skilled labour from all around the world to fulfill the requirements of the labour market. This visa has been specifically introduced for spouses and partners of students and skilled professionals already residing in Canada. This visa can be acquired by showing evidence of temporary residency in Canada. An applicant under this visa can stay in Canada for a short period of 12 months. In this duration, they can study or work in Canada.


This type of work permit was introduced in 2015 and extended till December 2016 to facilitate foreign nationals looking for job opportunities in Canada. Applicants can apply for this visa while they are waiting for their PR visa in Canada. The process time of this visa depends on the type of application and hence cannot be predicted accurately.




Students and professionals in Canada from foreign countries can sponsor the visa of their partner or spouse. Under such circumstances, the partners or spouses can apply for an open work permit. In this case, the applicant (partner/spouse) need not get a job offer from a Canadian employer.



Temporary visa holders in Canada can bring in their spouses and partners in Canada under this visa program. Partners of skilled professionals (not enrolled in any educational program) can also apply for this visa program.



Foreign Students from various academic backgrounds who are about to complete their course in the next eight months can also apply for this visa program. It is advisable to obtain this visa after the course is complete.


Since this is a program recently issued, it is advisable for last year students to keep a tab on the latest immigration news.


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Recent studies have shown that between now and 2021, Canada will have more than a million job vacancies to fill. It is also mentioned that the main reason is the lack of skilled professionals in the Canadian Labour Market. It will take a huge boost from international skilled migrants to fill in this vacuum created in Canada.


With this picture in view, the Canadian Government introduced one of the most sophisticated immigration programs in the world – Canada Express Entry System. Since its introduction in early 2015, it is now gaining momentum and has been attracting applicants ever since. In the beginning of the second year itself, this prestigious immigration system has invited over 1500 applications with a CRS score of over 453 points. If this trend continues, a large number of applicants will be allowed to migrate to Canada as Permanent Residents.


Canada is by far one of the most favored destinations by skilled professionals and businessmen. With a healthy lifestyle that compliments the high payment received by the skilled professionals, Canada has been attracting a lot more skilled labor.


Initially, the CRS score of applicants was higher comparatively, which also disappointed a lot of applicants who failed to get selected in the first few draws. Since then, applicants have got a better understanding of the system and the second half of 2015 saw a decline in the score. As unrealistic as it sounds, the drop in score from 489 points to 453 points, it has given hope to applicants this year.


As applicants under the Canada Express Entry, you can apply for either one of the categories mentioned below. These categories include:

  • Federal Skilled Workers Program (FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • Canada Experience Class

With the introduction of the Express Entry Program, the Canadian government is hoping to attract even more skilled professionals to fulfil the ever-rising need for skilled labor in this maple leaf country.


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Canada ranks among the top countries, which have the best immigration friendly policies. Canadian Government also revealed that it plans to admit over 200,000 migrants from all over the globe. For those who are looking at work opportunities abroad, Canada should be your first pick because of all the benefits that this maple leaf country has to offer.



If you are a skilled professional looking for an opportunity to live and work in Canada, you have come to the right place. The Federal Skilled Trades Program has been introduced for those who are willing to contribute to the Canadian economy based on their professional skill sets.


To be eligible for this program, an applicant must have the following requirements:

  • Education Qualification
  • Work Experience
  • Sufficient funds
  • Minimum score of 67 points in the points based system

These are just the basic requirements for this visa category. A more detailed list is mentioned below.


The Federal Skilled Trades Program comes under the Canada Express Entry Scheme introduced by the Canadian Immigration in 2015. The Canada Express Entry is one of the most prestigious immigrations programs of Canada. This program enables skilled professionals from all around the world to gain Canadian PR visa based on their skill sets and knowledge. Some of the basic requirements of this immigration program is that the applicant must have at least a year in the past ten years and should be enlisted among the 28 occupations list provided by the immigration department.



Here is the detailed list of all the requirements to be fulfilled to be eligible for the Canada Express Entry System.

  • Age
  • Work Experience (at least 1 year in the past ten years)
  • Education Qualifications
  • Language Skills
  • Employment offer from a Canadian Employer
  • Adaptability Skills
  • Travel Documents and a Valid passport
  • Should pass the basic immigration tests set by the country


Till date, Canada Express Entry has successfully conducted over 25 draws since its introduction in January 2015. And so far, the skilled professionals that have been picked have met the needs of the growing demand of the labor market in Canada. Federal Skilled Trade Program has been a successful part of the draws done in the past months.


As mentioned earlier, adaptability skills play a very important role in determining if the applicant is fit to be selected in the Canada Express Entry System. Applicants also need to go through the application process as well as the points based assessment before applying for this visa category.


Since the process can be pretty lengthy and at times difficult to get your heads around, you can always sort for professional help. Professional immigration agents can not only help you with the online application process but will also help you through the immigration process till you get selected and are ready to migrate to Canada.


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Good news for those who wish to migrate to Nova Scotia, Canada! Earlier this year, the immigration department of Nova Scotia launched their new provincial immigration program – Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry.



The Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry was created to meet the requirements and queries raised by the skilled & experienced individuals in Nova Scotia. In the past few years, it was recorded that highly qualified and experienced candidates who applied for FSWP didn’t get selected from the Federal Express Entry Pool. The main reason behind this was that these candidates didn’t have either a LMIA (Labour market Impact Assessment) or a Provincial Nomination along with their job offer.


The Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry allows applicants working in Nova Scotia (LMIA exempt work permit) or has worked there earlier to apply for permanent residency.


The criteria for eligibility under Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry are as follows:

  • Age: Between 21 and 55 years
  • Education: At least high School education as mentioned by the Educational Credential Assessment
  • Work Experience in Nova Scotia: At least 12 months of full time or an equal amount of part time of skilled work experience
  • Language proficiency: Demonstrate proficiency in English or French language skills as per standards mentioned by the authorities
  • Provide evidence or proof of commitment towards living and working in Nova Scotia


Please note that the qualified work experience cannot be gained through internships (unpaid), co-operative placements or any other voluntary work. It is mandatory that your work experience is that of paid work experience.


As this program is targeted towards skilled and qualified candidates from Nova Scotia, it is important that their occupation is listed on the NOC (National Occupation Classification) matrix NOC O/ NOC A/ NOC B. The lower degree of skills and occupations listed under NOC C or NOC D will not qualify for this program.


This program does not have any direct involvement of an employer at any stage. There is also no requirement on basis of recruitment or advertisement or any separate financial fees apart from the one mentioned by the CIC. On an overall, this wholes process is an


The immigration department of Nova Scotia accepts up to 750 applications under the Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry program. If you are someone who is eligible under this program, then now is the right time to apply. To start with your application, just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and we will assist you with the complete visa procedure.



The introduction of the Canada Express Entry earlier this year has led to a massive increase in the number of migrants applying for this process. In the past few months, Canada Express Entry has gained enough momentum and is gaining popularity among skilled migrants.




With the introduction of the Express Entry came certain rumors and myths that have got people believe in them. To clear out all misconceptions, we at Migrate Me have compiled a list of Top 4 Myths that people ‘think’ are real.




It is believed by many that the Canada Express Entry System is a mere visa program introduced by the CIC. This is completely false. The Express Entry is an online application system introduced by the CIC to facilitate faster migration process.


Also, the introduction of this system has been introduced mainly for skilled migration into Canada. The Express Entry system was introduced to attract quality skilled workers to migrate to Canada. This system thus includes few economic programs like:

  • FSWP (Federal Skilled Worker Program)
  • PNP (Provincial Nominee program)
  • FSTC (Federal Skilled Trades Class)
  • CEC (Canadian Experience Class)


This means, other visa programs still exist and you can apply for a visa for Canada in case you are applying for reasons other than employment.




The third rumour is about qualification of the applicants. It is a myth that the Canada Express Entry provides opportunities even to those who are not eligible for any of the following programs:

  • FSWP (Federal Skilled Worker Program)
  • PNP (Provincial Nominee program)
  • FSTC (Federal Skilled Trades Class)
  • CEC (Canadian Experience Class)


It is important to understand that the Canada Express Entry System has not been introduced to alter any of the immigration programs. It is an online process introduced by the CIC to speed up the process while attracting quality migrants.





It is believed by some that there exists a list of eligible occupations in the Canada Express Entry System that decides which skills are preferred more. It is true that an eligible list of occupations exists for FSWP and a list of ineligible occupations for the CEC.


But till now, there has been no clause introduced by the CIC for the Express Entry System where the applicants have to apply for a visa as per the list of eligible occupations!




Last but not the least, it is believed by some people that a job offer directly gets them 600 marks while calculating the total points. This again, is absolutely false. The CIC has its own specific definition when it comes to jobs.


To be eligible for the 600 marks while calculating the points, the candidates have to get a positive LMIA, which in many cases is difficult for candidates to obtain. Hence it is important to read thoroughly about the CIC rules and regulations. This will help you understand what the CIC expects from international migrants.


The migration process can be very tedious since there are many policies and criterion to be fulfilled to be eligible for the Canada Express Entry. As a Visa and Migration expert, we at Migrate Me try to make the process as convenient for you while we take care of the tedious procedure of documentation on your behalf.


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