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Moving to a new country can be a lot of work. During this process, it is important that you organise everything well in advance. It is always favourable to set up these utilities a few days before you migrate.




To get the connections of the utilities set up, you will need the following

  •       Address of your new house/accommodation
  •       Date and time of service
  •       your details including your contact number, identity proof, etc


You can get your utility connections like electricity, gas, water supply, etc by getting in touch with the local service providers in Australia. Here are some of service providers

  •       Sydney Water
  •       AGL
  •       Origin Energy
  •       Energy Australia


For special service, you can contact companies which specialize in these services. This is extremely beneficial if you want to save time as they take up the tedious job for you. They take up the task of getting basic utilities like water, gas and electricity on your behalf. If you are lucky enough, you can manage to get a good deal and also avail discounts for these services.


In the recent times, Australia have advanced tremendously. The people in Australia now have the freedom to choose their utility service provider. This means, now you can choose any service provider which suits your requirements and budget. However, with so many choices available, make sure you make the right choices.


To know better about these service providers and their packages, you can google about them or visit their websites and read about their packages. It can be tricky with so many websites and online content up on the web. To double check, it is advisable to get in touch with your friends and family in Australia to help you make the right choices.


Migration can be tedious process. There are many factors that have to be considered while preparing to move. Getting your utilities right not only helps save money but also makes the process of settling down a lot easier.


Migrate Me is here to help you with your migration process. We have a team of MARA verified visa officers who take up your profile to make a visa package that suits your requirements. With the visa, job and relocation taken care of, you become stress free to concentrate on your migration process.


To know more about visas for Australia, just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and one of our visa agents will contact you shortly.




When it comes to migration, moving your whole world from your home country to another can be scary. And here is what you should consider while you begin planning to move your belongings to Australia.


The two things you should consider while selecting professional help to relocate are:

  • How long will it take for your things to arrive
  • If the company will help you be with insurance policies and customs documentations



Now, there are many companies which assure you best quality services. But you must do your own research and find genuine companies. It is not always necessary that the cheapest service provider is the right choice. It is advisable that you read the testimonials and online reviews before hand.


Here are few tips that will come handy while you are moving your belongings to Australia.



Be careful while bringing in your electronics to Australia. A good adaptor should do the work as on an average, Australia runs on 50Hz (230V).


It is always helpful if you google about the options available to ship your belongings to Australia.



Being surrounded by your own things makes one feel at home. But you should also consider that buying things in Australia can be way cheaper than shipping in everything from your previous home. To get an idea about the prices, you can check online about the prices and compare the rates.




While you are deciding which things you need to get shipped, you should also consider making the best of the situation. If there are things that you can get in Australia at a reasonable rate, you can sell of your old things and put that cash in your housing and furnishing budget. This way, you also get to earn an extra few bucks while you are packing to Australia.


And now, the most important question of all, what can you bring into Australia? Australia has strict laws regarding health and environment and are very particular about them. There are some restrictions on bringing in particular breed of animals, food products, animal products, plants, etc. Breaching of these laws can lead to heavy fines and may also delay your travel plans.


To be on the safer side, it is advisable to go through the customs website and read through the norms. This will give you a better idea of the things you can take along with you.
At Migrate Me, we not only help you with your visa requirements and job opportunities, but we also help you relocate and other such services. To know more about our services, just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and our experts will get in touch with you.





The land of opportunities, Australia has become very popular among skilled immigrants. From the past few decades, Australia has been welcoming skilled workers from all over the globe who contribute into the ever-flourishing economy of Australia.


Immigrating to Australia has its own benefits. Some of them include lower taxes, higher quality of life, higher chances of attaining permanent residency in Australia, etc.


There are various types of immigration categories that Australian immigration has to offer. Every individual who wishes to migrate to Australia for better career prospects should get a visa to suit their requirements.


Some of the work visa categories are

  • Australian Skilled Independent visa (subclass 189)
  • Australian Skilled Nominated visa (subclass 190)
  • Australian Skilled Regional (Provincial) visa (subclass 489)


To gain entry into these visa categories, you have to go through the points calculator system. Here is everything you should know about this system.




To reside in Australia, you have to gain access through the points calculator system. To be able to work and reside in Australia, you have to score a minimum score of 60 points to be eligible to these visa categories.


Every applicant will be awarded points for the following criterion

  • Age
  • English language proficiency
  • Professional skill sets
  • Educational qualifications
  • Educational degrees from Australia
  • Sponsorship from an Australian employer while applying for a visa


The requirements for the visa are stated below.


  • You must be between the age group of 18-45 years to be eligible to get a work or PR visa
  • You must be proficient in English or French or both
  • You must nominate a skilled occupation while applying for a visa that allows you to work in Canada
  • You have to get your skills assessed by the certified assessing authorities
  • You have to get an Australian employer to sponsor you to be able to get a visa


Once these criteria are met, you will be eligible to apply for a permanent residency visa in Australia. This will not only allow you to work and live in Australia, but also enable you to rights like education and health facilities for yourself and your dependents.


If you haven’t already applied for a visa, you can get in touch with Migrate Me. Our team of professionals will assess your profile and suggest a visa package that suits your requirements. Just fill in the FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and get a step closer to your Australian dream.

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Migrating to another country can be a easy process you have applied for your visa. Here are few tips that will help you out.



  • Make a travel file and store all paper work that include important documents like your birth certificates, bank statements, driver’s license, etc
  • Keep an electronic copy of all the files you are carrying in a separate hard drive. This way you have a backup of your documents in case your computer/laptop crashes
  • Keep all medical files, documents and prescriptions of medicines handy. If you use medicines, make sure you have enough supplies to sustain your requirements till you find a new doctor.
  • In case of severe medical conditions, you can search online for doctors and healthy institutions well in advance. This way you know whom and where to go in case of medical emergencies.
  • Finalize and close all accounts – gas, electricity, phone, internet as well as your bank accounts before you leave for Australia
  • If you have mortgages, loans or insurance policies, it’s better to close these accounts before you move to Australia
  • Redirect your mail to your new address
  • You can also set up a new email address and get web hostings for your websites like (.com or
  • Get in touch with an accountant who can look after your taxes and help you in finance  related matters
  • For those who intend to stay on rent, it is advisable to obtain a reference letter from your current property owner. This will make it easier to get a property for rent
  • Make sure you have budgeted your stay in advance. Allot separate budgets for housing, groceries, food & drinks, tuition fees for kids, supplies, etc.
  • Once in Australia, try and mingle with people around you. In a new place, the people you socialize with will be friends and associates for the new few years. Also, this is a great way of networking and creating your own base of contacts in Australia.
  • If you are migrating with your kids, pay special attention to their needs as well. Moving to a new country is a big change for them as well and may take time to adjust with their surroundings. Talk to them to help them cope with the new environment. You can also keep in touch with people from their schools to know how well have they adjusted.


Migration is a process where you need to consider all possibilities. We at Migrate Me help you make all the right decisions. Our team consists of MARA Verified officers who will study your case and tailor a plan as per your requirements.


If you still haven’t applied for your visa, then fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and our experts will get in touch with you.



Before you move to Australia, it is important you start with your pre-trip planning. A pre-trip planning consists of checklists that will help you assort things within the required time. And since these checklists will be about travelling and living in Australia, let’s call this the Australian Checklist.


Now we shall divide the checklists into the following categories for your convenience


Remember to pack these with you while you leave for your flight for Australia.

  • Employment offer letter from your employer in Australia
  • Enough funds to sustain yourself till you get your first payment
  • Small notes about things you should expect when you reach Australia – culture shock, jet lag, etc.
  • Good health and a positive attitude


Make sure you are carrying copies of the following documents before you land in Australia.

  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates, Divorce papers if separated from partner
  • Birth certificates, adoption papers of your kids
  • Professional certifications and documents to support your professional skills and experience
  • Education qualifications and certificates
  • Medical and health records
  • Bank documents, account details, etc
  • Credit and loan references, mortgages, etc
  • Insurance
  • Drivers licence (Both, yours and that of your partners)
  • Schooling documents of your kids if they will be continuing schooling in Australia
  • Work history documents, testimonials, reference letters, etc

TIP: Always send duplicate copies for assessments. Provide originals only during verifications.


  • It is always advisable to get written job descriptions and an overview of your previous employment experiences.  This should include your job roles, responsibilities, achievements and events, appreciation from seniors, etc
  • If you have done an career aptitude test, keep that handy as well.
  • Keep your testimonials ready in advance. Add in these whereever you think it will add value to your profile. But remember not to over do it. These testimonials can be from your previous employers, colleagues, associates, clients, suppliers or any third party associates you may have worked with.


  • When in Australia, make a local email address (ending with .com or as the first reference email address for your potential employers.
  • It is also better to base these email addresses on your names (for instance,
  • Avoid generic email address for your work profile (For instance,


After you reach Australia, you will have to work on creating your own network database. These are a few tips that you should definitely do before and while you are in Australia.

  • A database of everyone you know, including family and friends.
  • Keep a backup of all the contact details separately
  • Ask for references in Australia before you move. You can probably get this from people you already know
  • Always give a prompt reply to everyone you get in touch with – even if they weren’t of much help
  • Get involved in networking groups like where you can meet people of your own professional and social interests
  • Nothing is better than having a known person when you first arrive in Australia


Once you have checked everything, you are set for Australia. Still haven’t applied for your visa? Fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and let’s get you closer to your Australian dream.




Australia is a country with ever developing economy. Each year, thousands of migrants move to Australia with a hope of living and working in Australia. Australian government has been more than overwhelmed by this and has the immigration department introduce migrant friendly visa schemes to satisfy their needs.



Apart from being among the top notch destination choices among skilled migrants, Australia has also seen a variety of migrants coming in. With the economic boom, Australia has been facing shortage of skilled labours from its own labour market. It’s only then the immigration introduced migration schemes to attract skilled workers from all across the globe. Australia is ready to welcome experienced accountants from overseas to meet their demand in the finance and accounting industry.


Your work description as an accountant in Australia will include the following


  • Inspecting financial statements
  • Auditing
  • Keeping records of financial transactions
  • Receive training
  • Tax procedures, etc.


These tasks will be in accordance to the accounting institutes of Australia like

  • Institute of Public Accounts (IPA)
  • Institute of Chartered Accountants of Australia (ICAA)
  • Certified Practising Accountants (CPA) Australia


Now, for the big question – How do Accountants get a Permanent Residency Visa in Australia?


Australian immigration will grant visas to skilled migrants who are eligible under the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and the Consolidated Skilled Occupation List (CSOL). The minimum requirements for Accountants to be eligible under these criterion are:


  • Age: Between 18-45 years
  • Qualification: Degree in selected field of interest
  • Experience: At least 2 years of experience in selected field of interest
  • Language Proficiency: 6 bands or more in IELTS, TOEFL, etc
  • Skill Assessment: Skills to be assessed by respective authorities


Apart from these, you need to proof in form of documents to be submitted with the Australian Immigration department for verifications. Make sure you have the following ready while applying for a PR Visa in Australia


  • Valid Passport and travel documents
  • Identity proof
  • Residential Proof
  • Education qualifications and certificates
  • Previous employment documents, certificates, reference letters, etc
  • Training certificates obtained while working, etc
  • Bank Statements to prove that you can sustain your stay while in Australia
  • Health Verifications if you are from a country where it is mandatory to have them, etc.


Now that you have all these ready, you are one step closer to your dream of working in Australia. To know more, just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and let out MARA registered visa officers get in touch with you.





If you have received a sponsorship for employment in Australia, you are very close to your Australian Dream! Australia has been the dream destination for many aspiring migrants from all over, especially for the career opportunities it has to offer. Before you become a part of Australia, you must understand how it is different to be part of Australian Work Culture.



Every work culture is different from one another. Here is how Australian work culture maybe different from what you are used to.


Perhaps, the first thing you should understand when you first arrive in Australia is the importance of equality. Australians thoroughly follow equality in all stages of life, specially at workplace. This culture does go in contrast with that of the rest of the world, where people follow hierarchy. And it is among their nature to prevent anything like hierarchy from coming up in any situation. So if you are in favour of workplace equality, you will be comfortable even in the new environment.



The second thing that you may come across is that Australians are genuinely concerned about others who are not directly concerned with them. While at work, you could see top management getting involved with the blue collar employees like the cleaners and guards which is highly appreciated by the latter. This not only makes them feel valued but also removes the barriers that are built due to levels or hierarchies in offices.



Also, once you are an employee in an Australian firm, your employer is bound with many obligations and responsibilities towards you. These include

  • Proper Remuneration
  • Proper Training
  • Safe Workplace
  • To be treated equally
  • Health and other rights


Australians are known to be the first in breaking the ice. Be it someone from the management or a new intern, Australians are open about their thoughts and prefer to express their thoughts directly. It may be difficult for first timers and newbies to open up easily, but once you are in an environment where people are supportive of speaking out and communication. It is also recommended that you maintain positive communication with your peers and employers which will help you cope up with any kind of anxiety or culture shock that you may be facing while in Australia.


Employers try and maintain a positive work environment for both themselves and their employees. This in return also reduces annual staff turnover and absenteeism. It is also recorded how employees manage and behave with staff members from other departments. this in turn reduces the chances of rivalry growing among departments.

To maintain a good office environment, they may choose to do the following

  • Provide cafeterias, recreational rooms, gym, etc
  • Training sessions for all employees where they can bond on social levels as well
  • Additional benefits like food coupons, discount coupons, etc
  • Provide employee clubs with independent president and board members of the club
  • Casual clothes once a week, etc.

This is a gist of everything you should be expecting while you work in Australia. If you haven’t applied for your work visa yet, start with filling in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and our visa consultants will get in touch with you.





Planning to move to Australia? The tickets, visas, jobs, everything need to be taken care of. But among all these, do not forget to pay attention to your budget as well. If that skipped your mind, don’t worry. Here is how you can still plan your budget for Australia.



We at Migrate Me understand that budgeting can be tedious as well as confusing at times. We made a list of the expenses you may have to incur during your stay in Australia and divided in sections accordingly.



Ofcourse! This is the first thing that should pop in your mind while budgeting for Australia. Cost of living will include the following:

  • Housing
  • Food and Groceries
  • Schooling and tuition fees
  • Transportation
  • Health Insurance
  • Bills – Electricity, Telephone, Internet

These are the major expenses. Apart from these, there will be monthly expenses as well that you may want to take a view at.

  • Club Memberships
  • Training Fees – sports, yoga, gym
  • Others – clothes, furniture, electronics, repairing charges, etc.

Do remember to save a certain amount as “Emergency Amount” for times when you may have to shell out extra money during tough times.



Yes, most of the expenses will be covered by the Health Insurance. But you have to take care of your own medical expenses. If you or your family member is already on treatment, you should get medicines before hand or ask your doctor for alternative medicines that you can get in Australia.

Believe it or not, jet lag is real. And so are crisis when you shift to a new country. Hence, we suggest that you start looking for a job right after you move to Australia. It will help you settle down and will cut down on the expenses that everyone has to incur after shifting. This way, you also get to meet new people and will help you mingle among them.



You have to be prepared to what we call as Culture Shock. This literally means you might face difficulties in understanding and adapting to the new culture. But you made a safe decision as Australia is a country with diverse cultures from all over the world. So believe it or not, you are bound to run into someone who also belongs to the same country you hail from.

Once you shift there, you will notice the change in language, common jargons, style, attitude, etc which might be slightly different than yours. But Aussies are also known for being open minded and for their welcoming nature. So feel free to mingle with the locals. It will help you create your own social circle and help you settle in.

At times when you feel homesick, know that it is completely normal and is part of being new to Australia. In such times, stay in touch with your family and loved ones back in your homeland. You can also write a blog to share your experience with expats and newbies like yourself. It will not only help you express yourself but also is a great way of connecting with people who share similar interests.

Need more help with migrating to Australia? Just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and our visa consultants at Migrate Me will get in touch with you.




Australia is among the top countries to have the highest numbers of migrants settling in. This has been observed over the years since the immigration system was made flexible for applicants overseas.

Australia is known to be a land of opportunities and has also grown to be one the strongest economies in the world. Migrants from all over the world migrate to Australia to explore the opportunities the country has to offer. Applicants who wish to live and work in Australia will be assessed and given points according to their profile. These points are based on education, work skills and experience, language skills, age, etc.

Australian Government has always been encouraging of such skilled migrants to move to Australia to work and help them prove their worth here.




Here is everything you need to know about moving to Australia with your family.


Migrants from overseas who are planning to migrate to Australia are often concerned about the environment and culture shock that they may face after migration. It is completely normal to feel out of place in the first few weeks, But you should also know that many migrant families like yours move to Australia looking for better lives. This makes Australia a multicultural country with every three out of seven people being a migrant like yourself. Such an environment is a good base for you and your family to live and grow. Diversity will help broaden the mind of your children and help them perceive the world in a better way.


Australian Immigration allows family members of the applicant to move in along with them under certain visa categories. These categories majorly consist of permanent residency visas, work visas and student visas where family members can move in with you as Dependents. To be eligible to migrate to Australia as your dependents, you (as a visa holder in Australia) should sponsor their visa after which they will be allowed to come and live in Australia.

There are various categories under Australian Family Immigration. They are:

  • Spouse/Partner Visa
  • Marriage Visa
  • Parent Visa
  • Aged Parents Visa
  • Child Visa (below the age of 16 years)

Applicants who plan to move to Australia along with their family must prove their eligibility as well as their family’s eligibility to be able to move to Australia. For this, you must go through a series of documentations and processings involved in immigration.

To make your process hassle free, Migrate Me provides you a package of complete solution to your migration requirements. Apart from being one of the best migration service providers, we also provide services like Job Search and Relocation after moving to Australia. Once our client, we ensure that the whole migration process goes smoothly for you and will take up the tedious work of documentations on your behalf.

Enquire more about our migration services by filling in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and our MARA registered visa consultants will soon get in touch with you.




Migration is a tough choice and only the brave ones make such choices. It is a tedious process and in certain cases, can be time consuming as well. But once you have migrated, the next phase of migration begins. In such cases, it is important that you remain positive when things get a bit rough.


Moving to a new country can consist of many steps. Firstly, language can pose as a problem, especially when you move to country whose first language isn’t the same as yours,  Others could include the environment you are moving into. From a gloomy winter of the UK to the bright beaches in Australia can be a little difficult for you to adjust in the first few weeks. Lastly, moving away from your loved ones to settle in a new country can take a toll on you at times.


If you are one such person dealing with anxiety due to migration, hold on. Here are tips how you can stay positive and turn things better.



  • Try and meet people around your place. This will help you connect with people around and settle in better
  • Plan a weekly schedule for work and your chores. Make sure you leave sometime for yourself as well
  • Take up classes. Indulge into things you fancy. Music, art, literature, skateboarding, adventure sports, anything that gets your adrenaline pumping. This could be another way to meet people with whom you share similar interests.
  • Learn new languages. It will not only enhance your vocabulary but also widen your perspective towards other cultures. Plus, when you are in a country like Canada or Denmark, it is always handy to know other languages other than English.
  • If you are moving in with your kids, pay special attention to them and their needs. Children can be sensitive in such situations. Migration can be equally hectic for them as well. In case they are behaving in a weird manner, talk to their teachers if required.
  • If you are in countries like Australia and Canada, go on trips with your family and friends. Take up classes where you participate in events with your family. It will help with your bond with peers.
  • Remember to enrol yourself for tax number, bank accounts, driving license, medical and health services and things that will help you during your stay.
  • Live in the present moment and live to the fullest.


It’s completely fine to feel lost at such times. But it is important to know that this is temporary and that shouldn’t affect your decision of moving to another country.


To know more about migration and its related services, just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and our experts at Migrate Me will get in touch with you.