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The Kangaroo Land is famous for its picturesque landscapes, untouched nature, healthy lifestyle and positive living conditions. These and other such reasons make Australia one of the most favourable choices when it comes to migration.



Whether you are a student looking for good educational experience, or a skilled professional or are looking to settle down post retirement, the Australian Permanent Residency Visa holds many benefits for you.


Let us first know what a permanent residency status is. Australian Permanent Residents (PR) are not the citizens of Australia, but hold a permanent residency visa. Holders of this visa are allotted an initial 5-year visa during which one can travel in and out of the country without applying for entry visa.


Permanent residents enjoy most of the privileges and rights of citizens without actually being citizens. Here are some of the benefits of a Permanent Residency Visa to Australia:


As mentioned above, if you are looking for good education opportunities within Australia, the permanent residency visa proves very helpful. You can easily apply for a student loan for higher education. This essentially also means a permanent residency visa holder can pursue higher education like masters of doctorate just like the other citizens.


Except for the armed forces and certain public services, you can choose any industry to work. In fact, Australia is supportive of skilled immigrants when it comes to most other professions. There is no distinction in industrial laws between permanent residents and Australian citizens. Permanent residents too can claim worker’s compensation and participate in trade unions.


The Australian Social Security Department grants social security benefits. These include unemployment, sickness and student benefits. After a period of two years, permanent residents are entitled to these benefits like the citizens. 


Permanent residency entitles one to permanent visa. This implies a right to live in Australia indefinitely. Also, a permanent resident can enjoy unlimited travel to and from Australia without undergoing separate visa procedures. This means, you can visit your home country for vacation and return without applying for a separate entry visa.


As permanent residents, you enjoy the important healthcare benefits. You are entitled to Medicare, the Health Insurance Scheme that is run by the government. Medicare ensures free treatment at public hospitals and access to subsidised medicines.


The New Zealand Government confers some additional privileges upon permanent residents of Australia. These include the right to travel to New Zealand without applying for New Zealand visa. Permanent residents also can gain rights to live, study and work in New Zealand.


  • Right to apply for Australian Consular Assistance overseas. (Subject to some restrictions).
  • Children born to Australian permanent residents will be Australian residents by birth.
  • Right to sponsor relatives for permanent residence. (Subject to fulfilling certain criteria).
  • Right to apply for Australian citizenship. (Subject to fulfilling certain criteria).
  • Access to free or subsidised legal services.



In order to be qualified to apply for permanent visa, one must have:

  • Lived and worked for at least two years in a particular region
  • Attained sponsorship for permanent under the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme


The Australian Permanent Residency has even more benefits than mentioned in this list. If you are enjoying your stay in Australia so far, it is time to make this your permanent home!


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Australia is renowned for the scenic beauty and serene environment. The clean air, wonderful lifestyle and welcoming people are factors that make it a perfect tourist destination. It does not stop there. Australia is becoming one of the leading destinations for happy migrations too.




Many people are choosing to migrate to Australia because of the various policies and schemes the government has to offer. Is has become a land of immigrants to a large extent, and more and more people across the globe are finding it convenient as well as desirable to migrate to here.


Of the many reasons that have made this country so immigration-friendly and successful, one important factor lies in the fact that skilled professionals are in great demand here. If you are highly skilled in your trade, this is the place to go. So much so that the Australian government issues special visas for the skilled professionals!


The Australian Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190) is one such visa for individuals who have skills that are in demand in particular provinces of the country. Independent states list various skills and occupations and individuals possessing those skills obtain the skills independent visas. It is also ideal for candidates who have scored sufficient marks for eligibility and want priority processing based on their professional skills.


This system is appreciated amongst immigrants for the various benefits it has on offer. Applicants who obtain this visa:


  • Can study, live and work in Australia for an indefinite period,
  • Are eligible for healthcare facilities at subsidised rates,
  • Can obtain certain social security advantages,
  • Can apply for permanent residency and/or Australian citizen upon fulfilling the set criteria,
  • Can sponsor relatives for permanent or temporary Australian residency,
  • Can obtain domestic scholar rates for any level of education from schooling to post-graduation.


This visa application is based on a three-stage process. The first stage involves completing a skills assessment with the concerned government body. After positive screening in the assessment, an applicant must submit an Expression of Interest (EOI) and then apply for state sponsorship. Only after having received an Invitation to Apply (ITA), can an applicant continue with the further procedure.


The general criteria for qualifying for this visa are stated below. In order to qualify for this visa, applicants should:


  • Be under 50 years of age
  • Have scored at least 60 marks in point test in total for state sponsorship criteria,
  • Submit an expression of interest (EOI)
  • Apply to State Sponsorship
  • Be engaged in one of the occupations as stated in the Skill Occupations List (SOL) of Australia
  • Meet the health category criteria
  • Reside for two years in the sponsoring state or territory
  • Have competent English and/or French language certified skills, etc


Certain documents need to be provided for verification purposes. These include Education Certificates, Proof of Employment, Proof of Residence, Bank Statements, Proof of Identity, Visa and other travel documents, et cetera.


Australia is rapidly becoming a country of opportunities, especially due to such convenient policies and government schemes. These succeed at encouraging skilled population into immigration thus helping the growth and development of the country.


To know your visa eligibility, just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and our team will get in touch with you.



Have you been searching the net for articles about migration? Have you been reading everything-you-need-to-know about Australia? We now present you with even more reason to migrate to the Land of Kangaroos!




People from all parts of globe and all ages and stages of life are migrating to Australia. Let us have a look at the important reasons.


The Aussies maintain a healthy work-life balance. They work hard and enjoy an outdoor lifestyle. Relaxing includes surfing, beach trips or ‘barbies’ (BBQs) with friends and family.


Australia’s location in the southern hemisphere gives it the temperate climate and mild winters. It has its fair share of sunlight making it wonderful all year round. It has very low pollution levels and uncontaminated nature.


Geographical richness includes tropical rainforests, arid deserts, snowy mountains, sandy beaches as well as many ancient landscapes. These make wonderful options domestic vacations.


Almost half of the Australian population today was either born overseas or have parents of foreign origin. This undoubtedly makes Aussies one of the most tolerant and accommodating people. Differences amongst individuals in terms of race, cast, gender are seen as mere differences and not attributed to high or low classes.


English being the national language spoken by nearly 80% of the population, communication is seldom an issue. In fact, one gets to learn and speak the famous Aussie Slang! The technological advancements here too allow for advanced communication systems such as mobile and the internet.


Australia has excellent education systems with opportunities for all ages and abilities. With around 1,200 institutions to choose from, Australia has third highest number of international students in the world.


If you want to, or are specialised in a skill-oriented profession, this is the place to go! Currently Australia is experiencing a shortage of skilled professionals, and this is encouraging the migration movement. You know what this means—even more opportunities!


Australians strongly believe in equality in professional as well as social settings. Individuals are respected more than their position. The concept of self-service is prominently seen and outsiders find this absence of hierarchy very interesting.


The Australian economy and tax systems are convenient and encouraging for setting up new businesses. When combined with natural resources and technical advancement, this is one of the ideal scenarios to set up business.


We all know how health conscious are the Aussies. Combine that with the pleasant climatic conditions and their stress-free way of life, this becomes one of the important reasons to migrate soon. After all, health IS wealth, isn’t it?


In addition, who hasn’t heard about the intense Australian food palette? From fine dining to tasty street food, from beautiful blends of wine to very interesting shopping destinations, this big factor makes life worth living.


Of course, the decision of migrating to any location does not happen overnight. Visiting a place for a long vacation, and actually migrating are two very different realities. One needs to note many different aspects about the destination. This includes intensive research about local facilities, utilities, housing formalities, water and electrical services and other daily needs. A good idea to do this is to connect with the local residents as well as talk to people who have migrated there to know about the daily lifestyle of your locality.


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While migrating to Australia, it is very important to get your own bank account before or while you are in Australia. Having a bank account makes it easier for you to make financial transactions like making deposits, paying your bills online, making accounts transfer, etc. And with the latest online and mobile banking facilities, your banking options are countless.

To make it easier for you, here are few things you should know about the banking system in Australia.


Before making a bank account, these pointers will be helpful to decide while banking facilities would suit your requirements.

When it comes to choosing your bank account type, there are quite a few options to look through. To make it easier for you, we brought together the basic and most essential types of bank accounts in Australia.


Transaction Accounts are used on a daily basis to make deposits, pay bills and to manage daily or regular expenditures. This account is also known as Current Account or Checking Account in other countries. These accounts are beneficial for those who will be making a lot of funds transfer on a daily basis. Hence, there are no interests available on these accounts.

While choosing a bank for a transaction account, you should consider the following:

  • Fees and charges

  • Minimum funds/balance requirement

  • Facilities that the bank has to offer – online, mobile, ATMs, etc

  • Card facilities to make funds transfers, etc


Saving Accounts are mainly used as a way to earn interest for holding funds in your account. These accounts help you save your money and also increase it. These accounts are not used on a daily basis and hence have more restrictions when it comes to accessing and withdrawal of funds.

Usually, people operate their saving accounts along with their transaction account and make transfers between the two as and when required. This can be done through both online as well as mobile banking.

While choosing a bank for this account, you must compare the following:

  • Difference in interest rates that the bank has to offer

  • Introductory offers, if any

  • Fees and charges for maintenance and services

  • Facilities provided by the bank

  • Ability to link this account with other accounts and banks for easier transactions


Term Deposit Accounts are mainly used for the particular amount of money that you wish to invest and earn interest rate from it. To be a term deposit account holder, you must have a particular amount of money which you wish to deposit for a fixed term or duration  at a fixed interest rate. These accounts are popular with people who can keep aside this money without feeling the need to access it before the completion of the term. Since these accounts are held for a fixed period of time, the interest rate is higher as compared to savings account.

While selecting a term deposit account, you must decide upon the time duration for which you want the deposit to be held with the bank. When you term matures, i.e. at the end of the term, you will receive your principal amount along with the interest paid on that amount.

Please note that some of these term deposits allow you to earn interest at a monthly or an annual basis. This interest can be deposited either in the same account or a completely different account (for example, savings or a transaction account). In some banks, you can also negotiate the interest rate of the term duration or amount is big.

Once you know which of these accounts suit your needs, you can apply for a bank account in Australia online or talk to one of their branch representatives over the phone. Once you know where you want to get a bank account, you have to get your documents like identification proof, etc in place.

To know more about banking system in Australia or about migrating to Australia, just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT forms and our experts at Migrate Me will get in touch with you.



Australia is among one of the member countries of the OCED (Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development), which promotes countries to improve the economic and social well being of the people. This organisation also has a Better Life Index which is used to compare the quality of life that people lead in these member countries. This index looks at various aspects which determine the well being of the people of the country and ranks them accordingly.




And it doesn’t come as a surprise that Australia is among the countries with the highest rank in Better Life Index comparison chart. And these rankings are based on various criterion mentioned below.



The OCED has set a standard income which forms as an average income per capita of population. It also forms the base for comparison of income of other countries. And by far, Australia has an average income which is higher than the average set by the OCED.



More than 70% of the Australian population has a job that pays well. Most of the employed population are between the age of 15 to 64 which is in itself a very big range to compare.



An average man in Australia works for 1728 hours a year, which is slightly lower than the OCED average of 1765 hours. This is clearly evident by the equal balance that Australians maintain between their work and social life.



Every employee in Australia has the right to certain rights and benefits that comes along with their employment. Some of these include right to a proper remuneration, proper work environment, holidays and leaves, etc. Also, they believe in equality and communication at work place, which makes it a even better environment for migrants to work and settle in.



Apart from the work life, Australians are known to be very happy go lucky. And we think we know why. The average life expectancy in Australia is that of 82 years, which is again, higher than the average set by the OCED. Now that is definitely a reason to be happy and celebrate.



Almost 93% of Australians agree that they are happy with their natural environment and work towards preserving it. It is also seen that level of air and water pollution is lower than the average OCED level



Australians are known for their friendly behaviour and open mind set. Hence, most of them agree that they can rely on each other when they are in need.



Aren’t these reasons enough to make you happy? If not, here is another reason why you should migrate to Australia immediately. Australians are extremely happy and satisfied with their life which is due to all the factors mentioned above. Almost 83% of the Australian population are satisfied with their lifestyle which is 7% higher than the OCED average.


With such high standard of living and the huge career opportunities that Australia has to offer, this country continent has seen a huge increase in the number of migrants coming in. If you still haven’t applied, just fill our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and let us help you with your migration process.



Australia is one of the most beautiful countries to work and live in. with its sublime climate along with its breath taking scenaries and landscapes, there is simply no reason why you wouldn’t want to move to Australia. These have been the major attraction for migrants from all over the world. But apart form being a tourist attraction, there is a lot more that Australia has to offer to you.


Australia has a country which is now viewed as the land of opportunities for skilled migrants from all over the world. Some move here to gain experience at an international level while others come to Australia with the dreamof working and living here. If you are one such migrants, here’s your chance to fulfill your Australian dream.



There are many ways to migrate to Australia. One such way is through the Australian Skilled Nominated Visa. This visa allows you to live and work in Australia like a permanent resident. To be eligible for this visa, you have to get nominated by a particular state or territory government agency in Australia. For this, you too have to obtain a minimum score to be an eligible applicant.



To be eligible under this visa category, you have to meet the following requirements:


AGE: You should be between the age of 24-50 years to be eligible


LANGUAGE PROFICIENCY SKILLS: You have to score atleast 7 bands or more in the English proficiency tests like TOEFL, IELTS, etc.


NOMINATION: You have to be nominated by a particular territory or state government agency


OCCUPATION: You must nominate a particular occupation under SOL or CSOL while applying for a skilled nominated visa


SKILLS ASSESSMENTS: You have to get your skills assessed by the authorities of your nominated occupation


DOCUMENTATIONS: You must provide documents for verification. These documents include:

  • Education certificates
  • Employment proof
  • Residential Proof
  • Bank Statements
  • Identity Proof
  • Valid visa and other travel documents, etc

MINIMUM SCORE: To be an eligible applicant, you have to score a minimum 60 points



When you become a Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190) holder, you are eligible for a set of benefits. They are:


RESIDENCY: You are allowed to reside in Australia for as long as you want


EDUCATION: Study and take up educational courses in Australia


EMPLOYMENT: Work in your nominated state or territory


TRAVEL & TOURISM: Travel in Australia for 5 years from the date of issue of your visa


HEALTH FACILITIES: Enroll into the Health Care system of Australia


SPONSOR RELATIVES: Sponsor your relatives who are applying for permanent residency in Australia


If you still haven’t applied for your Skilled Nominated Visa, here is your opportunity. Just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and our visa officials will get in touch with you.



If you are planning to move to Australia, it is advisable to arrange a temporary accommodation well in advance. Renting an apartment can be a great idea if you want to buy a housing apartment after you reach Australia.



Once in Australia, you can take up your time to see properties to have options to choose from. An easy way look around for apartments would be to stroll around the neighbourhood and know where exactly would you like to live. There are many things that you need to consider  while looking for a house. Here are some options you might want to consider while looking for a house.

  • Reputation of the area
  • Access to Public transport
  • Schools and Colleges
  • Employment prospects
  • Shops and health care

Renting or buying – It always seems to be the question.And the answer depends on what are you preferences. Usually, migrants opt for renting accommodations as it helps and provides them with many benefits and is simpler compared to buying a house.


Whether you decide to buy a house or rent, it is going to be a competitive market. To get an idea of the costs, the chances at the properties, etc. Here are some websites you can check out for real-estates.



If you wish to rent a property in Australia, it will be useful to carry previous rental documents along with your travel documents. These can be used as references while renting property in Australia.


If you find it difficult to find an apartment or property by yourself, you can get some professionals to help you out. There are plenty of real estate agents who provide open inspections and other such services. You can provide your requirements to these agents and they can help sort out properties for you on your behalf. Make sure you get a good deal while you finalize on a property.


If you wish to buy a property, make sure you do your research and be there to bid on the property on time. Housing properties go off the sale chart very fast in Australia.


For any more relocation and visa regarded services, feel free to get in touch with Migrate me. Just fill in our  FREE VISA ASSESSMENT and our case workers will get in touch with you.




Have you been fantasising about going off to a far off land and settling down for the rest of your life? Then Australia is just the place for you. And here is why you should pack those bags and move to Australia immediately.




Here are top reasons why you should be moving down south.



Australia has the cleanest environment compared to other countries.



Australia is known for its beautiful sceneries but also the various ecosystems that you will find there. From beautiful sandy beaches to the tropical rainforests to the snowy mountains, Australia has been a tourist attraction for decades.



With the increasing number of migrants moving to Australia, it is a country with many diverse cultures. In fact, Australia also celebrates the harmony Day on 21st March.



Australia is the only country with the lowest density of population of 6.4 people per square mile.



Australia is a country with temperate climate with a mild weather throughout the year.



Australia is a truly a land of opportunities. With so many MNCs coming to Australia, there has been a tremendous rise in the economy of this country. With this economic boom, the labour industry is seeing a rise in demand of skilled labours. This is a great opportunity for those who are looking for a career in Australia.



Apart from the best education system and an over blooming economy, Australia has one of the most efficient health care facilities for its people. Australian citizens have right to the health care services for free. There are also private health care centres to take care your medical needs.



Australia has a reputation of being a country with friendly people living a laid back lifestyle. And by laidback, we do not mean lazy. Aussies have a easy approach to everything. They maintain an equal balance between work and social life, which makes it a perfect place to live in.



Australia has world class education system with high end infrastructure and up to date education facilities. With over 1200 institutions and 22,000 courses to choose from, aspiring students from across the world come here to explore their options.


If you haven’t already decided to move to Australia, now is your chance! Just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT and our visa officers will get in touch with you.




When you are moving to another country, the more you plan, the better. Packing away can be a tedious job and hence requires a lot of planning about what goes where. Here are some tips that can help you while you are packing for Australia.




Here are top tips that we can give you while you are packing for Australia.



Australia has strict laws when it comes to quality and health check. After you arrive in Australia, everything you bring in along with you will be checked before releasing it. Keep them clean and ensure they are not contaminated in any form.



If you are bringing in things that are either heavy duty or delicate in nature, make sure everything is safely packed and is safe as per Australian laws. Incase there are minute things like holes or insect infestations, make sure you get rid of them before packing or dispose them off completely.



Make sure you pack all the loose items like kitchen utensils, tools, knives, glass or delicate items well to prevent any damage while shipping.



Labelling things not only helps you remember what is packed where, but also helps the people handling your things to have an understanding of the items in the boxes.



Last, but not the least, make a list! Before you start packing, make a list of things you will be packing and cross check with this list while and after packing. This list will help you while you are unpacking after you reach Australia. In some cases, you may also have to provide this list to the Australian authorities while getting the customs to release this.


Apart from all this, there are two things you need to know about packing for Australia.


#1 The Australian Department of Agriculture will be interested in any object that is plant or animal related, even timber. Make sure you are well aware of things that are and not allowed in Australia.


#2 The Australian Department of Agriculture will also be interested in things that have come in contact of soil, food, water and animals. These include gardening shoes, tools, etc


To make things easier, here are a list of things that are not permitted to be imported in Australia

  • Fresh vegetables and fruits
  • Prohibited seeds and plants
  • Spices and unrecognised seeds, plants
  • Animals and pets without an import permit
  • unprocessed or packed foods of plant/animal origin
  • biological products
  • products with organic residue
  • items infested by insects, pests or disease


Australia is very particular about its cleanliness laws and will detain anything that goes against these laws. Here are some things you shouldn’t do while packing for Australia


  • Do not use old packaging boxes that you have used earlier
  • Do not use anything that has come in contact with anything organic
  • Do not pack your things with saw dust, wood shavings or any organic goods
  • Do not pack inflammable things like firecrackers, aerosols, paint thinners, etc
  • Do not use paper labels as they can fall off. Use permanent markers to label your boxes instead


This is everything about packing for Australia. If there is any help that you need from visa reservations to relocation, please get in touch with Migrate Me. Just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT and our visa agents will get in touch with you.



Migration is always a question that is on your mind if you are thinking of a career abroad. With so many countries up in the list, it gets hard to decide which country suits you the best. For those who are planning to move to Australia, it is important that you have the right kind of visa. Without this, you will not be allowed to live and work in Australia.




To get the right kind of visa, you have consider a few factors that will contribute and help you determine the visa category for you. These factors mainly include the following

  • Reason you want to go to Australia
  • How long do you plan to stay there
  • Your nationality, etc


Once you have decided on these factors, you should move on to inquiring about your visas. The best place to start is the Australian Department of Immigration website. This website can help you through the various visa categories that you can avail from.


The types of visa categories are as follows:


  • Travel Visas
  • Working Holiday Visa
  • Skilled Migration Visa
  • Business Visa
  • Family and Spouse Visa
  • Employer Sponsored Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Investor Retirement Visa
  • Australian Citizenship, etc


After you have determined the type of visa, you will have to understand the requirements to qualify for your choice of visa. Some of the basic requirements are

  • Age Proof
  • Education Qualification
  • Professional Skills
  • Proof of sufficient funds
  • Language Proficiency skills
  • Criminal records
  • Health Insurance


While most visa requirements consist of the above, a few of them require the applicant to open a bank account in Australia.


It is always the best to figure out the type of visa before you travel to Australia. But this process can be confusing for those who are new to this process. You can start wit the Visa officers at the Department of Immigration website to help you out. For this, you will have to fill in your details. As per your requirements, you will be presented with the available visa options.


After obtaining an Australian Visa, you rights and conditions will vary as per your visa category. While study visa allows you to live and study in Australia, PR visa allows you to live and work independently.


In such cases, it is really helpful to get a migration agent to help you through your process. Migrate Me is a team of proficient visa and migration agents who have handled all kinds of migration cases. Having satisfied clients from all over the globe, our agents specialize in visa migration to Australia.
Haven’t applied for a visa yet? Just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and one of our agents will get in touch with you.