Canada is known for its century old contribution to the culinary world with a variety of dishes, ranging from soups to desserts. Here are a list of 9 Canadian foods and best places to find them.



An Ottawa chef Marc Miron was highly inspired by the French Explorer Samuel de Champlain and what kept them nourished while they were settling in the new land almst 400 years ago. And for his surprise, the explorer gave credits to their well being to the Split Pea Soup, and hence it’s introduction to the French Canadian cuisine.

The split pea soup consists of cut meats, dried peas along with freshly cut vegetables and herbs.

Best place to find: Miron’s habitant Pea Soup at Cuisine & passion.



Canadian Pizza is qute different form the American style pizza – it is less doughy and fried and has also taken the range of toppings to a whole new level. Flavours include Cronenberg Crash and the Wayne Gretzky along with their traditional complimentary toppings – Maple Syrup.

Best place to find: Ron Telesky’s in Kreuzberg in Berlin



Naother greatest addition to the French Candian cusine was Poutine, which later became Canada’s most outlandish dish in itself. A poutine is made of peppery meat based gravey and squeaky curds on wedges and fries.

Best place to find: Smoke’s Poutinerie should be your first preference. For real treats, there are annual poutine festivals to celebrate the history of poutine.



Peameal bacon is branded as the Canadian Bacon just about everywere in Canada. Canadian Bacon is unlike any traditional bacon – lean pork loin that is brined and roled in cornmeal!

Whie England was experiencing a shortage, Canada was exporting pork to England. During this time, it was rolled in yellow peas for better preservation, which switched to cornmeal in later times.

Best place to find: Carousel Bakery in St. lawrence Market in Toronto.



A deep rooted French-Canadian dish – Tourtiere is said to be almost 400 years old! Having said that, it is also said that this delicious pie got its name from the uensil it is baked in. Interesting, isn’t it?

A Tourtiere typically has a filling of ground pork, beef or veal with a range of herbs sprinkled all over it. In this Holiday season, many Canadian families follow a tradition to bake tourtieres for Christmas and New years.

Best place to find: Aux Anciens Canadiens in Quebec City.



Beavertails – Flattened donut without a hole, literally! Beavertails are also a traditional Canadian dish whose recipe was handed down in the family of Graham Hooker for generations. It wasonly in 1979 that they opened their first outlet in Ottawa and presented beavertails to the wider audience.

Beavertails are topped with Nutella, sugar and a variety of sweets.

Best place to find: BeaverTails across the country. Some of the landmarks are Vancouver’s Grouse mountain and Halifax’s Waterfront.



Butter tarts are a rich, delectable treat which is considered as part of staple Canadian food. It consists of a delicate crust and a creamy centre made of butter, sugar and egg and sometimes, raisins too.

Best place to find: Butter Tart Trail is your best bet. Apart from that, there are also readily available in most coffee shops too.



Nanaimo bars are rich triple layered dessert bar made with a mixture of crumbs, vanilla flavoured butter and melted chocolate. Though its exact origin is still unknown, a cookbook with a recipe of the same was found in 1953.

Best place to find: At your home! Just gather these ingredients and bring out the chef in you.



Though it might not seem eligible to be declared as a stand alone dish, there is still something very special and Canadian about this product. And then there are ketchup chips which is a winning snack here in Canada. And it is not a surprise to find Canadians slathering ketchup on Kraft Dinner or having grilled cheese dipped in ketchup. So yes, anything and everything goes well with some ketchup on it!

Best place to find: Just any grocery store.


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