For many years now, skilled migrants have been under the impression that gaining entry into Canada was tough. It was true in the beginning when the visa process would get delayed due to complications caused due to language barrier. But the new citizenship laws have made it easier for skilled migrants to move to Canada.




With the introduction of the new citizenship laws, Canada is on its path to create a free environment for Canadian citizens and migrants. In comparison to the previous laws, there have been many amendments for the betterment of Canadians.



Compared to the previous provision of language proficiency in English and French both, the new laws have been amended to proficiency in any single language –either English or French


  • AGE

The provision of both the language tests must be for applicants between the age group of 14 to 64 was changed to any single language test between the age group of 18 to 54



Unlike before when it was mandatory to sign the declaration of residing in Canada was removed and was made optional



The time spent by an immigrant in Canada, whether under the permanent residency or not, will be now considered while granting them with citizenship.



The minimum time migrants should live in Canada has been changed from 183 days in each year to an accumulative count of 1095 days in five years


With the new amendments, Canada citizenship now has liberal laws that have made seeking Canadian Citizenship easy. By lifting the mandatory language clause, it has been a great relief for immigrants applying for citizenship in Canada.


One being a Canadian Citizen, you are bestowed with the following rights:

  • Right to Vote
  • Right to Contest
  • Right to Health Care
  • Free Education in public schools for your children
  • Right to Social Security, etc.


Changing the rules of the Citizenship, Canada is now open to higher number of migration of skilled professionals and businessmen from all over the globe. To support this rising number, the introduction of the Canada Express Entry System has made it easier for migrants to go through the application process.


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