Best Neighbourhoods to live in Ottawa

Best Neighbourhoods to live in Ottawa


We understand that shifting to a completely new country cannot be easy. And finding a good neighboudhood for your family will definitely be on top of your prioroity list. Incase you haven’t done your study yet, here is a list of the best neighbourhoods in Ottawa.



With a population of about 10,000, Beacon Hill North is the first preference to bring up your family in Ottawa. The lifestyle in Beacon Hill North is better than the average level in Ottawa and is a healthy neighbourhood for your family.

Beacon Hill North is also the home for the best public high school which has also been rated as the best secondary school by the Fraser Institute, for both academics and achievements.

You will also find the National Research Council and its scientific research campus spreadout in beacon Hill area. On the downside, there aren’t many shops or restaurants here.

Expected range of houses: US $175,000 – US$ 400,000



Nepean is the largest area in Ottawa with a healthy combination of urban, semi urban and green belt.

Nepean has two schools which are highly rated in Ottawa.

Sir Robert Borden High School – 12 km from downtown

Merivale High School – 9km from downtown

Apart from this, Nepean is also home to Algonquin College, Ben Franklin Park and Centrepointe Park. A perfect place for your kids to grow in.

Expected range of houses: US $250,000 – US$ 350,000



Westboro is very close to downtown and highly ppular among younsters and professionals. Westboro is a urban area where you will find a ‘coffee shop’ city feel compared to other suberban areas.

Nepean High School is 6km south west of downtiwn and has been awarded a highly appreciated ratings by the Fraser Institute.

For weekends, you can head towards the beach and the Dovercourt Recreation Centre which has amazing facilities for a perfect family getaway.

Expected range of houses: US $400,000 – US$ 550,000



If living in the heart of the city is what you are looking for, you in are right place. For higher studies, Lisgar Collegiate Institute is one of the best bets in Ottawa. It has also been rewarded with high ratings by the Fraser Institute.

Also, University of Ottawa is situated close by, in Sandy Hill. Hence, it is not a surprise that even in this low populated area, you will find well educated and well settled neighbourhood.

Byward Market is the bussiest and by far the city’s biggest tourist attraction. There are varieties of reataurants, cafes, bars, clubs and great markets – a one stop for all your requirements. It is apt for young couples and singles who are migrating here for work or further studies.

Expected range of houses in Byward Market: US $400,000

Expected range of houses in Sandy Hill and Centretown: US $350,000

Expected range of houses in New Edinburgh: US $ 550,000 – US$ 700,000



Situated south to Centretown, The Gelebe is close to downtown. It is close to downtown, and hence the crime rate compared to Centretown. The Glebe is economocially well off and you will come scross the wealthy people around here.

The people here are well educated, financially well off with huge expensive houses but emphasise on unity and have a sense of community. Since, the Glebe is not very crowded, your drive to downtown wont take you more than 10 mins even in rush hours.

Expected range of houses: US $450,000 – US$ 750,000


Haven’t these points helped you decide which neighbourhood to choose? Now, let us begin with the documentation and visa procedure. Just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and let us make your migration to Canada hassle-free!


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