Beauty and Hairdressing Skills Shortage in Australia

Beauty and Hairdressing Skills Shortage in Australia.


High Demand for Beauty and Hairdressing Jobs.


The Australian economy is showing good promise and along with it, the customer base who need basic services like beauty and hairdressing are growing in numbers every day. Most of the immigrated work force (which currently forms more than 40% of the total population) in Australia is skilled labour – meaning they are already employed in some trade of their choice BEFORE even coming to Australia. This leaves very little room for switching careers. And with the craft as specialised as beauty and hairdressing, it’s only a bag of opportunities for those who require this demand in time.


With the current rising economy and booming trends and fashion in Australia, it is a good time to switch to the country for a rewarding experience and career.


Top 5 Benefits for Beauty and Hairdressing professionals in Australia.


  1. Huge skills shortage means bag of opportunities for those looking to make a move to Australia.
  2. Qualify for permanent residency status in Australia, giving you the right to live and work in Australia and New Zealand unrestricted.
  3. Average salary in this occupations range AUD$ 60000- AUD$ 70000 and much more for those willing to put in dedicated time.
  4. Australia is one of the leading countries in terms of lifestyle and standard of living. Beauty and Hairdressing is, by default, a rewarding job in this country.
  5. Both short-term and long term options available for people in these occupation. Enjoy many benefits of gaining permanent residency in Australia.


First Steps into Australia-hood.


Migrate Me helps you decide your goals and provides expert solutions on how you can make the switch to an Australian dream career in matter of months.


Starting your career in beauty and hairdressing in Australia beings by assessing your eligibility to immigrate from the UK to Australia.


You can do this by filling in this FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form that we provide for your convenience.


Adding your CV along is highly recommended as it helps our experts to guide you better.


So whether you are looking to make a permanent move or want to try out the Australian life for a year. Partner with Migrate Me for a brighter outlook and a promising career in Australia. Let’s Get Started!  Take a FREE VISA ASSESSMENT now!

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