Australian Permanent Residency Visa Benefits

Australian Permanent Residency Visa Benefits


Australia is one of the best suited dream destinations with good infrastructure and less cost of living than the UK. Living and working in Australia are fruitful, but even more opportunities open up when you obtain a permanent residency visa status in the country.


Some of the invaluable benefits of becoming Australian Permanent Resident are listed below.


Security and Freedom

1.Travel to New Zealand without a visa anytime of the day or year

2.Work for any industry for as many hours a day as you wish (except those under Australian Public Service, Defence Forces or an employer sponsorship visa)

3.Sponsor your relatives to migrate into Australia, which is not possible under other residency types

4.Travel in and out of the country for any length and any time you want. If the visa as expired then you can live in the country permanently BUT can’t travel out, in which case you will require a resident return visa.



Health Care


5. You get access to cheaper health care and are entitled to Medicare that provides heaps of free health benefits


6. You get assistance from Centrelink which has a waiting period of 2 years after gaining Permanent Residency, save for few exceptions. This service provides social security payments and gives assistance to retirees, unemployed, students, parents, students, physically challenged people and many others.



Real Estate


7.All restrictions from Foreign Investment Review Board are scrapped for Permanent Residents

8.First Home Owner’s Grant of $ 7,000 is provided as an incentive for getting your own house





9.Children born in Australia are automatically citizen by birth

10.Any Permanent Resident can apply for citizenship status if they meet the government requirements





11.Primary and secondary education is provided free of cost in Government schools

12.Rates that are provided to Permanent Residents are the same one as those provided to Citizen of the country



All these benefits are enough to turn heads. To add to these, you also get a better credit in terms of personal loans, home loans, car loans, etc. in the country.


Being an Australian Permanent Resident is way better as compared to other visa types. But you need to stay updated about the latest requirements to obtain a Permanent Residency Visa and be vigilant constantly to determine your eligibility. To know how good are your standings for getting this visa, fill in and please include “Permanent Residency Request – Australia”  in the comments section of our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and attach your Resume to help our Experts assist you in the best possible ways.


There are hundreds of ways for obtaining an Australian Permanent Residency Visa. Our emigration experts will help determine the best possible route for you by assessing your provided details.

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