Australia has been among the top choices for skilled professionals looking to migrate to a country with better future. As a country, Australia is more than just the scenic beauty that meets the eyes. It is a country growing in abundance with financial and infrastructural development. This has been one of the main attractions for skilled professionals from all over the globe.




As an applicant for the Permanent Residence Visa, you have the freedom to study, work and travel throughout the country within the period of your visa program. This visa is for responsible migrants who are able to live up to the standards set the Australian institutions and corporations. Having a good character, skills and work experience that can contribute to the Australian economy makes you eligible for this visa category.


In the past few years, Australia has welcomed millions of migrants from all over the globe. Australia is a great combination of various opportunities and high standard of living. This visa enables you with many opportunities for you as well as your family, who may migrate with you as dependents.


Here are the basic requirements set to be eligible for the Permanent Residence Visa in Australia.

  • Age: 18-50 years
  • Education qualifications as per the Skilled Occupation List
  • Skills sets that make you eligible for your designated job
  • Language Eligibility: 7 bands or more in IELTS, TOEFL, etc.
  • Must score a minimum of 60 points
  • Job Sponsorship from an Australian employer
  • Character clearance
  • Valid travel documents like passport, etc.


We understand that migrating to a new country can be stressful. And hence, applying for a PR visa in Australia through a professional Visa provider makes it easy. Migrate Me is a professional agency has their team of experienced lawyers and immigration caseworkers who make the application and document submissions on your behalf, thus making it a stress-free process for you.


Our MARA certified agents study your profile and come up with programs that suit your requirements. Along with visa application, we also assist our clients with job search and relocation services, thus making us a One Stop Solution for all your migration needs.


To know more about PR visa and about our services, just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and we shall get in touch with you.

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