Australian Lifestyle – All about life in Australia



Australian Lifestyle – All about life in Australia


Planning to move to Australia? Migrating to a new country is a bold move. You leave behind everything to settle in a new place and start everything from scratch. Australia is known for its open minded and out going nature of its people. Here is a brief description about what Australia has in store for you.



Australians are warm and friendly. They are good at breaking the ice and will make you feel welcome. In a new country, it helps to have neighbours and colleagues to talk towhile you are trying to fit in.



You will find most of the Australians living by the coastal area and hence is popular among migrants as well. Why is this relevant? Because people in Australia like to follow the trend. For instance, in 2003, there was a sudden boom in the housing and infrastructure sector which led to huge investments made by Australians in that sector. That is one reason why houses in Australia are a little more expensive when compared to the UK or Canada. This also helped build the tendency to plan for long run among Australians.



Being in Australia, you will learn that Australians are compulsive buyers. And probably have the biggest credit card bills to pay. So when they are not on the beach, they are definitely in the maill! Those the big malls are situated in the main cities, there are small shopping centres to cater the needs of the locals.



Australians are laid back and so is their sense of style. Unless it is an important business meeting orpresentation, jackets and ties ususallly don’t come out of the wardrobe. Casual dressing is higly visible in corporates in Australia while it is shorts and tees on the beaches. Melbourne is the top fashion destination in Australia.



Apart from all this, Australians are also known from their competitve nature. They will compete for everything – be it at work place or sports or even surfing! Aussie companies play a bg role in upliftment and development of this culture since they sponsor sport events like Billabong, Rip Curl. This has lead to the Australian culture become famous world wide.



Spending the weekends on the beach is a popular exercise and Australians follow this religiously. It is also called the Australian Beach culture which is quite similar to that in the Mediterranean and California.



When in Australia, you will discover how sensitive Australians are towards fishing. The beautiful flaura and fauna and good climate add up to the obsession of fishing. And as surprising it may seem, you have to get a fishing license to eligible to fish here. There are also certain rules and regulations to be followed while you go fishing so don’t forget to collect the small booklet that you’ll get in the tackle shops and government run institutions.



Australians strongly believe in preservation of their environment and take all measures to do so. The rules and regulations regarding cleanlines are very strict in both cities as well as natural landscapes. The streets and locations are very clean and Australians take pride in having a clean and beautiful land.

A lot of care is taken for nature preservation as well. There are beaches which have wooden planks to walk on, so that it doesn’t disturb the sand and the native plants growing beneath them.


Australian culture is diverse since it is one of the top countries to migrate to. The increasing number of migrants also add to enriching the culture.


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