In the past few decades, Australia’s economy has been growing in abundance. With the rising economy and multinational companies opening their branches in Australia, there has also been a sudden rise in job opportunities. But with the limited human resources available in Australia, they are now looking for skilled professionals migrating to Australia.




To cope up with the growing demand for skilled labour, Australia Government has now introduced various visa programs for international students doing their graduation in Australia. Temporary graduate Visa (485) has been introduced to attract and retain foreign students in Australia after completion of their two-year program. These students will then be able to use their knowledge and skills in their appropriate industry.


As an applicant under the Temporary Graduate Visa, this visa allows you to live and work in Australia. In this case, it your responsibility to find a job that can use your skills and knowledge and help you financially sustain your stay in Australia. It is to be noted that the Australian Government is not responsible to appoint you in any industry/corporation.


It is mandatory for international students to pursue a course that has been registered by the CRICOS, Australia. Once you have enrolled yourself in your desired course, you must make the necessary arrangements for the Skilled Graduate Visa six months prior of completion of your course. This will give you enough time to look for a job and be eligible to live and work in Australia under this visa program.


The Temporary Graduate Visa acts as a stepping-stone for those applying for permanent residency in Australia. Since this is not a skilled migrant visa, there is no requirement to undergo any skill assessment test during application. This visa is granted to students who fall under the main categories. These two categories are defined below.



This visa category is for students with bachelor’s degree and meet the criteria set for Skilled Occupation List. The total duration of this visa category is eighteen months.



This visa category is for those students who have completed their post graduate studies in Australia. This visa category exempts the Skilled Occupation List and is valid for four years.


It is to be noted that having an Australia education doesn’t automatically grant you a visa. This visa checks and assesses your credentials and it is only after all the assessment, that you will be granted the Temporary Graduate Visa. This visa program is applicable to those students who must have applied for student visa after the 5th of November 2011.


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