5 things to do before your working holiday in Australia

5 things to do before your working holiday in Australia


Working Holiday in Australia can be a good experience, as long as you do it right. As they say, knowing your enemy is good. Knowing yourself, better.


1.       Book flights and get insurance

Booking your flight is obviously the first step towards a Working Holiday Visa in Australia. We find that people get jobs, secure visa, but get delayed due to not booking their flights on time. This is a major issue since losing out on visa days just because you did not book your flight on time is a big turnoff.


Also, the second most important pre-migratory measure is your insurance. Your money is better spent on exploring, enjoying and having a great time in Australia, compared to paying for missed flights, lost luggage and such other misfortunes. Travel and health insurance are best taken care of before you even start imagining your Working Holiday experience in Australia.


2.       Open an Australian Bank Account and Apply for a Tax File Number (TFN)

Many banks in Australia let you apply for a bank account overseas. We strongly recommend that you apply for a bank account in these banks while you are still in UK. Getting to Australia and starting the account hunt after lodging and getting a job in Australia will be a big nuisance. Especially when you will have to keep sending money to your bank in the UK and keep paying extra for inter-continental money transfer. Save all that by a simple step – get a bank account before you move to Australia.


Along with this, apply for a Tax File number. All workers in Australia must have a tax file number with the Australian Taxation Authority. This magic number ensures you are taxed reasonably and also guarantees a bit of your money back once you complete the final tax return while returning back to the UK. To get your TFN, click here.


3.       Unlock your phone

As a general rule of thumb, majority of us Brits miss this step. We have come across several people who did everything perfectly to the last bit, but had to purchase a new phone in Australia just because they missed out on unlocking their phones before leaving home. If you have such a phone we urge you to get it unlocked beforehand. Your working holiday in Australia will be much better with your own phone, instead of going through the extra expenditure of purchasing a new phone and going through the hassle of transferring data.



4.       Start looking for a Job

Working holiday in Australia entails you to working in a profession of your choice and start experiencing life in Australia as an Australian does. So getting a job before getting there is a big win-win situation for both you as well as the Australian government who expects you to work while you are in Australia on this particular visa.


5.       Apply for your visa

This step definitely is the most crucial to your emigration and goes without saying. Thanks to more than hundred applications per week for Australia Working Visa, your application might get lost in the crowd if you spend most of your precious time in contemplation of your journey, and give but little thought to the fact that you emigrate only after approval of your visa.


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