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UK is known for it’s world-class education and infrastructure and ranks among the top few countries with the highest number of foreign students. It has been noted that in the last few decades, the overall student migration from various countries has increased tremendously.




The government of UK has been very open to students who migrate other continents and countries to improve their career opportunities with better education facilities. If you are one such candidate looking for a better educational facility in the UK, here is what you are supposed to do.



All international students who intend to study for a full time course in the UK, you must apply for a student visa. This visa type is not applicable for part time courses for international students to study in the UK.



Your eligibility of the visa will be calculated on the point system based on UK Tier 4 Student Visa.



On application, you must receive a course confirmation from the university or institution in the UK. This will also act as the basic eligibility criteria while applying for a UK Tier 4 Student Visa.



Every individual while applying for this visa category should provide evidence of availability of funds to finance their stay and tuition fees while living the UK. Once this is cleared, you are eligible to apply for UK Tier 4 Student Visa.


International Students who belong to countries other than Europe are required to pay Health Surcharge to be eligible for the UK National Health Service. This is only if the candidates plans to live in the UK for more than 6 months. The payment of health surcharge should be paid while applying for the student visa.


Since there is no requirement to get any vaccination while or before getting the visa, you can apply for the UK Tier 4 Student Visa up to 3 months before the course begins.


The UK has always been a top choice among international students. The various factors contributing to this are:


  • Home for most esteemed educational institutions & universities
  • Best in their field faculty
  • Courses that are up to date with the international standards
  • World-class infrastructure
  • Facilities for international students
  • Career opportunities post completion of course


Having studied from any of the esteemed institutions in the UK, you are not only ensured of a valuable degree, but also presented with various job opportunities in your choice of field.


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Denmark is completely different country to live and work in. Apart from it’s scenic beauty and diverse culture, Denmark has been attracting many skilled workers in the past few decades.




The Danish Green Card is issued for residency as well a work permit to work in Denmark. The eligibility of the candidates is evaluated on the point system introduced by the Danish immigration department.


Once an individual is granted residency permit under the Denmark Green Card scheme, they are eligible to live in Denmark. It is to be noted that a residency permit under this scheme is not to be confused with a work permit. To be eligible to work, the applicant must also obtain a work permit separately. This work permit will enable a person to work in any organization or be self-employed.


The points rewards to individuals under the Denmark Green Card scheme is based on certain criterion set by the immigration department. This point system is used to assess if the applicant is eligible to apply for highly qualified jobs in Denmark.


Secondly, a permanent residency permit does not include getting a job. It is the responsibility of the applicant to search for a job before or while applying for a green card visa in Denmark. Getting a job proves as an assurance that the applicant is able to take care of themself during their stay in Denmark.


In short, to live and work in Denmark, you must obtain a permanent residency permit as well as a work permit that will allow you to live and work here. The probability of you getting both the permits totally depends on your professional qualifications and skills.


It is always advisable that you talk to people who have migrated to places you wish to migrate to. In this case, it is always better if you talk to people who have migrated and are living in Denmark. This will be an added benefit, as it will help you understand about the complete process as well as about this new land.


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Good news for those who wish to migrate to Nova Scotia, Canada! Earlier this year, the immigration department of Nova Scotia launched their new provincial immigration program – Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry.



The Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry was created to meet the requirements and queries raised by the skilled & experienced individuals in Nova Scotia. In the past few years, it was recorded that highly qualified and experienced candidates who applied for FSWP didn’t get selected from the Federal Express Entry Pool. The main reason behind this was that these candidates didn’t have either a LMIA (Labour market Impact Assessment) or a Provincial Nomination along with their job offer.


The Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry allows applicants working in Nova Scotia (LMIA exempt work permit) or has worked there earlier to apply for permanent residency.


The criteria for eligibility under Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry are as follows:

  • Age: Between 21 and 55 years
  • Education: At least high School education as mentioned by the Educational Credential Assessment
  • Work Experience in Nova Scotia: At least 12 months of full time or an equal amount of part time of skilled work experience
  • Language proficiency: Demonstrate proficiency in English or French language skills as per standards mentioned by the authorities
  • Provide evidence or proof of commitment towards living and working in Nova Scotia


Please note that the qualified work experience cannot be gained through internships (unpaid), co-operative placements or any other voluntary work. It is mandatory that your work experience is that of paid work experience.


As this program is targeted towards skilled and qualified candidates from Nova Scotia, it is important that their occupation is listed on the NOC (National Occupation Classification) matrix NOC O/ NOC A/ NOC B. The lower degree of skills and occupations listed under NOC C or NOC D will not qualify for this program.


This program does not have any direct involvement of an employer at any stage. There is also no requirement on basis of recruitment or advertisement or any separate financial fees apart from the one mentioned by the CIC. On an overall, this wholes process is an


The immigration department of Nova Scotia accepts up to 750 applications under the Nova Scotia Experience: Express Entry program. If you are someone who is eligible under this program, then now is the right time to apply. To start with your application, just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and we will assist you with the complete visa procedure.



The introduction of the Canada Express Entry earlier this year has led to a massive increase in the number of migrants applying for this process. In the past few months, Canada Express Entry has gained enough momentum and is gaining popularity among skilled migrants.




With the introduction of the Express Entry came certain rumors and myths that have got people believe in them. To clear out all misconceptions, we at Migrate Me have compiled a list of Top 4 Myths that people ‘think’ are real.




It is believed by many that the Canada Express Entry System is a mere visa program introduced by the CIC. This is completely false. The Express Entry is an online application system introduced by the CIC to facilitate faster migration process.


Also, the introduction of this system has been introduced mainly for skilled migration into Canada. The Express Entry system was introduced to attract quality skilled workers to migrate to Canada. This system thus includes few economic programs like:

  • FSWP (Federal Skilled Worker Program)
  • PNP (Provincial Nominee program)
  • FSTC (Federal Skilled Trades Class)
  • CEC (Canadian Experience Class)


This means, other visa programs still exist and you can apply for a visa for Canada in case you are applying for reasons other than employment.




The third rumour is about qualification of the applicants. It is a myth that the Canada Express Entry provides opportunities even to those who are not eligible for any of the following programs:

  • FSWP (Federal Skilled Worker Program)
  • PNP (Provincial Nominee program)
  • FSTC (Federal Skilled Trades Class)
  • CEC (Canadian Experience Class)


It is important to understand that the Canada Express Entry System has not been introduced to alter any of the immigration programs. It is an online process introduced by the CIC to speed up the process while attracting quality migrants.





It is believed by some that there exists a list of eligible occupations in the Canada Express Entry System that decides which skills are preferred more. It is true that an eligible list of occupations exists for FSWP and a list of ineligible occupations for the CEC.


But till now, there has been no clause introduced by the CIC for the Express Entry System where the applicants have to apply for a visa as per the list of eligible occupations!




Last but not the least, it is believed by some people that a job offer directly gets them 600 marks while calculating the total points. This again, is absolutely false. The CIC has its own specific definition when it comes to jobs.


To be eligible for the 600 marks while calculating the points, the candidates have to get a positive LMIA, which in many cases is difficult for candidates to obtain. Hence it is important to read thoroughly about the CIC rules and regulations. This will help you understand what the CIC expects from international migrants.


The migration process can be very tedious since there are many policies and criterion to be fulfilled to be eligible for the Canada Express Entry. As a Visa and Migration expert, we at Migrate Me try to make the process as convenient for you while we take care of the tedious procedure of documentation on your behalf.


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In the last few decades, the Australian Immigration has noticed a rise in the migration into Australia. Once you are Australian visa holder, you are eligible to sponsor visa for your family and relatives. With the various visa types, there are many ways through which you can sponsor Australian Visa.




To be eligible to sponsor visa for your family and relatives, here are what you should keep in mind.


If the applicant is married to a PR visa holder/Citizen of Australia or New Zealand, they can apply for Partner Visa for Australia. In this case, the applicant has to be one of the following:

  • Married or should plan to marry the already PR Visa holder/Citizen
  • Are in a relationship with the PR Visa Holder/Citizen


The Australian Partner Visa applicants need to be sponsored by their de-facto partner or an Australian Independent person.


There are a few general requirements to be fulfilled by the applicants while applying for Australian Fiancée Visa/ Spouse Visa. These include:

  • Both applicants should be minimum age of 18 years
  • Both should be either married or in a relationship for at least 2 years
  • The applicants should be able to provide sufficient proof that your relationship is genuine and there is a mutual commitment between both of you
  • Both the candidates need to attend interview
  • They have to provide documentation of travel, bank statements, photographs, etc.


In case you are not in Australia while applying for Permanent Partner Visa, you are then eligible to be in Australia and receive PR Visa.


There are cases where it is seen that PR visa is not offered before completing the time period of 2 years from the date of completion. However, there is faster way out of this.


To be eligible for the PR partner visa without waiting for 2 years, you must fulfill the following terms


  • If you have been in a relationship with your partner for 5 or more years
  • If you have been married or in a defacto relationship for over two years and have children


We understand that it gets difficult when it comes to choosing the right kind of visa type for you. This is where Migrate Me comes to your rescue! We are here to provide tailor made solutions to your migration problems. We have a team of visa and immigration experts who share their knowledge and expertise on every case that we come across.


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Canada has now earned a status of being more than being just a maple leaf country. Over the past few decades, Canada has transformed from a land of vastness to a land of varied migrants and ethnicity. It was reported by the Canadian Immigration that one of the main contributors to Canada’s success are migrants who live and work in Canada.




In the last few decades, it has been recorded that millions of foreigners migrate to Canada in search of better career and higher standard of living. And with the introduction of Canada Express Entry, the process has reduced the process time while increasing the stress on the applicants. It is here where immigration consultants help you through out the migration process.


It does not come as a surprise that the UN has ranked Canada as one of the best places in the world to live. And this reason is enough to highlight why migrating to Canada is tops the list of those looking for better opportunities abroad.


Every year, Canada approves over 320,000 migration visas under the Skilled Migrants Program. With the pass mark lowered, it improves your chances of being one of the many applicants who migrate to Canada. While this is only about the skilled migration to Canada, the Permanent Residency visa comes with higher benefits. The PR visa gives you the right to live and work in Canada till the time period mentioned on your visa. Once you have met all the requirements, you are also eligible to apply for Canadian citizenship.


Canada is a country that is known for it’s diversified background and its varied culture. And with the rising number of migrants moving to Canada, it has also emerged as one of the best places in the world for migrants and new arrivals. This is why migration experts are approached with maximum enquiries about migration options to the land of maple leaves.


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Migrate Me is a one stop shop for all your visa requirements. Along with migration, we also help with Relocation and Job Search in your preferred choice of country. This makes us one of the best in our industry.


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If Australia is the name that comes to your mind when you think of migration, then we are not surprised. In the past few decades, Australia has recorded a rise in the number of migration from all over the globe. It is these skilled migrants who form a major contributor in the development and progress of Australia.




Australian Permanent Resident is an individual who holds a PR visa of Australia. These PR visa holders are eligible of the following:

  • Live in Australia
  • Work in Australia
  • Study or take up as many educational courses in Australia
  • Travel


Though a permanent resident in Australia enjoys most benefits like that of an Australian citizen, there are a few exceptions.


By default, an Australian Citizen has the right to enter and travel out of Australia. But if you are a PR visa holder, you must have valid travel authority from the immigration department that will enable you to travel internationally. This is strictly limited to your time period of permanent residency in Australia.


Another fact that separates Australian citizens from permanent residents is that an Australian citizen has the right to vote. In most cases, a permanent resident is not eligible to vote. However, if a permanent resident was enrolled to vote before 1984 (as British subject), they are eligible to vote.


The Australian government funds the educational facilities and universities in every state. Each of these institutions is dependent in its own governance for their course and its content.


When it comes to children, when a child is born on Australian soil, they automatically become Australian citizen. It is to be noted that this is possible only when one of the parents is an Australian citizen or a permanent resident during the child’s birth.


Children born on foreign lands with none of their parents as Australian citizen or permanent citizens do not become Australian citizens by descent. They must apply for residency through other visa programs provided by the Australian immigration department.


Australian citizenship and permanent residency are similar on many levels. In other words, Australian permanent residency is the one important part of gaining citizenship in Australia.


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Australia is a country of diversity. From it scenic landscapes to its culture, Australia is known for being one such country with variety from all over the globe. Apart from enjoying a higher quality of life, Australia provides a variety of opportunities for those seeking them abroad.


To even begin with, you must be clear of the reasons why you want to migrate to Australia. Here are top few reasons why many people migrate to Australia

  • Good career opportunities
  • Top class universities and other educational institutions
  • Better quality of life
  • Healthy environment to raise a family
  • Retirement abroad, etc.


Among these, if you are the one looking for better career opportunities, then Australia is the place for you.


Now that the reason for your migration has been set, you must have knowledge about all the visa programs that will help you get visa to Australia. In this case, you must obtain a skilled migration visa, which permits you to live and work in Australia as a permanent resident.




You are eligible for a skilled migration visa if you are a professional/worker abroad with skills that are required in Australia.



As an applicant, you must be eligible to be nominated or get sponsored work visa. In case you are not nominated or sponsored, you must be eligible to be nominated by for at least one of the following:

  • Australian employer or business owner (approved by the Australian Immigration Department)
  • Nominated by a state or territory’s government agency
  • Nominated by a state or territory authority




If a skilled individual from overseas wishes to apply for skilled migration visa programs, they must lodge an EOI (Expression of Interest) with the immigration department to work and live in Australia.


Before opting for any particular skilled visa program, it is important that you ensure that your skills are listed in the SOL (Sponsored Occupation List) and CSOL (Consolidated Sponsored Occupation List). Once you have selected your choice of skillset, you must get your skills assessed by the relevant assessment authorities and get nominated. The skills assessment reports along with the documents provided by you will be assessed by the authorities and is included with the visa application.


Migration can be a hectic process and at times takes too much of your time. Any mistake during documentation or any other procedure could cost you your plan to migrate to Australia.


It is here where Migrate Me comes in scene. We are a team of highly experienced and professional visa experts who have been dealing with migration related cases since a few years now. Apart from handling the migration process, we also assist you with Relocation and job search, two important factors in migration.


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