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Many individuals (and families) choose moving to Canada for its natural surroundings, welcoming population, and excellent work environment. However, Canada is still acing a lack of skilled individuals for man job profiles, thus creating additional opportunities for skilled immigrants.




Migrating to Canada relates to systematic and hassle-free procedures as compared to most other countries, whether you are a young individual looking to explore, or a retired couple willing to settle down.


Canada has been facing a shortage of skilled workers and hence has developed a system to suit the needs. The Canadian government, keeping in mind the growing pace of the employment industry as well as the needs of the applicants and potential employers, introduces the Express Entry System. It is a welcoming step taken towards encouraging migration of skilled workers, creating opportunities for them. This helps the applicants to select from a variety of potential employers and equips the employers with a vast pool of applicants to hire.


To describe briefly, the Express Entry System is an electronic system requiring the applicants to undergo two primary steps. The first one being completing the online Express Entry profile and getting ranked as per the Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The second step includes receiving the Invitation to Apply (ITA), which enables the potential employers to select applicants from a pool.


Further information such as schedules, rounds, and other generic details can be obtained from the official website of CIC:


The system is introduced by the Canadian government to ensure ease of migration procedure for skilled immigrants as well as to save their valuable time. As such, care has been to keep this system updated and equipped to the latest needs of the population in general.


Let us have a look at the latest developments in this system.


The Seventeenth Draw

An interesting decrease was noted with the seventeenth draw of the Immigration Selection System that issues the Invitations to Apply (ITA) for permanent residency. The draw took place from the express entry pool on 18th September with 1,545 applicants receiving the ITAs. This also becomes the eighth draw in a line to select more than 1,400 applicants. A new low record of 450 (out of 1200) points was observed in the Comprehensive Ranking Systems’ Points. This means more opportunities for potential immigrants


Nova Scotia Allocation

The Canadian government allocated additional space to applicants from the Nova Scotia province. This move will allow Nova Scotia to nominate 1,350 applicants for the Express Entry Immigration Selection System under the Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP), thus increasing opportunities.


The Francophone Experience

As you must be aware, Canadian government welcomes residents from Quebec too under the Express Entry System. This time the Canadian government took a step further in welcoming the people of the Francophone community who are residing outside Quebec. In march, CIC launched a video featuring stories of Francophone families who share their experiences of the Canadian immigration and their ability to maintain their cultural diversity, thus increasing Canada’s linguistic versatility.


Welcoming Iraqi and Syrian Refugees

In January 2015, Canada announced its commitment to welcome 10,000 Syrian and 3,000 additional refugees. This commitment will include refugees via government assistance and private sponsors. The Canadian government works with the United Nations Refugee Agency to resettle the refugees and provide humanitarian aid.


News for Spouses Awaiting Confirmation

A pilot program is launched for the benefit of the spouses of permanent residents Canadian citizens who are awaiting awaiting permanent residence status. These spouses can obtain work permit while their applications are under process, allowing them to reside with their partners until then. This ensures that the applicants do not have to choose between work and families, allowing better work-life balance.


With so many developments undertaken for meeting the needs of potential immigrants, the Canadian Express Entry System is fast gaining popularity amongst immigrants. This makes the land of maple leaves an ideal place to migrate and settle.


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The land of kangaroos is one of the well-known destinations when it comes to immigration. Australia has some of the world’s excellent welcoming policies when it comes to immigration, and factors such as the lifestyle and environment of the country attract even more immigrants.




The immigrants to Australia include a variety of individuals such as students looking at higher education, working individuals migrating for better prospects, or retired individuals looking for a peaceful life ahead.


Australia already has immigration policies favourable to most of the individuals. Let us have a look at the options and benefits that a student applicant avails while immigrating to this beautiful land.


Depending on one’s country of origin, the process to obtain the Australian student visa differs. Australia’s agreement with certain countries (known as the Gazetted countries) makes it easier for the citizens of that country to apply for a student visa.


Overall, there are seven types of student visas to choose from depending on the circumstances. These are: the School Student Visa, the Vocation Education and Training Student Visa, the Higher Education Student Visa, the Masters and Doctorate Student Visa, the Non-Award Foundation Student Visa, the Defence Sponsored Student Visa, the ELICOS Student Visa and the Guardian Visa.


Students coming to Australia from different backgrounds and circumstances look forward to different policies and privileges. Many a times, students are minors and require by law an adult to accompany them, or at times students are individuals aiming for higher education who have family member dependant on them.


Let us have a look at the policies and information for the Australian Student Dependant Visa.


The Student Guardian Visa allows the parent/guardian to accompany and stay with the student until the completion of the course or until the student turns 18, whichever earlier. Additional information about this visa can be obtained from the official Australian Government website:


The Student Dependant Visa

Individuals above the age of 18 years applying for higher education can obtain the benefits of the student visa as well as bring along dependants to Australia under the student dependant visa.


Let us have a look at the benefits and privileges of this visa.

  • A Student Dependant Visa allows the spouse to enrol for a study course for up to three months, as well as work up to 20 hours a week during the stay in the country.
  • The student visa holder (partner) is also eligible to work under the conditions stated under the rules of student visa.


The family members eligible for this visa are:

  • Spouse (including de facto partner) of the student visa holder
  • A Dependant child (younger than 18 years and unmarried) of the student visa holder

If a partner is not married but living together for more than 12 months, he/she is also eligible for dependant visa upon providing satisfactory proof of them living together. Same-sex marriage couples are also welcome in Australia.


In order to be qualified for the student dependant visa, the following other aspects need to be noted:

  • Dependants can accompany the applicant if the duration of the course is 12 months or more.
  • The dependant visa can be applied at the same time as the application of the student visa, or dependants can join the applicant later after the commencement of the course.
  • It is necessary for the applicant to declare all the family members at the time of application. A family member not declared as family or dependant cannot accompany the applicant under any circumstances.
  • In addition to this, the student visa holder must prove his/her earn enough for the dependant person.


Additional details regarding the dates, documents and schedules for this visa can be obtained from the Government of Australia website.


Australia has been facing a shortage of skilled workers and this has promoted to the development of policies and programs that encourage immigration, especially for the skilled workers. The kangaroo land is offering such and other excellent opportunities to welcome immigration to the country.


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There are certain common points we all search as humans while enriching our lives. Considering today’s lifestyle, those points can be a good environment, better working conditions, a healthy lifestyle, and serene living.



We all seek growth and progress in different aspects of our personal lives (finances, health, relationships and development). Sometimes as we check these and other points on our checklist, we realise the need to migrate or move to a different location, ultimately to enrich our lifestyles.


When it comes to migration, few countries of the world gain more popularity than other countries. This happens as those countries fulfil the necessary criteria the immigrants look for. A country needs not only to have good welfare intentions in place; it also needs to have welcoming policies for the welfare of outsiders. This is what makes a particular country a popular choice for migrating.


Canada is one such country that tops the list of countries ideal for migration. Let us have a look at the factors that make Canada an ideal country to immigrate.



Canada is known as a country encouraging immigration for a number of reasons. Following are some of the ways that show the welcoming attitude of Canada as a country.


Rules and Regulations

Canada being renowned as a country of immigrants, it is easy to guess the nature of its policies and rules. Especially the rules and regulations regarding immigration in Canada are applicant-friendly and encourage immigration.


Opportunities for Skilled Workers

Canada has also been facing a shortage of skilled workers lately. This implies that the immigration policies and regulations are positive towards skilled immigrants, and this has seen a positive response from the world.


Choice of Policies

Being an immigration-friendly country, Canada offers a choice of immigration programs depending on an individual’s status. Whether you are a skilled worker, self-employed, business person, student or a spouse/family of an immigrating individual, there are various options to select from.



This happy country is one of the few countries maintaining a positive working environment.


Positive Environment

Canadians believe in maintaining a healthy work attitude. There is an attitude of respect and love from the workers towards their employers/organisation. This same attitude is reciprocated by the employers/organisations towards the workers, creating a positive environment to work.


Work-Life Balance

As the world is talking about ‘work-life balance’, the environment in Canada can be associated to the phenomenon of ‘life-work balance’, where life is considered to be a greater factor and work being a part of it.


Job Opportunities and Security

With Canada facing a shortage of skilled workers, there are and will continue to be excellent job opportunities, especially for skilled workers. The government rules and regulations too favour immigrants equally be it looking for employment or setting up a business. And once settled, the long-term security policies are such as will favour the immigration and stay.



Not much needs to be proven to promote the Canadian Lifestyle.


Healthy Living

Canadians strongly believe in a healthy lifestyle. They not only focus on merely maintaining a work-life balance, but also strive to maintain a healthy standard of living. Equal importance is given to recreational activities, fitness routines, chilling by the lake, and socialising.


Encouraging Environment

The people of Canada are known for their style of maintaining relations and encouraging others to grow and prosper. As an immigrant, one is guaranteed to not find any differential treatment when it comes socialising or personal growth.


Picturesque Beauty

The maple-leaf county is blessed with a wide range of natural habitats ranging from clean beaches to snow clad mountains to a number of beautiful lakes. The peaceful environment and natural beauty lets the residents enjoy many small vacations nearby their residence.


Thus, when it comes to checking the basic criteria or immigration, Canada not only fulfils but also exceeds one’s expectations as an ideal country to migrate! Go ahead to the Canadian official websites to find out detailed information with respect to procedures and policies!


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As we all know, Australia is one of the most sought-after choices when it comes to migration. Humans have been historically known to move to different locations in order to grow and develop. Even in the 21st century, we migrate to different locations for personal growth and social prosperity.




Certain countries have stringent immigration rules and are not very open towards outsider. The southern continent however, is particularly welcoming when it comes to immigrants. As Australia has been facing a shortage of skilled workers, there are specific policies that aid the immigration process for them.


People of different countries and age groups have and are immigrating to Australia due to a number of reasons. The young move here for better prospects in higher education, the working class migrates here for the ample job opportunities and the aged move here for an enriched retired life. The scenic beauty and healthy lifestyle of Australia is bound to attract individuals from all ages.


Whether you are a student or an aged person, Australia has a long list of options to select from depending upon your circumstances and situations.


Let us have a look at the options for family immigration to Australia.


Australian citizens, Australian Permanent Residents as well as suitable New Zealand residents are eligible to sponsor their families for residence in Australia. The term family covers relations such as spouse, partner, birth and adopted children, parents and to some extent even relatives.


Following are the broad categories under which families can conveniently migrate to Australia:


Partner Visa

Australian citizens, permanent residents or New Zealand residents can apply for partner visas to bring their spouse to Australia under the category of partner visa. Following people (of Australian citizen, permanent resident or eligible New Zealand residents) are eligible to apply under the category of partner visas:

  • Spouse,
  • Fiancé, or
  • De facto partner (including same sex).
  • At times even partners who are not married but can provide proof for living together for more than 12 months are deemed eligible under certain circumstances.


A partner migration booklet is available on the government website that answers queries regarding eligibility, timelines and documentations.


Child Visas

Birth or adopted children can be brought to Australia on permanent residency or student visas by their parents’ application for the same. Individuals are considered children when they are under the age of 18 years and unmarried. Adopted children fulfilling the same criteria are also eligible for applying visa.


Adults who are above 18 years of age, and are Australian citizen, permanent residents, or eligible citizen of New Zealand can sponsor children for child visa.


Parent Visas

Individuals who fulfil the criteria required for parent visa are eligible to apply. A parent-category visa holder is allowed to stay for two years as a temporary resident, or can permanently reside as an Australian permanent resident.


Individuals can apply for the Australian parent-category visa when they fulfil all of the following basic conditions:

  • The applicant child has been residing in Australia for two years before lodging the application.
  • The applicant child is an Australian citizen, Australian permanent resident or an eligible citizen of New Zealand.
  • The applicant parent has a sponsor, meets the health requirements and the balance of family criteria.

Other Family Members Options

Application under this category includes provisions for other aged and dependant relatives, extended relatives and care takers. The applicants need to be related to Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents or eligible New Zealand residents.


These and other such provisions prove that Australia is not only welcoming towards skilled immigrants but also takes care to allow and migrate their and other’s families with such different provisions in place.


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Canada or the maple-leaf country is well known as on of the ideal countries for immigration. This is possible because of the welcoming policies and the regulations that encourage immigrants to move to Canada.




Canadian immigration policies are convenient as per the need of the immigrants, and this includes the policies governing residency status. Canada offers work permit, student residency, business visas and permanent residency. Let us get to know about the Canadian Permanent Residency.


Canadian permanent residents are individuals who enjoy permission to work and live in Canada, but not citizens of Canada. They enjoy most of the rights of permanent citizens, and shoulder almost equal duties as citizens. Individuals with Canadian permanent residency are citizens of another country.


The Government-Assisted Refugee Program and the Private Sponsorship of the Refugees Program enable the refugees settled overseas to become permanent residents.


In order to become a permanent resident, an individual must reside in Canada for at least two out of five years. Other regulations regarding permanent residency application can be learnt from the official Canadian government websites: and


A Canadian citizen and a permanent resident differ with regards to certain rights and responsibilities. Let us have a look at the benefits of Canadian Permanent Residency:


Applying for Canadian Citizenship:

As a permanent resident, the first privilege an individual gets is the eligibility to apply for the Canadian citizenship. The resident will be granted the citizenship upon successful fulfilment of the required criteria.


Health Benefits:

Permanent residents enjoy healthcare benefits as covered under the Canadian Universal Healthcare Program. The medical cover expenses include annual check ups, immunisation, emergency room visits, et cetera.


Education and Work Benefits:

As a student holding permanent residency, an individual is eligible to study anywhere in Canada and attend any high school, college or university. As an permanent residency adult, a person is eligible to reside and work in any province in Canada.


Rights and Duties:

An individual enjoys most of the rights of Canadian citizen including the right to equal treatment; legal rights such as presuming innocence until proven guilty, and the right to a lawyer and an interpreter; the right to protection under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.


Duties of permanent residents include payment of taxes, respect of Canadian laws at each level of federation, province and municipality, and other general duties followed by other citizens.


Security Benefits:

Permanent residents enjoy security benefits such as the Canada Pension Plan, the Guaranteed Income Supplement, the Canada Child Tax Benefit and are also entitled to the Old Age Security Program. Working parents are also entitled to maternity and paternity leaves as applicable to Canadian citizen.


The Permanent Residency (PR) Card:

A permanent residency or a PR card is issued to individuals who hold the permanent residency status and are planning to leave the country for a certain amount of time. This card is the official proof of an individual’s permanent residency. This card is necessary when re-entering Canada. In the absence of the PR card, a resident will have to apply for a Travel Document to enter back in the country. This wallet sized plastic card is also known as the maple leaf card.


However, there are certain elements that a permanent resident does not enjoy. As a holder of the Canadian permanent residency, an individual cannot:

  • Vote in Canadian elections;
  • Run for political office in Canada;
  • Join the armed forces like an ordinary citizen.


In conclusion, the Permanent Residency feature of the Canadian immigration is ultimately very beneficial to immigrants and thus to the country too.


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Australia is becoming a preferred destination for migration among individuals from all ages and lifestyles. Youngsters come here for better education and employment opportunities and retired individuals come here for enhanced living and peaceful lifestyle.




Amongst the group of individuals who move to Australia, large number of people belongs to the working group. Some choose to settle here permanently while others are frequent visitors with equal intervals. Whatever may be the situations, Australia has always been welcoming towards the immigrants. Various different policies and provision cater to the different backgrounds of the immigrants.


Although it is very convenient to become permanent residents of Australia compared to many other countries, Australia has many different types of visas for working individuals. Many of these types cater to the temporary working manners of individuals and companies. This article explores the types of temporary visas in Australia.


All kinds of visas that have a limited validity are termed as temporary visas. These visas usually have less stringent screening procedures compared to permanent visas. One important visa amongst these is the Australian Temporary Work Visa.


The Australian Temporary Work Visa, also known as the Subclass 457 Visa, aims at skilled workers moving to Australia for a shorter duration of time. This duration can range from a single day to up to a period of four years, depending on the employer requirement.


Let us have a look at the other basic details for the Subclass 457 Visa.


Time limit:

A temporary work visa holder is eligible to reside in Australia from the span of one day to four years. During this time, there are no restrictions on the number of visits the visa holder can make to and from the country.


Requirements as Employers:

All employers need to show commitment to be approved as sponsors by the Australian government to be able to sponsor applicants for this visa. The employer/business needs to be set up in Australia, or an oversees business looking to set up business in the country.


These business must adhere to the employment opportunity related regulations and laws. They also need to fulfil the criteria for imparting proper training to the workers.


Requirements as Employees:

An employee is eligible for the temporary work visa if he/she fulfils the set requirements. He/she needs to be sponsored by an approved business. Businesses/employers usually sponsor individuals when they find it difficult recruit existing citizen or permanent residents.


An applicant also needs to be nominated to work in the approved occupation as well as meet the skills requirements for the said occupation. The applicants also need to meet the licensing and registration requirements for a particular occupation.


The Australian Government’s official website can be referred to check for other health, character and language proficiency requirements.



All the necessary documents need to be kept ready before applying for this visa. A detailed list of documents can be obtained from the Australian Government website.


Candidates can apply for this visa by filling the online application form available at:

This form is known as the eVisa application 1066.


Detailed information regarding all the procedures can be found in the Goernment .pdf document on the website:


The Subclass 457 or the Australian Temporary Work Visa has proven to be very useful for employers seeking skilled workers from oversees. It benefits the employees with its features of easier application as well as the permission to make frequent trips in and out of the country.


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Australia has always been one of the preferred destinations when it comes to migration. People from all ages and backgrounds prefer the Kangaroo-country for migration for a number of reasons.




Students choose to move to Australia for the excellent higher-education options, working class prefers migrating here for the suitable provisions depending on the nature of the work, and the elder population comes here for a very healthy lifestyle.


Out of the different kinds of immigrants to the southern continent, skilled workers show a higher preference to migrate to Australia for a number of reasons. This article focuses on the various reasons why skilled workers across the globe prefer migrating to Australia.



Australian policies have always proved beneficial to immigrants, and especially skilled workers. As there was a shortage of skilled labour in Australia, various policies and provisions have been created to encourage immigration. These provisions include medicinal facilities, healthcare benefits, family allowance, education benefits, loan facilities and at times even pension schemes.


Becoming permanent residents of Australia is also easier as compared to obtaining residency status in other countries. A noteworthy feature being that permanent residents in Australia enjoy almost all rights enjoyed by Australian citizen. The provisions for obtaining Australian citizenship too are easier as compared to other countries.


Visa Options

Working state is the longest phase in an individual’s life, and having your family in that phase matters a lot in terms of health and well-being.


As a country encouraging immigration, Australia offers a variety of options for visas depending on the immigrants’ circumstances. These options include the Temporary Skilled Worker Visa (Subclass 457), and visa options for immigrants’ families. Visa options for family include partner visa, child visa, parent visa and even visas for relatives and care takers.


Education Facilities

Skilled workers who have immigrated on work visas are also eligible to enrol for educational courses. This facility not only enhances their skill levels but also improves the overall quality of living. Education loans are also provided for certain courses depending upon their nature. There are also regulations that ensure immigrants are trained well in their occupation to enhance their skills.



The educational and equal employment opportunities ensure that an individual gets many opportunities for his/her personal growth. Australians have always been ken on maintaining a healthy work-life balance. The work culture and environment are also known to be healthy and growth-oriented.



Not only does the healthy culture promote personal development, Australia has always been successful when it comes to researches and the development of newer technologies. These developments ensure there are more employment opportunities being created, making the daily life easier and enhanced.



The whole world is aware of the picturesque natural beauty of Australia. With very low population density, even the metropolitan cities have a healthy and pollution-free environment. This ensures that not only is the daily lifestyle healthy, there are many reasonable and closer locations when it comes to vacations or camping. The overall lifestyle of Australian focuses towards health and fitness, and this is an important factor when it comes to working individuals.


The southern country has always been welcoming towards the immigrants with its encouraging policies and provisions. The provisions along with the culture are what make Australia a preferred destination amongst skilled workers.


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Australia’s financial and industrial market has been booming in the past couple of years, leading to an increase of demand in the labour market. Since Australia cannot satisfy its own requirements, skilled migrants have been offered permanent residency in Australia.



Migrants who apply for PR visa in Australia have to apply through the point based immigration system. Australia Subclass 189 allows an applicant to live and work in Australia as a PR visa holder. Here is everything you need to know about the Australia Subclass 189.


Generally, this visa type allows you to live and work in Australia through a migration system based on your skills assessment. In order to apply for this visa category, you must fulfill the basic criterion to qualify. For every criterion you meet, you are awarded with certain points that get you closer to qualify for the PR visa.



To qualify for Australia Subclass 189, you must fulfil the following criterion

  • AGE: You should be an adult, below the age of 50 years
  • PROFESSIONAL SKILLS: You’re skills should meet the standards set by the Australian authorities for the Occupations on the Skilled Occupation List
  • LANGUAGE SKILLS: You must score above 6.0 in your English language skills to qualify for this visa
  • QUALIFICATION: Your qualifications include your academics and certificates which also add up to the points that you require to qualify for a PR visa
  • WORK EXPERIENCE: Your work experience as a professional adds volume to your profile while applying for a PR visa in Australia
  • SPOUSE: You can also earn points if your spouse is qualified to work in Australia while migrating along with you

In addition to this, you must achieve a grand total of 60 points and above to qualify for the PR visa. This score is achieved on compilation of all the points you are awarded for every criteria mentioned above.



The benefits of working in Australia attract migrants from all over the world. Here are the top few benefits of migrating under Australia Subclass 189.

  • LIVE & WORK – As a PR Visa holder, you are eligible to live and work in Australia for a fixed duration
  • STUDY – Living in Australia with a PR visa allows you to study and take up VET (Vocational Education & Training) in schools and colleges in Australia
  • MEDICARE – Australia provides one of best medi-care facilities provided by the government at subsidized cost
  • TRAVEL – As a permanent resident, you are not eligible to travel in Australia during your stay here
  • ELIGIBLE FOR AUSTRALIAN CITIZENSHIP – Once a PR Visa holder, you are also eligible to apply for Australian Citizenship
  • SPONSOR PEOPLE FOR PR – One of the biggest advantages of being a permanent resident in a country like Australia is that you can sponsor the visa for your family members

Apart from this, Australia is one of the top most country chosen by migrants many reasons. Along with professional satisfaction, migrants also feel that Australia has a lot to provide socially as well as culturally. This, in the end contributes to the decision making while moving to Australia.


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