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STUDY IN AUSTRALIA – Tips to study in Australia

STUDY IN AUSTRALIA – Tips to study in Australia


Want to study abroad and explore other options as well? Australia is considered as one of the best study destination among countries. When you compare to traditional educational alternatives in countries like the UK and the USA, Australia has many more options to present for emigrating students. It isn’t a surprise that Australia is the third favourite choice among students wanting to study abroad.

Let’s take a look below why Australian educational system is so popular among the masses.


Easy procedure of Visa Application

Yes, you need a visa even to study in Australia. And the process is easy and convinient too. Everything is done online and your visa details too get virtually linked which speeds up things.
On comparison to that other countries, the steps are less complicated which makes it applicant-friendly.

Cultural Diversity

Australian government welcomes emigrants from all over the world. And the immigration rate has increased a lot in the last few decades, accelerating Australia’s booming economy. This means, you will come across many emigrating students like yourself and will find it easy to blend it. And maybe, you’ll always find someone to talk to when you get homesick.


Government Sponsored Financial Aid

The Government of Australia has certain funded scholarships as awards for deserving students. For this, you have to be enrolled with a local Australian educational institution. Also, the course or program you are part of should be enlisted with the Scholarship schemes. For this, you should talk if the corse you are taking can be partially or completely sponsored by the Government.


Grading system in Australia

If you are used to the regular grades, get ready to leave them behind before you emigrate to Australia. The grading system in Australian eduational institutions is quite different. Most Universities and colleges use the following.

  • HD – High Distinction
  • D – Distinction
  • C – Credit
  • P – Pass
  • F – Fail


Cost of Living

On comparison with the United Kingdom or the United State of America, the cost of living in Australia is lower. As a student, you have to provide evidence of sufficient funds to support your stay and tution fees in Australia.


Job Opportunities

While other countries are very picky when it comes to recruiting emigrants, there are a lot of opportunities for foreign students who graduate from local Australian universities. Once you gain work experience with multinational companies, you can use this knowledge to stand out from the rest.
This is one more reason why students want to study abroad. To know ore about job opportunities, just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and let our agents help you with the same.


The climate and lifestyle are also other reasons why Australia suits best for students looking forward to a future in Australia.


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Mistakes to avoid while emigrating to Canada

Mistakes to avoid while emigrating to Canada


The CIC (Citizenship and Immigration Canada) has 60 immigration programs with special criterias. Even though the criterias set by CIC are pretty clear, there are cases where the applicants get rejected due to their mistakes. But, there is always a way out. In case of rejection due to mistake on part of applicant, they can resubmit their documents.


Here are 5 mistakes to avoid while emigrating to Canada.



When you imigrate to Canada, you need evidence of your language proficiency in either English or French. This level is set and defined by the Canadian Level Benchmark (CLB) System.

Different tests for checking language proficiency are taken under consideration depending upon the immigration you apply for. However, it is mandatory that you should meet the minimum score set by the CLB.

The Language Proficiency tests include the following

  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Speaking
  • Listening

Here is an example of the IELTS (International English Language Testing System) test to explain the whole process.

  • The IELTS is accepted as evidence of English proficiency for Federal Skilled Worker Program
  • You must score at least Level 7 in all four language abilities – i.e. 6.0 in each language ability listed above
  • To avoid any mistakes, double check the language criterias of your program



Candidates aspiring to acquire permanent residency in Canada need to list down their history – travel, personal and educational history. Here are afew things to keep in mind while listing down your information.

  • Avoid blind spots in your personal history
  • Note down every details – even vacations and periods of your unemployment
  • Double check your dates to match the information and letters that you submit with the authorities



In case you want to emigrate to Canada along with your family, you have to be sure your dependents are not listed in the ineligible dependents list.

Here are a list of dependents who are eligible to emigrate along with you Canada.

  • Spouses
  • Common-law partners
  • Biological or legally adopted children
  • Parents
  • Siblings

To avoid any issues with your dependents, make sure you list only the eigible dependents.



In order to simplify the documentation process, many candidates hire representatives to assist them with the procedure. Usually, these hired representatives maybe paid or unpaid, but if paid, they should be authorized by the government to assist in Canadian Immigration.

If you are looking for representatives, ask for documents and credentials.

Migrate Me is registered and regulated with Australia’s MARA and Canada ICCRC to offer the most up-to-date Immigration advice.



For those who are looking for employment in Canada, for most immigration programs, you have to provide an employment letter as evidence of employment.

The following details should be included in the reference letters:

  • Word Designation
  • Working Hours
  • Salary and working conditions
  • Employer’s signature
  • Company details – i.e. address, contact information, etc

To make sure that the proceedings move smoothly, make sure the above requirements are met.


Now that all your doubts about immigration are cleared, let us start processing your visa for Canada. Just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and let our experts assist you with the documntation.







You become a permanent resident in Canada when you acquire the permanent residency status by immigrating to Canada. But you must understand you are not a Canadian citizen yet. Permanent residents still belong to, or own citizenship of other countries.

If you are a student or a temporary worker, you are not a permanent resident. You can apply for permanent residency after you are eligible for the same.



One you have acquired a PR Card, you have evidence of the same while you are travelling outside Canada. To re-enter Canada, you have to provide this PR Card to board any commercial transport like airplanes, boats, busses or trains.

In case you card expires, you can still do the following –

  • You are eligible to social benefits like any other Canadian citizens (inclusive of health care coverage)
  • You can live, work or study in Canada
  • You can re-apply for Canadian citizenship
  • You can avail protection under Canadian law and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms

It is important that you pay taxes and follow all the Canadian laws at all – federal, provincial and municipal levels.

Here are a few things rights you are not eligible for as a permanent resident.

  • You cannot vote or run for political office of any kind
  • You cannot hold some jobs with high-level security clearance



For refugees of other nationality who have resettled in Canada can acquire permanent residency status through the Government Assisted Refugee Program or the Private Sponsorship of Refugees Program.

As a refugee, if you make a refugee claim while in Canada, you do not become a permanent resident immediately. To be eligible, the Immigration and Refugee Board should approve your refugee claim. Once approved, you can apply for permanent residency status.



As a permanent resident, you can also live outside Canada after you have spent a time period of 5 years in Canada. In case you live outside Canada for too long, you can lose your permanent residency status.



Living outside Canada for too long may not lose your permanent residency immediately. To give up your permanent residency status, you have to go through the official process to give up your PR status.


You may lose your permanent resident status in the following cases

  • An adjudicator declares or determines that you are no longer a permanent resident following an inquiry
  • The visa officer declares that you do not meet the requirements for the residency you applied for
  • You voluntarily give up your permanent residency


You may lose your permanent resident status in the following cases:

  • You live in Canada for only three out of five years
  • You are convicted of a serious crime and told to leave Canada
  • You become a Canadian citizen


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5 reasons to travel to Vancouver with your family

5 reasons to travel to Vancouver with your family


Parties, gifts, get togethers are pretty regular stuff. This holiday season, experience some old fashioned fun with your family.

Vancouver is an amazing holiday attraction this season – a perfect family getaway! Here are top 5 places you definitely can’t miss to see once you are in Vancouver.



For all those skate-lovers, the outdoor rink is the heart of Vancouver and is open daily for free ice skating! Bring along your own skates or rent some to carve up the ice with your skating skills.Cloured lights and music definitely adds to the oliday feel, while the skaters are kept warm by the vendors with their hot chocolate and delicious snacks. In case you are a newbie but can’t keep your self from skating, you can avail the special ice walkers who will help you skate for minimal charges.

Rented Skates: $4

Rented Ice Cleats – $4



An amazing adventure for the kids where they board a mini train and explore the forests which is decorated with more than 3 million lights! The Train Plaza is gorgeously decorated specially during Christmas and hence is a major attraction for tourists. Once here, you can’t miss the train ride into the acre park known for its lights and live performances by artists.


Adults – $11

Kids and Seniors (3-17 years) – $8

Daytime matinee trains – $6 for all ages



Grouse Mountain looks no less that a mini North Pole during the holiday season. You can Skyride to the ski resort which is almost a mile long and discover the beautiful scenaries and 8000 sq ft skating pond, all covered in snow! For kids, there are mountain top sleigh rides to visit the workshop of Santa Claus! What more would your kids ask for than to see live reindeers and be welcomed by the big man in red himself!


Adults – $41.95

Youth (13-18 years) – $23.95

Kids (5-12 years)- $13.95



For some more fun, you can combine both carolling as well as holiday light sightseeing while you are on your 3 hour tour with Vancouver Trolley Company. You can board the decorated wooden trolley and be ready to be whsiked off to the best light displays in the city – Bright Nights at Stanley Park, VanDusen Botanical Garden’s Festival of Lights featuring 1 million dancing lights and many more.


Adults – $40

Seniors and Students – $35

Kids – $25



The 140 metre long suspended bridge is fabulously decorated with millions of light and is, one of its kind. Discover the entire rainforest by the Pacific Coasts after crossing the swaying bridge held high above the Capilano river. The Pacific coastal rainforest is decorated with thousands of lights during this holiday season and it is breath taking to view the same. For the adrenaline junies can climb into the canopy and get a aerial view of the special platforms and bridges. Another special attraction at the Canyon lights is the word’s tallest tree – a beautifully decorated Douglas fir tree which stands as tall as 46 metres tall!


Adults – $32.95

Seniors – $30.95

Youth (13-16 years) – $21.95

Kids (6-12 years) – $12


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Canada is known for its century old contribution to the culinary world with a variety of dishes, ranging from soups to desserts. Here are a list of 9 Canadian foods and best places to find them.



An Ottawa chef Marc Miron was highly inspired by the French Explorer Samuel de Champlain and what kept them nourished while they were settling in the new land almst 400 years ago. And for his surprise, the explorer gave credits to their well being to the Split Pea Soup, and hence it’s introduction to the French Canadian cuisine.

The split pea soup consists of cut meats, dried peas along with freshly cut vegetables and herbs.

Best place to find: Miron’s habitant Pea Soup at Cuisine & passion.



Canadian Pizza is qute different form the American style pizza – it is less doughy and fried and has also taken the range of toppings to a whole new level. Flavours include Cronenberg Crash and the Wayne Gretzky along with their traditional complimentary toppings – Maple Syrup.

Best place to find: Ron Telesky’s in Kreuzberg in Berlin



Naother greatest addition to the French Candian cusine was Poutine, which later became Canada’s most outlandish dish in itself. A poutine is made of peppery meat based gravey and squeaky curds on wedges and fries.

Best place to find: Smoke’s Poutinerie should be your first preference. For real treats, there are annual poutine festivals to celebrate the history of poutine.



Peameal bacon is branded as the Canadian Bacon just about everywere in Canada. Canadian Bacon is unlike any traditional bacon – lean pork loin that is brined and roled in cornmeal!

Whie England was experiencing a shortage, Canada was exporting pork to England. During this time, it was rolled in yellow peas for better preservation, which switched to cornmeal in later times.

Best place to find: Carousel Bakery in St. lawrence Market in Toronto.



A deep rooted French-Canadian dish – Tourtiere is said to be almost 400 years old! Having said that, it is also said that this delicious pie got its name from the uensil it is baked in. Interesting, isn’t it?

A Tourtiere typically has a filling of ground pork, beef or veal with a range of herbs sprinkled all over it. In this Holiday season, many Canadian families follow a tradition to bake tourtieres for Christmas and New years.

Best place to find: Aux Anciens Canadiens in Quebec City.



Beavertails – Flattened donut without a hole, literally! Beavertails are also a traditional Canadian dish whose recipe was handed down in the family of Graham Hooker for generations. It wasonly in 1979 that they opened their first outlet in Ottawa and presented beavertails to the wider audience.

Beavertails are topped with Nutella, sugar and a variety of sweets.

Best place to find: BeaverTails across the country. Some of the landmarks are Vancouver’s Grouse mountain and Halifax’s Waterfront.



Butter tarts are a rich, delectable treat which is considered as part of staple Canadian food. It consists of a delicate crust and a creamy centre made of butter, sugar and egg and sometimes, raisins too.

Best place to find: Butter Tart Trail is your best bet. Apart from that, there are also readily available in most coffee shops too.



Nanaimo bars are rich triple layered dessert bar made with a mixture of crumbs, vanilla flavoured butter and melted chocolate. Though its exact origin is still unknown, a cookbook with a recipe of the same was found in 1953.

Best place to find: At your home! Just gather these ingredients and bring out the chef in you.



Though it might not seem eligible to be declared as a stand alone dish, there is still something very special and Canadian about this product. And then there are ketchup chips which is a winning snack here in Canada. And it is not a surprise to find Canadians slathering ketchup on Kraft Dinner or having grilled cheese dipped in ketchup. So yes, anything and everything goes well with some ketchup on it!

Best place to find: Just any grocery store.


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Study in Canada – Everything about studying in Canada



A large section of universities and educational institutions are located in Canada, both urban as well as rural areas. These universities are globally recognised for their quality of students they produce every year.


As per United Nations’ recent surveys, Canada is rated as one of the best places for immigrants. With higher life expectancy, competitive level of education as per global standards, Canada stands as a good place for students to emigrate to.


The number of student migration to Canada has increased over the decade, especially for degrees and diplomas in Canadian instituions. These courses are globaly recognised and have now become a trend in Canada.


As per university of British Columbia, Oanagan, the number of international students from 22 countries in Canada has risen to more than 600 students in 75 campuses.


Education system:

Canada doesn’t have a central education system like other countries. It is under the jurisdiction of each province.


Fee system:

Most of the major universities in Canada are publicly funded. Hence, these universities are of high quality, regardless of their field of study while maintaining a high degree of academic autonomy. There are about 90 universities and above 175 community colleges in canada. Their fee structure ranges from CAD$ 6,000 to CAD$ 30,000 per annum.



The official languages in Canada are English and French. Therefore, an emigrating student can apply for a degree in an English or French institution. However, the student need not be fluent in both languages.

To qualify for a degree in English speaking universities, students must pass the TOEFL or IELTS tests.

To study in French language institution, there are no standardized French language test.



Emigrating students are advised to apply early as the admissions too are competitive. The application deadline for September programmes start from the first week of February.

Though all universities and community colleges have intakes in September, some provide February intakes as well. Some colleges have more than three intakes a year, their certifications are categorized as per diploma, bachelor degrees, postgraduate certificates and advanced certificates and PhD.


Student life in canada:

Canada is one of the most multicultural and diverse countries and highly favourabe for emigrant students from all over the world. Despite rigour education programmes, they give equal importance to other curriculam activities as well. As a student, you will come across many social events, post graduation celebration parties and other sports activities to enhance you educational programme.


Working as a students:

Students who are emigrating to Canada for ther studies are allowed to work accordingly.

  • Part time for 20 hours per week – first 6 months in campus or off campus
  • Part time for 40 hours per week – during vacations where average pay is between CAD$ 7 – 10 per hour


Many universities also offer paid or unpaid internships for a couple of months during the course, like post-graduate programmes like MBA.

For graduates who complete a full time programme (more than 8 months, less than 2 years) will receive a work permit for the period of their stay in Canada.



Canadian universities welcomes aspiring students from all over the world. The canadian economy is also favourable for students searching for jobs after their education is complete.



Doesn’t that clear all your doubts about studying in Canada? Let us start processing your student visa by filling in the FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and our experts will get in touch with you.



Emigrating to Copenhagen – The Happiest City in the World


Emigrating to Copenhagen – The Happiest City in the World


Copenhagen – one of the oldest cities in Europe and the capital of Denmark is very well known for its cleanliness. A place with long, narrow street, beautiful canals, old colourful houses and amazing beaches – what more could you ask for?

Surprisingly, Copenhagen gets its name from the Germans. According to its history, the original Danish name meant “The Mechants’ Harbour” which was later changed to Copenhagen. Having evolved froma small village to a cosmopolitan city that you see now, copenhagen alone attracts more than a million tourists a year.



According to the World Happiness Report 2013, Copenhagen ranks topin the happiest city and the best place to live in the world. Be it their attitude or their way of living, Danes do a pretty good job at being happy!



Passionate about biking? Copenhagen is the destination for you. Almost half of the population in Copenhagen rides to work every day. In fact, the roads are partially dominated by cyclists. But beware! The rules and regulations are strict which you will surely ge used to once you start cycling in Copenhagen!



Copenhagen is also known for its thoroughly clean, clean enough for people to even swim in it. You would be surprised that most people prefer tap water against bottles drinking water. Reason? It is clean and way cheaper than bottled water!



The Stroget street is the longest car free shopping zone in Scandinavia. This mile long street is famous for its luxury good, dining, street artists and other shopping comodities – all tax free! All those shopoholics out there, indulge in some stress free street shopping or simply let the incredible sreet artists entertain you!

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Danes love to relax and they love the sun! From parks to the beautiful beaches, you will find Danes suntanning everywhere! In fact, Nudism is also acceptable in Denamrk and for all flashers, you will come across many CO (Clothes Optional) beaches in Copenhagen itself!



Christiania, a free town with a controversial self-government town located outside the city centre. Once here, you will find tax free cars while the town runs as per the community law. It is open for visitors to come and appreciate the state of the art culture in Christiania. And yes, it is SAFE too!



The Danish flagis the oldest state flag in the world used by an independent nation. As per the legends, the Danish flag was adopted and independently used from 1219 and has been the pride of Denmark since then!



Did you know that the iconic Sydney Opera House was designed by Dane Jorn Utzorn, a Danish architect? For those who have a keen eye for heritage, the majestic palaces, buildings and gardens will surely be of your interest.

In one line, Conhagen is a city simply known for its majesticity, elegance and exquisitely gorgeous architectures.



You will hear stories of the Danish Queen making informal entrances to events and places. It is very common for tourists and locals to see the Royal Danish family in nearby churches, shops and even churches!



Yes, apart from being the happiest city in the world, the largest city in Europe, the best place for cyclists, Copenhagen is also the a very clean city. This city is so clean and beautiful – very close to be the cleanest city in the world!



The safest, the cleanest, the happiest city – Copenhagen is surely the pride of all the Danes around the globe!



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Denmark – the Kingdom known for its scenic beauty, beaches and heritage, is located in Western Europe. Many travellers from all over the world go to Denmark every year for sight seeing or rent cottages along the beaches. And since Denmark provides you with so many things to see, leanr and take back with you, it is assumed to be an expensive place for travellers and expats.

But here we are, proving that is assumption is nothing but a myth. Here are a few insider tips to travel to Denmark without blowing off your budget!

On an average, your stay in hotels, food and sight seeing will cost you around 600-700 kroner per day. But we provide you with tips on how to bring down this to 100-2—kroner per day.

This is what you should do.


Eat within your Budget

The easiest and the pocket friendly way to eat within your budget is to buy your food from super markets. You can find pretty good deals in the stores mentioned below.

  • Netto
  • Aldi
  • Fakta
  • REMA 1000

During barbeque session, you can go up to the park or the beaches along with your partner and mates and have lunch together. And most Danes do it this way.

Another suggestion would be the local stores and mobile shops like hot dog stands, local pizzerias or Steak Houses.


A Roof within your Budget

Accommodation in hotels in Denmark can be upto 800 kroner per night – little expensive if you are planning to stay for a couple of days. For solo travellers and for those who are comfortable sharing rooms with other travellers, hostels can provide you good deals. And for those travelling with family, they do provide special facilities like private rooms for families and partners.

Another cheap yet adventuous alternative is to rent a caravan or a summer. But make sure you book one in advance!

Third option, for all those nature lovers, is to pitch up a tent along the beaches or in the forests, It wont cost you anything as long as you are carrying your own stuff and, is also a great way to enjoy the simplistic life on the countryside.


Travelling Cheap

It is a very common sight in Denmark to see people riding bikes. Yes – Danes loves bikes! Its cheap, easy and a convinient way to travel around the place at your own will. In cities, you can loan a bike for 20 kroner as a deposit which is refunded when you return the bike to the stands. That makes the bike practically free for your use!

If you are travelling across cities, buses are your best options. If you are opting for a train journey, look out for those orange discount tickets. While bus fares cost around 150 kroner, train tickets can go upto 382 kroner.

You can also opt for hitchhiking – Denmark is safe that way!


Free Events and Attractions

Denamrk has a lot to offer and most of them is for free! There are massive castles, churches, mansions, gardens and amusement parks along the country side which offer free entry and are interesting places to goto with your young ones.

Some of the free events that you will come across in Denamrk are:

AALBORG CARNIVAL – Largest Carnival in Northern Europe where people dress up in fancy yet crazy costumes as per the theme decided.

BEER FESTIVALS – Held twice a year (May and September) is another festival you should add to your list.

AARHUS UNIVERSITY BEER RELAY – An event held in May where around 15000 students gather around the lake and cheer the participants. These participants cross the lake in a hand-built ship, drink beer, run around the ship and sail back to the shore.

GAY PRIDE PARADE – This is a fun celebration where people celebrate the rights of gays and contribution of the gays to the society.

CHRISTMAS MARKET – Christmas market can be found anywhere around the big cities between November and December.


Here are a few basic tips on how to travel in Denmark on as low as $25 per day!


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Living in Australia vs Canada

 Living in Australia vs Canada


Australia and Canada are two countries which rank highest in immigration. Both of these countries enjoy a reputation of a high quality of life enjoyed by its people.

So, for all those in the UK looking to migrate, where is it going to be in the battle of Australia vs Canada? The land of mooses or kangaroos? Let us help you decide.



Unless you love cramps and airline food, your trip from the UK to Australia will be 24 hours + stops. That is approximately 17,000km from home while London to Canada, probably Toronto is 7 hours (5720 km).

In short, you can watch an entire session of Game of Thrones twice before you reach Australia!



Once you land in a new country, you will start searching for a roof over your head. For those looking for cheap rent, it might be difficult to find so in the city. Opting for a place on the outskirts will be a wiser option to choose.

On the whole, life in Canada is cheaper compared to that in Australia.



While Canada transportation consists of subways, trains, buses and streetcars i.e. trams while you will find only the train and bus system in Australia. Both the countries and well connected through all these routes, and the fares depend on the length of your journey you choose to make.



Waiting for a deal breaker? This is probably the one that will help you make up your mind.

Canada and Australia have totally opposite weathers, literally! So when it is Christmas in Canada, you’ll be all covered up in long johns while you could be wearing a bathing suit in Australia.

Canada has 4 distinct seasons from warm summers to cold winters while the temperate climate in Australia leads to warm summers and mild winters in Australia. Also, Australian summers are less humid as compared to those in Canada, esecially Toronto.



Once you have settled down with your partner or family, you should start looking for a job if you don’t have one already.

Theunemployment rate in Canada and Australia is very low compared to other countries. There is a high demand for skiller workers in both countries. So if you are an electrician or maybe from the hospitatity industry, you wont have to wait too ling before you get selected.

Tip: Being from a British or Irish background, you ca start searching jobs in the same community itself.



Yes. It is better to be aware of the taxaion system before hand. There is no escaping the fact that you have to pay your taxes.

In Canada, the provincial and federal VAT add up to 13%. And when in Canada, you won’t find these taxes included in the price tag, but will be payable at the cashier. Also, you should apply for a SIN (Social Insurance Number) before you begin to work. In Canada, the amount of tax also depends on how much you make in a year.

In Australia, the VAT is 10% on all purchases and is included in the sale price of the items. Once in Australia, you should apply for TFN (Tax File Number) for tax purposes.

The taxable year in Canada is from 1st january till 31st December, while its from 1st July to 30th June in Australia.



Toronto is usually 5 hours ahead of the Uk while Sydney is around 9 hours behind. And by usually, we mean that Autumn and Spring in Australis, Canada and Britain are completely different. You might have to adjust your watchees accordingly and maybe wait for a couple of days till you get used to the time system completely.



Canada as well as Australia have a diverse population. While you wil come across more of Chinese, Indian, Sri Lankan, jamaican in Canada, the Indonesian, Thai and Lebanese population is dominant in Australia.



The visa applicaton process for Canada is easier compared to that of any other country, inspite of emphasising on having fluency in English and/or French. Canada has fewer visa sub classes and less complicated visa application assessments.

Getting a PR in Canada or Australia is based on your eigibility and other factors that are in sync with the economic development of the country.

Applying for a work visa is the easiest way to get to Australia. Skilled persons like doctors, nurses or engineers have beter scope for PR in Australia.

Migrate-Me helps you increase your chances at getting the right job and ermanent residency in Canada as well as Australia.


After an indepth study the difference of lifestyle in these two countries, it will get easier for you to decide where you will migrating next! Just fill in the FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and let’s get started!







Canada is the land of opportunities and with the recent economic upgrades, a lot of immigrants ar emigrating to Canada every year. It isnt surprising that every 6 person in Canada is an migrant.


For those who are considering getting employed in Canada should have a Work Permit to be eligible to work there. This permit is also known as Working Holiday Visa.


A section of Forein Affairs and International trade Canada (DFAIT) called the international Experience Canada (IEC) manages the Canadian Working Holiday Visa. The Working Holiday visa permits you to stay, work and travel in Canada for a period of 12 months.



  • You should be of the age of 18-30 years
  • You should have no criminal records and a police recod to attest it
  • You should have a valid passport
  • You should have financial support of C$2,500 to support your stay in Canada

The validity period for UK citizens is valid for 24 months from the date of entry clearance. The IEC processes all the applications as per the criterias mentioned in their terms and conditions.



Step 1: Submit your application to IEC

Step 2: Submit your application to MyCIC


For IEC, you have to create an account and enter your complete details. The IEC evaluates your submission on basis of:

  • All the information provided by you is valid
  • All the information provided is up to date
  • All the documents have been submitted

For MyCIC, You have to ceate an account to apply for work permit. Your application will be evaluated as per CIC laws nd regulations.

Once your application has met all the basic requirements, you are now eligible to go to Canada.



Migrate Me will assist you to successfully apply and get visa for Canada. Our experts look into your case file and make sure that your application is up to the best possible mark. We apply for jobs and get sponsorship for you. Our associates in Canada will help you get direct job sponsorships and help refine your application and job search on a regular basis.


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