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Travellers guide to Melbourne

Travellers guide to Melbourne, Australia


Melbourne – the name says it all! Being Australia’s second largest city, it is the hub for fashion, culture, sports and food. This city plays host for many well known tournaments and events like the Melbourne Cur Horse race, F1 Grand Prix, Australian Open Tennis Championship and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival to tickle your funny bones.


Melbourne is all about experiencing and exploring and it will definitely bring out the traveler in you. Here is a list of things that you got to do – the Melbourne style!


AFL, at the MCG – Your love for sports will definitely pull you to the MCG. Built in 1853, it has hosted many matches, national and international level. It isn’t a surprise that MCG is the home of Australian Rules Football (AFL). If you are new to Australia, this game will change the way you look at sports.


Get Trammed – Melbourne has perfectly and efficiently maintained carriages of the Melbourne tram system. The bright red carriages along with their antique looks make it a favourite among travelers in the city. It is a great way to travel around the city and yes, free of cost!


Shopping in Chapel Street – Be it Chic or traditional, Chapel street is the perfect shopping destination for you. Think of anything and you will find it at Chapel Street! While there are street food joints and fashion boutiques on one side, there are a variety of up market shops selling antiques and vintage goods.


The Eureka Skydeck 88 – To have a bird eye’s view of the city is definitely one thing you should have in your bucket list. Eureka Skydeck 88 is one such place to visit to get a 360 degree view of the whole city. For some great and ‘edgy’ views, a glass cube has been built projecting out of the building called “The Edge”. Even the adventurers can have a taste of the adrenaline rush by enjoying the view of the city. Our visa experts will assist you get your tourist visas to Australia.


Laneway Bars – Melbourne’s nightlife cannot go unnoticed. Laneway bars top the list of nightlife destinations in Melbourne. Each of the bars in the laneways has their own signature scheme coupled up with the hole-in-th-wall bars cum atmosphere. If you find yourself at “Hairy Canary”, do try the eggplant chips for sure! Tip: Don’t miss the Cuban music and jazz at “Murmur” and “Paris Cat”.


Get Art-ified (Hosier Lane) – Come to Hosier Lane and discover the dedicated space for outdoor living art at Hosier Lane. The graffiti artists in this lane were earlier prosecuted for their expression of art on the walls of Hosier Lane. Every inch of this lane is now spray painted with various arts which will blow up your mind every time you look at them.


Into the Wild – Watching koalas cuddling on eucalyptus trees cannot be less than a dream come true. Join a private wildlife travel group and explore the wild side of Australia. From Australian mammals to birds to reptiles and insects, you will be exposed to one of the best wildlife experience. Just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and get a step closer to the wildlife of Australia!


Penguin Parade – Philip Island, where you can view the world’s largest Little Penguin colony is only an a couple of hours away from Melbourne. Hop into your cars and find your way to the land where thousands of these little creatures emerge from the sea and waddle their way up to the sand dune burrows on sunset.


Great Ocean Road – After a day filled with adventures, a nice long drive outside the city will soothe your stress. The Great Ocean Road is one of the most beautiful drives in Australia. Stretching up to 151 miles along the Southeast Coast of Australia, the Great Ocean Road is registered on the Australian National Heritage list.

Here are 9 things to do in Melbourne!


Now that you know why Australia ranks top among the best tourist destinations in the world, you can begin the process for applying for a visa yourself by filling out FREE VISA ASSESSMENT for and let our experts do the hard work for your smooth visit to Australia!



Living in Canada



Living in Canada


Be it living in the big city or the rural interiors, Canada has a lot to offer to its migrants. Canada has ranked among the top 10 countries for migration. Known for its immigrant friendly policies and environment, it isn’t a surprise that every 5th person in Canada is a happy immigrant.


Besides these, a study by the OECD also published that Canada maintains a good standard in housing, income, health, employment and safety, which makes it favourable as a country to settling down in.


For all those emigrating to Canada, here is an overview of living in Canada.


Demographics and Geographical factors

The metropolitan places and big cities have the highest number of expats working there. Almost 80% of the population is from the urban centers, while the rest of the country is comparatively sparsely populated.


Located in the northern area of North America, Canada is surrounded by the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans on its eastern and western boundaries. Canada being the second largest country of the world, is also known for its scenic views and amazing geographical factors. From the Great Lakes to the maritime regions, the Prairies up to the Arctic in the North, Canada has a diverse geographical distribution. Apart from all these, the Niagara Falls and the Bay of Fundy are among the natural highlights of the country.



Canada is performing extremely well on the economic front, which makes it favourable for both, Employees as well as Businessmen. With the rising wages and strengthening currency, Canada’s average wage is higher than that in USA, the UK and most of Europe. In the last few years, Toronto, Vancouver, Edmonton and Calgary have emerged as major job providing cities in Canada.


For those who will be hunting for jobs after arriving to Canada should have a good financial backup to fund their stay in Canada.



Canadians are known for their warm and welcoming behavior, especially the ones situated in the rural and provincial Canada. The philosophy of live and let live is widely seen and felt in Canada. For first time travelers, it might be difficult to differentiate the English Speaking provinces in Canada from those in the USA.


People of Canada belong to various racial and religious backgrounds. Hence, there isn’t a proper definition of the Canadians. You will come across people from various castes, creeds and religions that live harmoniously in Canada.


Are you already in love with their culture? Just fill in this FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and start with your visa application today!



Soon after you settle down in Canada, you will notice that having a car is a must have in Canada. Nearly 8/10 people own and drive a car in Canada. Be it rural or large city or even the tourist attractions are mostly accessible by car.


Nevertheless, if you end up in one of the metropolitan cities, public transport can be your next best bet. For a more exclusive public transport experience, you can also opt for the subways in Toronto and Montreal.


Last, but not the least, for trans-Canadian trips, many use the extensive railway network too.



For expats in Canada, renting a place is cheaper and more convenient than buying a place in Canada. Living in apartments isn’t a norm in Canada. You will come across partly or fully furnishes small houses for rent as well. Many southern Canadian homes come well equipped and furnished, ready for you to move in with your partner!


Though there are few rules restricting foreigners from buying property in Canada, buying a home is still feasible.


Tip: Heating equipments for winters and Air-conditioning for summers can be little pricey so make sure you are ready to make these investments when you emigrate to Canada.



Canada’s health care system provides coverage to all its citizens. It is funded by a group of socialized health insurance plans by the federal government. Given that the weather and the lifestyle is pretty good in Canada, the life expectancy at birth is 81 years while the infant mortality rates is the lowest compared to other industrialized countries.


Canada spends around 11.4% of its GDP on health care, which puts it among one of the higher end countries of OECD. A poll held in 2011 also said that 57% of Canadians are satisfied with the health care services, which compared to USA’s 25% is a good score.


Tip: Toronto and Vancouver are rated the most multicultural and cosmopolitan cities. They are famous for their artistic and cultural activities, along with, of course the wide range of restaurants offering cuisines from all over the world.


Get a step closer to moving to Canada. Just fill in this FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and our experts will guide you through your relocation process to Canada.



Travel to Australia Solo!


Travel to Australia Solo!


Fancy being a backpacker and explore farthest corners of earth? Do you love your own companionship? Australia is the country for travelers like you! With a working holiday visa in hand and your backpack strapped to your shoulders, Australia is the ideal location for you. Being an English speaking country famous for outgoing nature of its people, it’s the perfect set-up for first time backpackers.

Don’t be nervous! Here are a few tips on how to travel to Australia solo!




It is always advisable to go prepared before you leave for your trip. Here are a few must-haves:

  • Travel Insurance – Make sure you purchase your travel insurance to cover for things like medical emergencies and lost/stolen things. You don’t want to be running helter-skelter in case you lose something on your way.


  • Right Visa – Secondly, make sure you have the correct type of visa with you. If you are travelling for more than 3 months, you can apply for Working Holiday Visa where you can travel and do casual jobs simultaneously. Fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT forms and let our experts guide you with your visa requirements.


  • Tickets and Passports – Once you have your Visas and insurance in place get your tickets and passports in place. For cheaper airline deals, it is best if you book your tickets a couple of months before your d-day.


  • First Aid/Medical Kit – Now that you have made up your mind that you will be travelling solo, you are on your own. So it’s better to carry basic medical kit along with medicines that you think you might not find easily in the places you plan to visit. Also, if you suffer from any kind of allergies, do keep your anti-allergy tablets handy.


  • Travel Journal – A Travel Journal is going to be your best friend on your trip to Australia. You will definitely want to write down all those marvelous experiences that will cross your path.




The Bus transportation services in Australia are a boon for those travelling by themselves. In Oz Experience or Greyhound bus, you choose a route and purchase a bus pass before you go. It is more like a hop-on and hop-off trip. Be a fast-traveler or a slow one, you are bound to bump into people you have met before. It is extremely flexible and safe way to travel around Australia, especially when you are low on your budget.



Now that you have got a feel of travelling in Australia, you will come across many like yourself who will have stories to share. Get a bed in hostel and you will get to meet many backpackers like yourself. Share stories and experiences over a couple of beers and make travel buddies! Some of the well known hostels in Australia are Surfside Bondi Beach, Cool Bananas Town, Base Magnetic Island, Holiday Village Byron, etc.

If you are looking for travel buddies, you should check out websites like Gumtree and Rideshare or check the notice boards in hostels. You will come across messages from travelers on those boards regarding trips, guides, rent vehicles, etc.



For a quick tour around the country, you can book some tour groups. From tenting under the star-lit sky to driving along the beaches up to cooking meals together, you will find tour-mates to share these experiences with. These tours are a cheap and easy way to go around Uluru and Kings Canyon or a tour to Kangaroo Island.


Now that you know why Australia tops the list of the most favored destination for solo travelers, just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and let’s get the visa process started!



Handy tips while emigrating to Australia


Handy tips while emigrating to Australia


Planning to emigrate to Australia but can’t decide where to start? Australia is a huge land with a long list of places to visit. And it is always best to plan things before hand. Here are few handy tips while you are emigrating Australia.




It is always advisable to decide your journey map before you start off. Australia, a country with 7 states can be very overwhelming, especially when you are here for the first time.

Among the 7 states – Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia, the popular cities to visit are Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Cairns.

But before that, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you a water-person? Do you live to surf the waves?
  • Do you fancy watching the sunset while relaxing on your porch?
  • Do you want to pack your bags and explore the multi culture in the big cities?
  • Are you an adrenaline junkie?

Depending on which one you ticked, you can plan your journey accordingly. For the water-babies and surfers, you can plan your trip along East Coast of Australia, between Sydney and Cairns. You will come across plenty of activities like sailing in the Whitsundays and Snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef. For the laid-back travelers, West Coast is for you. This is travelled less to as compared to the East coast but is famous for its scenic beauty.

For the city-lovers, you can explore cities like Melbourne and let the graffiti art in Hosier Lane, Sydney take your breath away! The adrenaline junkies could start from the camel ride on Cable Beach to swim with whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef.




As per emigration rules, every person needs a visa before visiting Australia. For short term travelers, you can apply for Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) which will allow you to travel in Australia hassle-free for 3 months. You should apply for ETA online and is available in34 other countries like UK, Canada, etc.

If you want to experience Australia from every aspect, it is advisable to apply for a Working Holiday Visa in Australia. This visa provides you a time span of 12 months along with the added benefit of casual employment to earn money to fund your stay there.

For more details, fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and check you eligibility for Working Holiday Visa today!




Australia being a big land, you will often find yourself in a car/van for a couple of hours while travelling between towns.

For those who plan to visit many places but have a time crunch can fly from city to city. If you are lucky, you can get some cheap deals on domestic carriers, if at all you book in advance. Last-minute-bookers, beware! Flying across cities can be expensive. A couple of medium budget airlines are Jestar, Jetblue and Tiger while Qantas is a bit expensive. The downside of flying is that you have to miss out on the small towns and remote places that can be explored only by road.

The second option is to rent a van and start your road trip. And you will come across many Wicked Campers in their colourful vans camping all around Australia. This will give you the freedom to travel anywhere and maybe give a lift to the hitchhikers on your way!

If driving is not your thing, there are Greyhound buses to take you around the city. Once you reach the city, trams will be your best friend. They are free and give you an antique yet authentic travelling experience.

And if you want to avoid the roads completely, board the trains operated by the Great Southern Railways. It is more time consuming and a little heavy on your wallets as compared to bus or plane, but it is an experience in itself. There are various trains like “The Ghan”, “Indian Pacific”, The Overland” and the “Southern Spirit” which connect all the way from North to South and also between the cities.


Now that you have these points handy, fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and let our experts take care of the process.



Guide for foodies emigrating to australia

Guide for foodies emigrating to Australia


Sydney is known for its picturesque view, sports, art, theatre and fashion. And so is for the wide range of food it has to offer! Be it a romantic getaway or a weekend with your family and kids, if you are foodie, you should definitely head towards Sydney.


Here is a weekend guide for your date with Food!




Dinner at North Bondi Fish:

After reaching Sydney, head straight to ‘North Bondi Fish’ on Ramsgate Avenue, North Bondi. It is one destination where you can get the whole fish-and-chips package and nobody does them as good as them!

WHAT TO ORDER: Fish and chips, crumbed calamari rings, beer-battered flathead fillet.




Breakfast at Bill’s:

If you have been planning a little Surry Hills brunch-foodie trek, Bill’s should be your next stop. From broken eggs to fritters to hotcakes, a whiff of these will definitely make you emigrate to Australia!

WHAT TO ORDER: Scrambled Eggs, Ricotta Hotcakes, Zucchini Fritters along with Fresh Mint Tea.


Late Lunch at Icebergs Dining Room and Bar:

After you are done strolling around, head back to Bondi at Icebergs Dining Room and Bar for a late lunch. Apart from the floor-to-roof windows stretching across the Bondi beach, the incredible gourmet, fresh seafood and Italian bites will whisk you off to dreamland! Not that bad for a 2-Hatted restaurant, isn’t it!

WHAT TO ORDER: Queensland spanner crab, carpaccio of petuna ocean trout. Dessert – Iceberg Digestive.


Dinner at Sefa Kitchen:

Wanting to explore more than the Australian seafood and gourmet? Sefa Kitchen brings out the best Middle-Eastern and Turkish Cuisine you can find in Sydney!

WHAT TO ORDER: Syrian Pumpkin Fatteh Salad, Tripoli style raw scallops, Baharat spiced lamb shoulder, barley, dried apricots and tahini. Dessert – Flamed cardamom cream, prunes & sesame wafers.




Breakfast at Bourke Street Bakery:

Bourke Street Bakery is your heaven if you love to wake up to the aroma of bakery. A one-stop-shop with world class freshly baked breads, gourmet dishes and sweet or savoury bites and worth every calorie! They open up at 8am in the morning and are very efficient in managing the crowd there.

WHAT TO ORDER: Pork and fennel sausage roll, a chocolate tart (for later) along with coffee or good old fashioned lemonade.


Quick Bites at Eveleigh Growers Market:

Craving for a quick bite? Find your way into the Eveleigh Grower’s market where you can find omlettes, Steak Sandwiches, steamed pork dumplings and many more organic produce. Yet another reason to emigrate to Australia!


Lunch at South Dowling Sandwiches:

Tired of wandering? You can head straight down to South Dowling Sandwiches, South Dowling Street for sandwiches and salads.

WHAT TO ORDER: Chicken schnitzel sandwich with aioli and lettuce on white or rye, chilli chicken.


Dinner at Quay:

Quay is voted one of the world’s top 30 restaurants. To enjoy original and innovative dishes by Peter Gilmore, visit this 3-Hat and 3-Star Circular Quay restaurant while enjoying the view from the Opera House to the Harbour Bridge.

WHAT TO ORDER: Congee of Northern Australian Mud Crab, Sunlight Surprise – lychee syrup seasoned with lime and topped with soda. Dessert – Snow Egg, Bitter chocolate black pudding.

Now if you can’t wait to come to this Foodie’s heaven on earth, just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and get your visas for Sydney, Australia RIGHT NOW!



Should I emigrate to Australia

Should I Emigrate To Australia


Got a new job offer in Australia? Or want to start afresh? Looking for a suitable environment for your kids and family to grow in but dreading to take the leap of faith?


Be it Sydney or Brisbane, there are many factors you might want to consider before plunging in. So we listed a couple of points that might come handy before you decide to move to Australia.


·  Do you REALLY want to move to a new land?


Before moving to a completely new country, you should sure you really want to move. Moving to a new country is completely different from going on a vacation. To be completely sure, you could talk to friends and family who are permanent residents or expats in Australia.


You could also contact us and let our experienced agents help you decide if you want to emigrate to Australia. Simply fill in the FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and our agent will get in touch with you.


· Do you have a job or have you applied for one?


Now that you are sure that you want to emigrate to Australia, we need to look into the second criteria – Employment!


Moving to a new place will mean setting up your world from the beginning. This can lead to a lot of expenses that you might have to incur before moving to Australia.


It is advisable make sure you have acquired a job or are eligible for the Employer Nomination Scheme or Sponsored Migration Visa. Once these criteria are covered, you are one step closer to Australia.


· Change in lifestyle


One of the exciting experiences of shifting to Australia will be the change in lifestyle. If you are a hard core Briton migrating to Australia, there will be big shift in your lifestyle – from the weather to the people you hang out with to the currency! The cost of living is higher as compared to UK or Canada, but so will be your earning. So, don’t forget to convert your USD and British Pounds to Australian Dollars to see those magical numbers.


As scary as that thought might seem, if you are up for this challenging change, there is no stopping you. Contact us and let us help you carve your way into Australia.


· Change in environment

Australia presents you with a whole new environment for your children to grow up in. Its exciting festivals, beaches, warm weather, outgoing environment along with cultural diversity encourages its people to participate in social events. You would definitely want your teenage kids and siblings to be more social than staying glued to their computers and gaming consoles.


Social culture along with leading medical, nursing and educational facilities, it is no surprise that Australia is one of the healthiest nations in the world.


· Process can be time consuming

Since, we have covered the personal willingness, economic and social factors, it is time to start the procedure. Visa applications can be very time consuming if you are applying for Working or Working Holiday Visa or even for Temporary and Permanent Residency.


Australia Emigration applicants have to pass the points-test which marks your eligibility to move to Australia. Along with that, getting clearance based on your skills assessments can be long procedure.


But once the process gets started, you can start packing your bags immediately!


These are a few pointers you should consider before moving to a new country.


Still got your doubts if you should emigrate to Australia? Just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and our experts will study your case and help you clear your doubts about migrating to Australia.


Fall in love with Nova Scotia

Fall in love with Nova Scotia – #1


Here comes the ‘Nova Scotia Diaries’ where we tell you how to fall in love with Nova Scotia every single time. So, look up in the sky and pick a name! For first timers, let us make it simpler for you and start with city of Halifax. Though the best time to visit this city is any season, the winters here come with real treats.

The people of Halifax are known for their social and outgoing nature. And hence, it makes it a perfect place for first time and solo travelers.


Begin your day at the Halifax Farmer’s Market. And you will find everything in here. Literally! From fresh locally grown organic fruits and vegetables, meats, ice creams, baked items to jewelry and live music. They recently located themselves to a new building which makes them the longest running farmers’ market in North America. Apart from all these things, you also get a good view of the George’s island. A perfect sunrise spot, indeed.


After this, a stroll along the wooden waterfront boardwalk will give you a view of both the city and the harbour life. Half way down the boardwalk, you will come across Maritime Museum of the Atlantic. This is the great place for those who love to time travel in the past. Holding the largest wooden artifacts of the Titanic, Maritime Museum of the Atlantic highlights the enriching maritime heritage. It is a great place to visit along with you partners and family, especially for your young ones.


Has all that history-tour been making you thirsty? Your next destination should be a tour at the Alexander Keith’s Brewery. It is one of the best breweries you’ll come across in Nova Scotia. Being a theatrical tour, the costume-clad actors and their dialogues will drift you back in the past. Or is it the brews that are served in the end, we leave that on you to decide.


Craving for more? Make The Economy Shoe Shop on Arglye Street your next stop. With the best nachos by your side, you explore the widest range of beer under one roof. Situated half way up the slope to the Citadel Hill, it is swarming with travelers during the summers.


Up on the Citadel Hill, the highest point in the city, you will get the view of the whole of Halifax as well as Fort George. Get mesmerized by the beauty of the fort which is now open for visitors to see and explore. Wishing you were there already? Simply fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and take a step closer to emigrating to Nova Scotia.


On your way down the hill are the Public Gardens occupying of 2 acres of land amidst the city. These gardens are designed in the famous Victorian style by the same designers of the Central Park fame in New York City. Grab your favorite ice cream at “Sugah!” and stroll down the Spring Road Garden along with your partner.


Now a visit to Halifax is incomplete without going on a shopping spree at the Spring Garden Road. All the women travelers, this is your heaven. Jewelry and makeup for the party-goers or shoes and gears for the hitchhikers, you will find them all in here. And the ones, who love people watch, hang out with your buddies in the coffee shops, pubs and movie theatres are meant for you.


Watch the beautiful sunset in a harbour tour, the Harbour Hopper, if we may suggest, which offers an hour-long tour with narration. There are also a variety in these tours – Sailing tours, deep sea fishing, Harbour cruises and dinner cruises for you to choose from. And once you are done exploring the whole of Halifax, the delicious smell of smoking pizzas will pull you to the pizza joints which are open up to 4.30 – 5.00 am! Here, you have a variety of pubs, pizza joints, and karaoke pubs – anything that suits your taste.


Can’t wait to see and explore more? Just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and start packing your things while our experts make your trip smooth and hassle-free.


Dare you to do this!


Dare you to do this!


Are you an adrenaline junkie? Is daredevil your middle name? Want to explore Australia in its truest form? Let us give you a list of things you should try once you are in Australia. And we DARE you to do these!




  • FLAKE FISH AND CHIPS BY THE BEACH – Flake is the most commonly used fish used in Fish aand Chips. And for those who are Googling what flake is, it is Shark! Though there isn’t a specific reason why shark is called flake, maybe because it is so appealing on the menu!


  • ROASTED KANGAROO – Kangaroo, the national animal of Australia is something you will also find on the menu. Because of its dense muscle and gelatinous taste, kangaroos are an excellent choice for braised dishes.


  • A PIECE OF VEGEMITE TOAST – In case you do not eat processed foods, you can definitely make an exception for Vegemite!


  • BARBEQUED CROCODILE WITH PARMESAN CHEESE, FRESH BREADCRUMBS & FRESH PARSLEY – Though crocodiles are now a protected species, not many restaurants serve crocodiles. So if you find one, just rush into the restaurant and order one – and don’t worry, they serve the farmed crocs!




  • SKY DIVING OVER THE GREAT BARRIER REEF – If you want to do something completely crazy, put on your jacket and jump out of a perfectly good plane, and you’ll own the moment! Sky diving over the Great Barrier Reef is an ultimate thrill and will make you push yourself beyond your limits. So, do you have guts to jump off into the Great Barrier Reef? We Dare you.


  • BUNGY JUMPING OVER THE CAIRNS RAINFOREST – Get ready to break the Laws of Gravity at the Bungy Site at Cairns Rainforest. Cairns Bungy Site is the only Bungy tower with over 16 types of jumping styles to offer. Whether you are a first time jumper or can’t contain your love for heights, This is the perfect spot and Task for you. So, before you start packing your bags, just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT forms and let us work together towards your dream trip to Australia.


  • SCUBA DIVING IN THE GREAT BARRIER REEF – When a traveler says he wants to dive Australia, he means he wants to scuba sive Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef. It is the only living structure made of living organisms that is visible even to the Astronauts in space! Apart from the kangaroo-filled bush, lush green tropical rainforest, stunning white sand beaches, the Sunshine Coast has purpose sunk wrecks, sandstone collection on the corals, etc. Don’t you want to emigrate to Australia immediately?


  • CLIMB THE SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE – Though first time climbers give mixed comments about climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, it is, still one of the most fascinating thing one could do in Australia. Though it can be a little pricey but hey, all best things come with a price! You can enjoy the whole of the Harbour in one vista, having a clear view of the Government house sitting on the knoll overlooking the Sydney Opera House and Farm Cove and Kirribilli House opposite. That is definitely best view of the entire city!




  • HUG A KOALA BEAR – Don’t you just want to hold on to those adorable little Koala bears and hug them? If you get a chance to enroll yourself I the wildlife tours, don’t miss the chance if you get one. Just make sure you don’t scare them off with your enthusiasm.


  • SWIM WITH CROCS AT DARWIN’S CROCASAURUS COVE – Yes, it is safe and the most outrageous thing you will do in Australia. There are various sessions that you can enroll yourself in. From Swim with the crocs to Fishing for crocs to Big croc Feed Experience. You can fulfill your dream of being the wildlife guy from the Discovery Channel!


  • FEED A WALLABY – When amongst the most beautiful creatures on earth, you will definitely want to have a one-on-one experience with them. You can hand feed the wallabies that roam freely in the sanctuary. They are harmless and outgoing, which makes it safe to around them with your young ones as well.


  • RIDE A CAMEL IN THE OUTBACK – Apart from the aqua, there are the deserts in the outback to explore. So hop on the camel back ad enjoy the safari across the Australian desert wilderness areas.




  • DRIVE A CAR ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE ROAD – Break the rules and go for a joyride. Though it isn’t what we propose you to do, but who doesn’t want a little thrill in their lives? Just make sure the cops don’t see you doing so.


  • WANDER THE MELBOURNE’S LANE WAYS – The only place where you can find rich art culture, boutiques, unique galleries, cafes and hidden bars – Melbourne Laneways. No trip in Melbourne is complete without a trip to the Laneways.


  • WALK ACROSS THE SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE – While Bridge Climbing can be expensive, walking across the Sydney Harbour Bridge is free. You can either take the pedestrian walkway from Rocks of the bridge to Milsons Point or the other way round. Tip: It is best to keep a map handy to find your access points to Sydney Harbour Bridge.


  • TRAVEL BY CAMPER VAN – The best point of travelling by a campervan is the freedom to go wherever you want, whenever you want. Imagine camping on beaches and gathering around a campfire with your mates while drinking beers under the starry sky. Living in a campervan will be so far the best experience of your life. Tip: Embrace the concept of Minimalism – The fewer things you carry, the less you have to worry about.


We could go on and on, but in case you haven’t applied for your visa yet, fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and let us do the hard work.


Coolest things to do in Perth!

Coolest things to do in Perth!

For an extraordinary experience in Australia, Perth should be your next destination in Western Australia! And what makes Perth so incredible? Here is a list of the coolest things you can do in Perth.



Rottnest Island or ‘Rotto’ like the locals call it, is quite famous for its picturesque beaches and bays. Inhabited by ‘quokkas’, this island lies 19km off the coast of Fremantle and is a favourite gateway for your weekend.

To explore the island, a bicycle is your new bestie! Rottnest is a car-free zone which gives you another reason to make it your destination this weekend. If you can’t find a bicycle, you can take the Rottnest Ferry and stay overnight. Snorkeling, fishing, diving and cycling over 60 beaches are some of the best known activities on Rotto.



Want beer, food, wine, chocolates and coffee at one place? Then The Margarita River Region is your gate away. This place is not only famous for its food and wine, but also for its relaxed environment and splendid beaches.

Sheltering people from various walks of life, don’t be surprised if the bartender turns out to be a artist by day and owns a surf board shack by the beach!



Perth is known for its outstanding scenic beauty, specially its sunsets. The sun setting over the Indian Ocean is something you shouldn’t miss for the world. As your adventurous day ends, sit with your partner along the beach and enjoy the romantic evening while the scarlet sky turns into a star-lit night.

Already planning for this special weekend with your partner? Just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and let our experts make this fantasy come true.



Want to escape the hustle of the city? Start your Sunday trip with Kings Park. Spread over 400 hectares in the inner skirts of the city, the stunning view of the Swan River and the Perth Skyline is worth the effort.

You can do the Indigenious Walking Tour and walk amongst the tree tops on the elevated bridge or walk amongst the grassy areas. A trip to the Kings Park will leave you astounded when you discover how the park is a sacred place and learn about the Australia’s origins.



Want to spice up your weekend? We bring you “Little Creatures Brewery” in Frementale. This massive pub set inside a boat shed floating on the water, is a modern brewery and restaurant that serves great beer and chilli mussels that you’ll come across in Perth. The peppy music and friendly staff add on to the energetic vibe of the place.



Put on some sunscreen and sunglasses as you head towards Cottesloe beach. Spend your Sunday evening sunbathing on the sand and swimming in the ocean. The view of the sun setting into the ocean will take your breath away. Be it with family, friends or just you and your spouse, this beach is a perfect location to spend your Sunday evening.



Australia is known for the outgoing nature of its people. Hence the traditions to party late on Sundays before you go back to work from Monday. And no one does it better than Perth! These are called “Sunday Sessions”. What you do, is catch up with a couple of your friends over beer in beer gardens overlooking the ocean or the Swan River and party till 10pm or beyond. For the party lovers, this is the tradition you want to catch up with!

For the solo travelers, some of the popular places to go for Sunday Sessions are OBH, Cottesloe Hotel, Leederville. It is a great way to meet new people as well!


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Temporary Skilled Worker Visa Australia

Temporary Skilled Worker Visa Australia


If you are looking to visit Australia and make a career in your chosen field, the Temporary Skilled Work Visa is something you should look for. Every year hundreds of skilled professionals go to Australia in search of better living and more growth opportunities.



About the Visa

This Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa (subclass 457) allows you to go to Australia and work for a business approved by the government in Australia for up to four years. To avail this facility, you must be sponsored by an approved business existing in Australia.

Usually firms in Australia hire people from overseas and sponsor their visa when they cant find an Australian citizen or permanent resident to fill in the job role they are hiring for.


What can I do with this visa?

The Temporary Skilled Worker Visa lets you to:

  1. Work in Australia for up to four years and build your career
  2. Bring in your family to work or study in Australia
  3. Travel in and out of Australia as many times as you want



The Process

Getting the Subclass 457 visa is divided in three steps.

  1. Sponsorship – The employer applies for approval as a standard business sponsor. This is required to nominate an occupation for a subclass 457 visa.
  2. Nomination – The employer nominates an occupation for a prospective or existing subclass 457 visa holder.
  3. Visa application – The person nominated to work in the nominated occupation applies for the subclass 457 visa. This is the final step to obtaining a subclass 457 visa.



How to apply for a Temporary Work (Skilled) Visa (Subclass 457)

Firstly, make sure you don’t hold any previous visa. If you do, see to it that the visa does not imply a ‘No Further Stay’ condition on you.


Second, you must have a valid passport and other travel related documents. If you have applied for getting a new passport, you must get the new passport before applying for the visa. In case you get a new passport after having applied for visa, you must update your documents with the required authorities.


Since this is a sponsored visa, you need to have a sponsorship before application of the visa. This means that the company which is employing you must become and approved sponsor with the Australian government and also, nominate you for a position within itself for the process to work. You can make an application for the visa at the same time your employer lodges their application to sponsor and nominate you.



How we assist

Migrate Me has assisted numerous migrants to successfully apply and get visa for Australia. Our team of experts looks to the fact that your application is up to the best possible mark. We apply for jobs in your destination city and get sponsorship for you. Our international associates in Australia help our candidates get direct job sponsorships and help refine their application and job search on a regular basis.


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