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Chef Immigrating To Australia

Chef Immigrating To Australia.


Job and visa process explained.


Do you live for food? Do you love the whole cycle of preparing, presenting, sharing and, of course eating food? Are you passionate about inventing and reinventing? If you answered yes, this career path in the world of culinary arts is made for you!


With the rising number of restaurants opening up in Australia, it is definitely your next destination to enhance your career! Be it amateur cooks, pastry chefs or Chef de Cuisine, a lot of them are emigrating to Australia. If you are such a chef looking for immigration services, just fill in the FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and let us assist you get closer to your culinary dream.


What are the types of Visa?


  • Skilled Independent Visa (subclass 189)

To be eligible for this permanent visa, you have to meet the points test and have competent English language skills.


  • Skilled Nominated Visa (subclass 190)


This permanent visa is based on your nomination from an Australian region and on your skills assessments. If you meet the points test and English language proficiency, you are eligible for this visa.


  • Temporary Skilled Work Visa (subclass 457)


If you are skilled worker, have an approved sponsor and meet other criteria including English and skills, you are eligible for the Temporary Skilled Work Visa.


  • Employer Nomination Scheme (subclass 186)


To be eligible for this scheme, you have to have a permanent employment opportunity. For this, you should be a skilled worker with an approved sponsor eligible in one of the three streams; Temporary Skilled Work Visa, Direct Entry Stream or the Agreement Stream.


  • Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme visa (subclass 187)


Once you have made a commitment of 2 years to your nominated employer, you are eligible for this regional permanent visa. To be applicable to this scheme, you should be a skilled worker with an approved sponsor in a regional area of Australia and eligible in one of the three streams; Temporary Skilled Work visa, Direct Entry Stream or the Agreement Stream.


How much can I earn?


Apart from gaining new experience in this extraordinary land of Australia, there are unlimited opportunities to learn and make a good living at the same time.


The Australian and New Zealand Standard Classification of Occupations Code (ANZSCO) for chefs is 351311.


The basic salary a chef could expect is $45,000 and can work up to 44 hours on a weekly basis. Having known that Australia enjoys the position of the highest minimum wage provider in the world, there is no stopping you from fulfilling your culinary dreams.


What are the eligibilities and requirements?


It is always easier if you already have been selected by an Australian approved employer for a job in regional Australia (except for Gold Coast, Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney, Wollongong or Melbourne)


Unless you are exempt, you should be younger than 50 years of age to be eligible to apply for visa to Australia.


The eligibility requirements for the TRA migration skills assessment for Chefs are:

  • AQF Associate Degree, Advanced Diploma or Diploma (ANZSCO Skill Level 2)
  • A case as a Chef/Cook and relevant evidence showing proof of your experience as a Chef for 3 years or more


All chefs and cooks applying for ENS/RSMS have to demonstrate their proficiency in English. In case you’re applying for a specific salary level, you are exempted from the English Language requirement.


Some common documents that are needed:

  • Reference from employers
  • Education Qualification
  • Pay Slips
  • Tax Records
  • Bank Statements
  • Identity documents & valid passports
  • Visa granted ready to fly


While all these can be overwhelming, you need someone who can guide you through the process and help you come out at the top with a perfect application, proper statements and complete submission of documents.


Migrate Me provides the above services, along with mission-critical services like assistance with job sponsorship, relocation and finding local residence in Australia, assistance in getting a bank account set up, finding details about schools for your children, emigrating with family and finding the right visa for your partner or fiancé.


With us by your side, you have everything to gain. Please complete an online FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form to determine your eligibility, and one of our expert consultants will get in touch to take your migration process further.


Spouse Visa To The UK

Spouse Visa To The UK
Maintaining a long distance relationship is hard. Are you waiting to join your spouse in UK but doubtful about how to get a spouse visa? Well, here is a list of things you should know about UK Spouse Visa.
Things you need to keep in mind while applying for Spouse Visa:
If you are applying for a UK visa to be with your spouse in UK, you have two options:
Settlement Visa – Visa to those couples who are not yet married but intend to move to another country to live together.
Proposed Civil Partnership Visa – According to this Visa, the couple should be at least engaged and
should intend to marry (civil partnership) each other within half a year of moving to the UK. Once you get married, you have applied for the visa as a married couple, after which you are free to live together for two to five years.

In Case you and your spouse are already married 

• You and your spouse should be at least 18 years old and be legally married (civil partnership) to each other
• You should have been living together in a relationship for about 2 years or more
• It is important that you both intend to stay in UK in order to get a spouse visa
• You have to be financial stable and should possess enough funds to pay for you and your spouse’s expenses without claiming any funds from public funds
• Spouses planning to come to UK on basis of their marriage should apply for entry clearance tests before gaining entry in UK
• The spouse can apply for UK citizenship after he/she has spent three years in UK and has met the residence requirements
Other points to be considered are as follows:
English Knowledge – You may have to prove your English speaking and listening knowledge by either passing English Language test with at least CERF Level – 1. Or else, you should have an academic qualification in English and be recognised by UK – NARC.

Documents to be provided

While applying for a spouse visa, keep the following documents handy.
• Current and previous Passports
• Passport size photographs
• Proof of your partner’s UK citizenship
• Proof of marital status/civil relationship with your spouse
• Information of your sponsor (spouse) in the UK
Application and Time duration – You must apply when you are in UK and well before your UK visa .This process usually takes around 8 weeks for postal applications. On application for premium services, the process gets faster and is dealt with on the same day itself.
Exceptions – You may need to apply in a different way as per your partner’s documents and your situation.
• In case you are outside UK, you should apply to join family in the UK
• You can apply for family permit if your spouse is from EES or Switzerland
• Your spouse has a temporary working visa in UK
• In case your spouse dies or you are a victim of domestic violence, you may be eligible to settle in the UK

How to apply

To begin with your process, fill in a FREE VISA ASSESSMENT and one of our Visa Assessment Experts will get in touch with you.

9 Reasons To Move To Australia

9 Reasons To Move To Australia


You might have heard of Australia’s fame and popularity as a top destination for migration. But did you know what makes Australia so unique? We tell you about the 9 main reasons the world’s working population is moving Down Under:


  1. LAND OF OPPORTUNITIES – Due to the varied background of its masses and growing population, there has been a huge influx of ideas and entrepreneurs. Due to this the economy is always on the climb and new job opportunities keep coming your way. Australia is truly the land of opportunities for anyone who is seeking whole heartedly.


  1. CULTURAL DIVERSITY – Australia has a huge cultural base and variety when it comes to bringing different ethnicities together. Australia has a wide variety of strata and backgrounds of people. It is a great place to explore and have fun doing so!


  1. HIGH JOB AVAILABILITY – Australia’s Skilled Occupation List is one of the longest for job opportunities you can find anywhere in the world. Due to hundreds of opportunities generated and thousands of applicants, you can always find that one perfect job in Australia that fits your profile.


  1. TAKING A YEAR OFF IS NORMAL – Usually in other countries taking a year off is considered a grave threat to your career. Even might end up losing the position. But in Australia it is common to take a year off and join back on the same job. This is better done after securing a Permanent Resident Visa (PR Visa) in Australia. Contact one of our experts at Migrate Me by filling a Free Visa Assessment to know how you can carve your PR Visa path to Australia.


  1. GREAT FESTIVALS – Some of the most brilliant and awe capturing festivals are celebrated in Australia. You can migrate to the country and be a part of its brilliant colors and party loving lifestyle. One of the greatest being VIVID Sydney, the largest celebration with lights, music and ideas in the entire Southern Hemisphere. Contact us and get your tourist visa going in case you fancy attending a few of its brilliant Festivals!


  1. HIGHEST MINIMUM WAGES – Owing to the high opportunities and a competitive recruitment base, Australia holds the record for being the country with Highest Minimum wages – which is US$16.88 or AU$19.16 as a starting minimum wage per hour – for even the lowest paid occupations. This sets the mark for better paid occupations and work profiles to be much more and highly competitive compared to the rest of the world. Even someone on a Working Holiday Visa makes a good income to support his or her stay in Australia.


  1. VARIETY IN UNIVERSITIES AND PART TIME WORK – Australia has one of the biggest spectrum of choices available in terms of education and work, and their combinations. You can go to Australia on a Student Visa and depending on the subclass, can stay and work in the country. Students usually prefer getting a job in Australia and after the required work experience, apply for a PR Visa and become citizen of the country. That point, Education becomes very affordable since citizen enjoy HUGE education benefits. To know more on how to emigrate as a Student, Fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT and one of our experts will get in touch with your case study in place.


  1. WORLD’S HAPPIEST INDUSTRIALIZED NATION – Due to good work culture, harmonic social culture and average life span of 83 years, which is 2 years above Organization for Economic Co-operation & Development (OCED) average, Australia has one of the highest life expediencies in the world. Couple that with abundant medical and nursing facilities and you get a winning combination for creating the World’s Happiest Industrialized Nation.


  1. GREAT BARRIER REEF AND SYDNEY OPERA HOUSE – Despite all the beautiful beaches and swimming pools right at the doorstep of where sea starts, this one deserves to be listed as one of the most favorable reasons why Australia is so desirable. Having a great flora and fauna is one of Australia’s specialties like many other countries near the Tropics. But the Great Barrier Reef and its royalty stands out among all the wonderful places plotted on the Globe. Along with the greatest natural wonder of the world, Australia also possesses one of the best engineering marvels of the world – Sydney Opera House.


These are the top 9 Reasons to Move to Australia!


Now that you know the top reason for Australia’s celebrity status among all the countries of the world as a dream destination, you can begin the process of applying for a visa yourself by filling in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and letting our experts do the hard work for your smooth visit to Australia!



How Do I Go About Emigrating to Australia


How do I go about emigrating to Australia


This is a widely asked question but a rarely answered one too. Australia being the prime location for job opportunities that it is, people can be heard asking “how do I go about emigrating to Australia” all over. Australia has the highest demand for migration since it boasts of a great standard of living at a nominal cost of living. Along with this come many other benefits like free schooling, best medical aid and more.
So, how do I go about emigrating to Australia?


First Step – Australian Points System Assessment


First step in emigrating to Australia, or any other country for that matter, is to do research and find where you stand and how eligible you are to emigrate. Australia has a points system so it is best to assess yourself point-wise before applying to the country. We at Migrate Me help you get assessed according to this system and also advise on how to raise your points to have increased chances for emigrating to Australia.


Second Step – Get a sponsorship in Australia (for Australian working visas)


Getting an employer to sponsor your visa helps a lot. Although finding a job is time consuming and tiring – especially when it is for a different country – it pays extensively to have an offer letter and greatly enhances your chance of getting the Visa. Migrate Me provides job assistance as part of its services, taking the tedious repetitive work out of your hand and into our expert custody.


Third Step – Get documentation in order

Some common documents required are:

References from employers
Education qualifications
Pay slips
Tax records
Bank statements
Identity documents and valid passports for you and your family
These are common for all types of Visas so you might as well keep all of these documents handy. But despite these being similar, you still need visa specific requirements to be up to the mark in order to help pass your visa approval. Contact one of our experts by filling our Free Visa Assessment and our expert will get in touch with you shortly.


Fourth Step – Apply on time


Although the application may be filed on time and all preparations made appropriately, it may still take up to 9 months for visa approval, even for the most perfect application. So we urge you to apply for visa on time. Submitting and resubmitting documents only extends this time frame and gets your application further delayed. Our experts will help you save valuable time by helping you craft the perfect application.


These are the best things to do if the question of how to go about emigrating to Australia is on your mind. We do the hard work so your emigration and relocation becomes as easy and smooth as possible.


Start your process for emigrating to Australia by taking a FREE VISA ASSESSMENT



Canada Express Entry Program 2015

Canada Express Entry Program 2015


A new application management is being implemented by Canada. This is for economic immigration programs to meet current needs of manpower, cash-flow and workforce.


The new changes will allow the employers to explore new recruitment possibilities and also provide extensive opportunities for skilled immigrants.


This new system is known as the Canada Express Entry Program (2015).


Steps involved


The first step is to fill in your Express Entry and register on the official website. In here you need to provide genuine and original data and supporting documents about your existence in the current country.


From there, your profile enters what is called an Express Entry Pool. In this step your profile is added to a set of data acquired form other sources. Sorting of this data is subject to internal processing with the authorities. This leads your profile to step two, where profiles are selected on basis of their application strength and the contribution that person can make to the economic pool of the country.


The profiles that are selected will be sent an Invitation to Apply. The applicants then respond to this invitation.


Why the New Application System?


The old system had some loopholes that led to less productive overseas recruitments. Some of these being:


  • Employer time and money expense for global talent recruitment
  • Navigation through immigration system was pretty difficulty
  • The delay of an average 12-14 months to process a simple visa
  • Applicants were processed more on first come first serve basis


The new system that is being implemented will counter the above points to provide:


  • Low cost, high quality employee recruitment for recruiters
  • Navigation made easy by a central application pool – Job Bank
  • The delay in application process will be six months or less
  • Applicants will be processed on a merit basis


The new system will connect connect Canadian employers directly with the candidates. For the first time employers and Government will have a direct role in the economic immigration.


How do i increase my chances of getting selected?


The new system will make sure that only credible and helpful candidates are picked and hence, the selection will be more strict and competitive.


Now to increase your chances of getting a Canadian Express Visa that leads to a permanent residency status, you must provide your documents and work experience in the best possible condition and ways to come out as credible in the Express Entry structure.


Some of the points are:

1. Your Express Entry Profile


This will be assessed according to a skills based ranking system that looks at:


  • Language proficiency
  • Education
  • Canadian work experience
  • Other factors that lead to success in Canada


2.Promote yourself to increase chances


  • Registration with Job Bank will be required
  • They will be encouraged to signal their presence in the Express Entry pool to recruiters, on private sector job boards  etc.


 3. You will have have 60 days to apply for permanent residence through one of four existing economic immigration programs


  • Federal Skilled Worker Program(FSWP)
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP)
  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC)
  • Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)


This process involves employers taking part in the selection process. The employees will be prompted to promote themselves to employers while they are in the Express Entry Pool.


The promotion will be done to Job Bank as well as other Private Sector Job Boards. Although, employers will have to access the candidates  Bank only.


Will I Need Assistance?


Although the process seems simple, in reality it is much more harder to apply successfully without the right documentation. And after getting help with the documentation and submitting everything to the last bit, you again need assistance finding jobs on Private Boards separately.


We at Migrate Me have helped over several hundred people obtain Canadian Visas successfully and helped them get Permanent Residence status in Canada via several different routes.


To know about your eligibility, please fill in this Free Visa Assessment and one of our representatives will contact you shortly for a free consultation via Email or Telephone.



Bricklayer Emigrating to Australia

Bricklayer Emigrating to Australia.

As the construction industry in Australia continues to flourish significantly, the demand for bricklayers have also increased giving a fantastic opportunity for bricklayer emigrating to Australia. A lot of bricklayers are now looking into the prospect of emigrating to Australia. The process can be made simpler with trusted emigration services like that of which Migrate Me offers. As a bricklayer, you can apply to Australia under the general skilled visa programmes subclass 489, 190 or 189. Like every other general skilled visa application, bricklayers who wish to emigrate to Australia should get a positive migration skills assessment prior to pursuing their skilled visa application. If you happen to be a passport holder of one of the nominated countries, you must you must  acquire your migration skills assessment from a Registered Training Organisation.


The nominated countries are:

  • Brazil
  • China (including Hong Kong and Macau)
  • Fiji
  • India
  • Ireland
  • Korea (South)
  • Papua New Guinea
  • Philippines
  • South Africa
  • Sri Lanka
  • Thailand
  • United Arab Emirates
  • United Kingdom
  • Vietnam
  • Zimbabwe



The registered RTOs are:

  • Australian Construction Training Services
  • Victoria University


The migration skills assessments for passport holders of one of the aforementioned nominated countries usually include a paper based assessment of your qualifications as a bricklayer and your past experience in the said profession. After this, you will be required to take a practical test (held in the UK) which is done under the supervision of an assessor chosen by the RTO. 


Once you have passed both the written and practical assessments, you will get a migration skills assessment approval letter. Along with this, you will also be given an AQF Certificate III which is an Australian qualification that is recognised by Australian employers.


Migrate Me keeps tab on all the schedules and dates that are important for clients who wish to emigrate to Australia as bricklayers. Migrate Me will then inform their clients on a timely manner about the dates and details for both written and practical assessments. Migrate Me also gives advisory regarding licensing requirements in Australia and additional guidelines in preparing for the practical assessment. 


In case you do not hold a passport from one of the aforementioned nominated countries, you should apply under the TRA or the Trades Recognition Australia for your migration skills assessment. The eligibility requirements for the TRA migration skills assessment for bricklayers are:


  • 1 year of paid employment in the occupation you are nominated in
  • 3 years of full-time paid post qualification employment in the occupation you are nominated with the required skill levels
  • Your qualification should be similar to the AQF Certificate III for bricklayers



It is important to understand that the TRA would automatically conclude that you are already entitled to a similar qualification for bricklayers as that of the AQF Certificate III prior to your skilled employment. Migrate Me will explain all of the necessary proofs that you have to show depending on your circumstances. Migrate Me will also make sure that you get a seat in the practical assessments tests if you are asked to take it as the spaces are limited for this one. Once you have understood the basic steps for applying for your emigration to Australia visa, Migrate Me will be there to ensure that the process goes as smoothly as possible. 

To see if you qualify take a FREE ASSESSMENT here.