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10.5 tips for Working Holiday Visa to Australia

Australia’s Working Holiday Visa program allows young travellers from many different countries to take an extended holiday (up to 12 months) in Australia and support themselves with short-term employment while they are there. There are two main types of Working Holiday visas for Australia: The Subclass 462 Work and Holiday visa, and the subclass 417 Working Holiday Visa. Which one you need depends primarily on your home country.

But you’ll need more than just a visa, won’t you?

  • Clean up your CV, and prepare your references before you go. You’ll still have to apply for any work.
  • Look for a job. Think about the kind of things you enjoy, and some of the things you want to experience while you’re there.
  • Get an Australian Bank Account. This can be done from outside the country, and is best accomplished early.
  • Get an Australian Tax File Number. All employees in Australia are required to have one, and almost all employers require that youhave one before you begin.
  • Get an international SIM card in advance, or plan on picking up a pay-as-you-go cell phone as soon as possible. Best to assume your current SIM will not work in Australia.
  • Book accommodation for your first week in advance. you may be on the move soon after you land, but you’ll definitely need somewhere to sleep right away.
  • Talk to your bank, and make sure your debit and credit cards will work in Australia. Its best to notify your bank that you’ll be using the cards abroad as well, or you could find them cut off as potentially stolen.
  • Get yourself some travel insurance. You will not be able to buy it once you’ve entered Australia, so you’ll be putting yourself at risk if you don’t tend to it now.
  • Check with your local health care provider whether you need any vaccinations or treatments before you go.
  • You’ll need at least a little Australian currency in your pocket before you arrive. Don’t use the change bureau at the airport, either in Australia or your home country. Often your own bank or post office can give you much better exchange rates.
  • This one is a top tip and a very useful one if you are planning to travel on Working Holiday Visa to Australia….just email us on info(at) and we will be happy to share with you.


And, you’ll need a valid Passport. I’m sure you knew that, but it needed to be said.

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