Working Visa to Australia

Working visa to Australia

The Temporary Work (Skilled) visa or subclass 457 visa allows skilled workers to live and work in Australia for a period of up to 4 years. Skilled foreign workers may be sponsored for this visa by accredited Australian employers for a that cannot be filled by an Australian citizen or certain jobs or roles permanent resident.
In its effort to deter misuse of this subclass, the Australian government recently introduced changes to the subclass 457 visa program to ensure that only genuine applicants (sponsors and applicants) benefit. One of the major changes is extending powers to the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) to monitor key aspects of employers’ compliance such as:


457 visa holders being paid at the market rates specified in their approved visa. The job being done by the visa holder matches the job title and description approved in their visa.


So, while this visa does offer a great opportunity for skilled workers looking to experience life Down Under, it does come with its share of pros and cons.



  • The benefits of this visa include:
  • You can work in Australia for up to four years.
  • You can bring your family (partner, children and other dependent relatives) to work or study in Australia.
  • You can travel in and out of Australia as often as you want during the validity of the visa.
  • 457 visa holders are eligible to apply Australian permanent residency status if they work two years with the employer who has sponsored them and if the employer provides a full-time position in the nominated occupation.
  • Approved sponsors are required to meet certain obligations that are designed to protect overseas workers from exploitation.


There are certain limitations applicants to this visa should be aware of:

  • You cannot apply for this visa if you already hold another visa that has a ‘No further stay’ condition.
  • Subclass 457 visa holders who cease employment with their sponsoring employer have 90 days to find a new sponsor or will need to leave Australia.
  • Applicants nominated in a generalist occupation, such as program and project administrator and specialist manager not elsewhere classified, must undertake a formal skills assessment.
  • The applicant is responsible for health costs incurred in Australia and must maintain adequate arrangements for health insurance for themselves and their family members during their stay in the country. However, the sponsor can pay for the insurance as a part of the employment contract.


You can read up on the details of the 457 visa here: 


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