Working Holiday Visa to Canada

Working Holiday Visa to Canada:

A working holiday visa is a great way for UK citizens to travel through and experience Canada. The visa allows travelers to travel and take up temporary work in Canada to supplement their travel funds.


Offered under the International Experience Canada (IEC Canada) programme, the visa allows visa-holders to get a temporary job for a period of up to 12 months.


For UK citizens, the 24-month validity period runs continuously from the date from which entry clearance validity begins. IEC processes applications on a first-cum, first-serve basis and has several criteria that applicants need to meet.


UK citizens between 18 and 30 years and with the equivalent of C$2,500 (to support them for the first three months of they stay) are eligible.


Other eligibility factors can be found here:


The evaluation process is divided into two steps:


Phase 1: Submitting your application to IEC Kompass


You need to create an account and enter your details into the system. Your submission will be evaluated to see that:

1. All the information provided is legit and up to date

2. All required documents have been submitted


After this the process takes up to 8 weeks. On passing the first phase, you get an email notification that your application is forwarded to Visa and Immigration Section


Phase 2: Submitting your application to MyCIC

Here you need to create a new account to apply for your work permit. The application received by Visa and Immigration Section is evaluated as per Canadian immigration laws and regulations.


A separate work permit file is created under your name and a work permit assessment is conducted.


Once your application is found to meet requirements, you get your visa and off to Canada you go!


Our experts at Migrate Me can help you get your paperwork in order and guide you through the Working Holiday Visa application process.

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