Work in Denmark Green Card

Work in Denmark Green Card


The Danish government established the green card to tackle the problem of finding eligible candidates to be taken at required positions. This was done in 2008 when the Danish economy was just beginning to bloom. Today people have settled in Denmark successfully, and you can too, using this Green Card route. This route is for non-EU nationals who fulfil the requirements educationally and experience wise.


Denmark is a prominent country in the list of the top twenty richest countries in the world and is known for its high standard of living. The Danish Green Card is granted to skilled & experienced professionals who want to work in Denmark.


What’s better? You can convert it into permanent residency pretty easily!




The Danish population consists of well educated, well informed and a relaxed, humorous population. In this country, the distances to about everywhere are pretty short. Hence, it is easy to enjoy a relaxed life even amid the buzz of the city. Other than the fact that Non-EU nationals can come and work in Denmark on the Green card visa, clean beaches and green forests are rarely more than a half hour’s drive away, which is another great reason to crave a job in the Danish countryside.


Apart from free education and healthcare, all citizen of Denmark who work have access to a number of other common goods. Everyone benefits from a well-maintained cycling and driving infrastructure and an extensive public transport system. Also, multiple cultural activities and supreme recreation avenues like parks and public spaces enhance the general quality of life.




Danish people have a simple way of balancing work and life. The demand for flexible working hours in Denmark is due to the fact that the majority of both men and women work. It is actually the only country amongst the members of the OECD, where maternity does not hinder the employment of women at all. This is one more reason to work in Denmark on a Green Card visa.



Jobs in almost every field are available in Denmark. To work in Denmark on a Green card visa is one of the best opportunities that the non-EU population has access to.

Currently the jobs in demand in Denmark are:

· Educational, social and religious work
· Teaching, supervision
· Building and construction
· Engineers
· Doctor and dentist
· IT and telecommunication
· Health, healthcare and personal care

And many more…



If you aspire to relocate in a Danish province, contact our expert consultants and we can take the process further. Fill in a FREE VISA ASSESSMENT which helps our experts to assess your chances of getting a Green Card visa and reverting back to you with an official response about your eligibility.

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