Every individual planning to go abroad, has Canada on their top list. But among all these immigrants, French immigrants have always been in the forefront while immigrating to Canada.


While talking about Canada Immigration, a large number of immigration if from the French masses. This makes up to the maximum amount of skilled labour in Canada. Over the last few decades, immigration to Canada from France has increased by leaps and bounds. In 2008, Canada saw a rise in the number of French migrants taking up Permanent Residency in Canada. Between 2008 to 2012, the number rose from 25,026 to 34,619, i.e. a 38% increase in 4 years.


Apart from Permanent Residents, the number of temporary work as well as student permits given to the French is also rising. The number of workers has doubled between 2003 and 2007 and has been on an increase since then. And it comes as no surprise that the internationally recognized educational institutions lure students from all over the globe, specially France.



Now for the big question – Why do all these French migrate to Canada? We found out why Canada is on the top of every French Migrants list. And here is why.

Like all migrants, people from France too are aware of the benefits CIC provides to its immigrant population. Each year, the Canadian Embassy hosts fairs like the “Destination Canada” fairs where people are people are provided with all immigration related information. This is also one of those places where many Canadian employers come in to look for French candidates for employment. They come in with presentations about their company, the place they represent and what opportunities they have to offer for these candidates. In this way, they not only get opportunities to meet new people but also know more about Canadian Culture.

There are many factors that combined together have urged the French population to migrate to Canada. In the year 2008-09, while the whole world was facing financial crisis, Canada was still a favourable destination for immigrants. And at such times, the French migrants took advantage of this and migrated to Canada.


The economic prowess of Canada makes the French choose Canada as their dream destination for both studies as well as work. Compared to France, Canada has a low unemployment rate. That is another reason which has been driving the youth of France to move to Canada.


While deciding to move to Canada, French migrants also hold the upper hand with a relatively easy assessment process which facilitates their entry in Canada with their choice of profession. Migrants from all over the globe are subjected to assessments process which the job and qualification credentials of the home country of the applicants are assessed. These assessment are made to determine the eligibility of the candidates as per Canadian standards. While other migrants do not have any other way around this, while French citizens benefit from this.


Among other benefits that the French enjoy, here are a few listed below.

  • French Citizens in Quebec benefit from Quebec-France Agreement (Mutual Recognition of Professional Qualifications)
  • Fee concession in Quebec’s institution
  • French Significant Benefit Program for French Immigrants to help contribute to the culture and development of Canada


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