There are instances when applicants face situations in which their visa gets refused. If you have been among the few, do not fear. We at Migrate Me will help you get your chance to get your visa application approved.


So what do you at such times?




On refusal of visa, the applicant can apply for appeal, depending on the type and region of application of the visa. Any applicant under the refugee or humaitaria visa has to appeal in front of the Refugee Review Tribunal which would later be viewed by the Migration Review Tribunal.

When an applicant receives a refusal letter, you will also receive the reasons on which the refusal of your visa has been based. This should give you a fair idea as to why you have been refused a visa. In case the reason of resufal is due to insufficiency of information and documents, you are advised to submit all the documents within the given timeline.

While on appeal, if you win the appeal, the Tribunal will refund your application fees. However, if you lose the appeal, you will not receive the refund.

In case of doubt, you can file a case again for the Tribunal to reconsider your case again. While applying for reconsideration, you have to provide information and evidence that has been mentioned in the refusal letter. This will prevent future refusal of your visa application.

There are times when the laws are wrongly interpreted by the officers or maybe make errors. Since the Immigration department believes that every applicant deserves a fair chance to appeal for reconsideration of your visa.

We at Migrate Me have had cases where we believed that the visa had been refused due to incorrect decision on behalf of the officers in the immigration department. We have also encountered cases where the odds were against the case, but a second appeal got the case cleared.

So if you have been refused visa, you still hold a chance to get your case reviewed. For professional help in case of visa refusal, you can get in touch with Migrate Me. Our MARA registered Visa and Immigration Consultants will study your case and suggest the best way to get your case reviewed and help you gain your visa to your dream destination.

To get your visa refusal case reviewed, fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and our experts at Migrate Me will get in touch with you.

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