Canada is known for its impeccble beauty and cultural diversity. From the past few decades, Canada has been successfully providing opportunities to people to work here. This makes Canada a perfect place to work and live.


So whether you a skilled migrant looking for job opportunity or an avid traveller waiting to explore this world, Canada has to be on the top of your list.



Before coming to Canada, you have to make sure of few things. First things first, you have to obtain a tourist visa to Canada, if you are planning for a short visit. Migrants coming in for work have to apply through Canada Express Entry. We will be providing those details in our next blog.


To obtain a visa to Canada, you have to fulfil some basic requirements and go through regular visa procedures. Opting for pre-defined requirements and procedures will speed up your visa proceedings.


Migrate Me can assist you with your visa process and make it hassle free for you. Our team aims at understanding our client’s requirements and guiding them through the process accordingly. Having assisted more than thousands migrants realise their migration dreams, we assure you full satisfaction!



Since Canada has been one of the most travelled country, the Canadian Government has always welcomed tourists and travellers with open arms. To satisfy the requirements of tourists and travellers, the CIC has introduced various migration programmes to suit these aspiring migrants and tourists.


Speaking of Canadian Tourist Visa, this visa is valid for a period of 6 months. To apply for a tourist visa in Canada, you have to provide the following documents:


  • Travel Documents, Passport, etc
  • Employment Proof to ensure your return to your homeland
  • Business license and registeration (in case you are a business owner/entrepreneur)
  • Funds to sustain your visit to Canada
  • Invitation letter to visit Canada
  • 2 way tickets (to Canada and back)
  • Proof of accomodation while in Canada



To get a visa, you must remember the thumb rule – abide by the rules and regulations! While visa process can be time consuming, we at Migrate Me specialise in faster visa and immigration process.


Our team of MARA registered Visa and Immigration Consultants make it a point to study every aspect of your case and guide you well with the procedure. And our services are not just limited to tourist visas. We also provide assistance and guidence with migration programmes for skilled migrants and students. Just fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and get a step closer to your dream of visiting Canada!

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