Handy tips while emigrating to Australia


Handy tips while emigrating to Australia


Planning to emigrate to Australia but can’t decide where to start? Australia is a huge land with a long list of places to visit. And it is always best to plan things before hand. Here are few handy tips while you are emigrating Australia.




It is always advisable to decide your journey map before you start off. Australia, a country with 7 states can be very overwhelming, especially when you are here for the first time.

Among the 7 states – Western Australia, Northern Territory, Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia, the popular cities to visit are Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Cairns.

But before that, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you a water-person? Do you live to surf the waves?
  • Do you fancy watching the sunset while relaxing on your porch?
  • Do you want to pack your bags and explore the multi culture in the big cities?
  • Are you an adrenaline junkie?

Depending on which one you ticked, you can plan your journey accordingly. For the water-babies and surfers, you can plan your trip along East Coast of Australia, between Sydney and Cairns. You will come across plenty of activities like sailing in the Whitsundays and Snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef. For the laid-back travelers, West Coast is for you. This is travelled less to as compared to the East coast but is famous for its scenic beauty.

For the city-lovers, you can explore cities like Melbourne and let the graffiti art in Hosier Lane, Sydney take your breath away! The adrenaline junkies could start from the camel ride on Cable Beach to swim with whale sharks at Ningaloo Reef.




As per emigration rules, every person needs a visa before visiting Australia. For short term travelers, you can apply for Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) which will allow you to travel in Australia hassle-free for 3 months. You should apply for ETA online and is available in34 other countries like UK, Canada, etc.

If you want to experience Australia from every aspect, it is advisable to apply for a Working Holiday Visa in Australia. This visa provides you a time span of 12 months along with the added benefit of casual employment to earn money to fund your stay there.

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Australia being a big land, you will often find yourself in a car/van for a couple of hours while travelling between towns.

For those who plan to visit many places but have a time crunch can fly from city to city. If you are lucky, you can get some cheap deals on domestic carriers, if at all you book in advance. Last-minute-bookers, beware! Flying across cities can be expensive. A couple of medium budget airlines are Jestar, Jetblue and Tiger while Qantas is a bit expensive. The downside of flying is that you have to miss out on the small towns and remote places that can be explored only by road.

The second option is to rent a van and start your road trip. And you will come across many Wicked Campers in their colourful vans camping all around Australia. This will give you the freedom to travel anywhere and maybe give a lift to the hitchhikers on your way!

If driving is not your thing, there are Greyhound buses to take you around the city. Once you reach the city, trams will be your best friend. They are free and give you an antique yet authentic travelling experience.

And if you want to avoid the roads completely, board the trains operated by the Great Southern Railways. It is more time consuming and a little heavy on your wallets as compared to bus or plane, but it is an experience in itself. There are various trains like “The Ghan”, “Indian Pacific”, The Overland” and the “Southern Spirit” which connect all the way from North to South and also between the cities.


Now that you have these points handy, fill in our FREE VISA ASSESSMENT form and let our experts take care of the process.


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