Spouse Visa To The UK

Spouse Visa To The UK
Maintaining a long distance relationship is hard. Are you waiting to join your spouse in UK but doubtful about how to get a spouse visa? Well, here is a list of things you should know about UK Spouse Visa.
Things you need to keep in mind while applying for Spouse Visa:
If you are applying for a UK visa to be with your spouse in UK, you have two options:
Settlement Visa – Visa to those couples who are not yet married but intend to move to another country to live together.
Proposed Civil Partnership Visa – According to this Visa, the couple should be at least engaged and
should intend to marry (civil partnership) each other within half a year of moving to the UK. Once you get married, you have applied for the visa as a married couple, after which you are free to live together for two to five years.

In Case you and your spouse are already married 

• You and your spouse should be at least 18 years old and be legally married (civil partnership) to each other
• You should have been living together in a relationship for about 2 years or more
• It is important that you both intend to stay in UK in order to get a spouse visa
• You have to be financial stable and should possess enough funds to pay for you and your spouse’s expenses without claiming any funds from public funds
• Spouses planning to come to UK on basis of their marriage should apply for entry clearance tests before gaining entry in UK
• The spouse can apply for UK citizenship after he/she has spent three years in UK and has met the residence requirements
Other points to be considered are as follows:
English Knowledge – You may have to prove your English speaking and listening knowledge by either passing English Language test with at least CERF Level – 1. Or else, you should have an academic qualification in English and be recognised by UK – NARC.

Documents to be provided

While applying for a spouse visa, keep the following documents handy.
• Current and previous Passports
• Passport size photographs
• Proof of your partner’s UK citizenship
• Proof of marital status/civil relationship with your spouse
• Information of your sponsor (spouse) in the UK
Application and Time duration – You must apply when you are in UK and well before your UK visa .This process usually takes around 8 weeks for postal applications. On application for premium services, the process gets faster and is dealt with on the same day itself.
Exceptions – You may need to apply in a different way as per your partner’s documents and your situation.
• In case you are outside UK, you should apply to join family in the UK
• You can apply for family permit if your spouse is from EES or Switzerland
• Your spouse has a temporary working visa in UK
• In case your spouse dies or you are a victim of domestic violence, you may be eligible to settle in the UK

How to apply

To begin with your process, fill in a FREE VISA ASSESSMENT and one of our Visa Assessment Experts will get in touch with you.

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