Moving to a new country can be a lot of work. During this process, it is important that you organise everything well in advance. It is always favourable to set up these utilities a few days before you migrate.




To get the connections of the utilities set up, you will need the following

  •       Address of your new house/accommodation
  •       Date and time of service
  •       your details including your contact number, identity proof, etc


You can get your utility connections like electricity, gas, water supply, etc by getting in touch with the local service providers in Australia. Here are some of service providers

  •       Sydney Water
  •       AGL
  •       Origin Energy
  •       Energy Australia


For special service, you can contact companies which specialize in these services. This is extremely beneficial if you want to save time as they take up the tedious job for you. They take up the task of getting basic utilities like water, gas and electricity on your behalf. If you are lucky enough, you can manage to get a good deal and also avail discounts for these services.


In the recent times, Australia have advanced tremendously. The people in Australia now have the freedom to choose their utility service provider. This means, now you can choose any service provider which suits your requirements and budget. However, with so many choices available, make sure you make the right choices.


To know better about these service providers and their packages, you can google about them or visit their websites and read about their packages. It can be tricky with so many websites and online content up on the web. To double check, it is advisable to get in touch with your friends and family in Australia to help you make the right choices.


Migration can be tedious process. There are many factors that have to be considered while preparing to move. Getting your utilities right not only helps save money but also makes the process of settling down a lot easier.


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